Ooma vs Vonage

Ooma vs. Vonage both are the major players of the VoIP industry. Voice over internet provider is an internet-based phone service that transmits your calls securely through the internet. It helps small business to work remotely already after 2020 most of the businesses are working remotely, in 2020 itself there were 7 million people working remotely.

These both play a major role in it because both the services provide several number of features with quite affordable plans. There is tough competition between both the service providers. So, it becomes the tough task for the businesses to opt the right one. In this article we will be helping you to decide which is better for your business by comparing Ooma vs. Vonage. Let’s see which VoIP is best for your business.

Ooma vs Vonage: Pricing

Ooma vs Vonage

In Vonage’s Noth America plan you’ll be getting unlimited calls in U.S. Canada, and Mexico. If you are signing up for a 1-year contract, it will cost you $9.99 for the first six months and then it’ll cost you $24.99. If you are not signing the contract, the North America plan will cost you $24.99 per month and the annually contract-free service will cost $299.88.

Ooma doesn’t ask you to sign any contract; it provides unlimited calls within the U.S. it provides two plans one is ultra-affordable plan, i.e., costs about$4 to$7 per month, taxes depending on the zip code and other is contract-free primer plan costs about $9.99 per month plus taxes. In this plan you’ll be getting all the services of Ooma and expands unlimited calls to U.S., Canada, Puerto Rico, and Mexico. The premier service plan will cost $219.87 because of the add on cost of hardware i.e., $99.99.

From several years Ooma users are saving up to 60% as comparison to Vonage users, because they aren’t buying hardware service.

Ooma vs Vonage: Features Comparison

Ooma vs Vonage

Ooma is providing you all the basic needs of VoIP like voicemail, caller id, call hold, and call return are free for all the users. You can make hands free call using amazon Alexa, or by pairing the systems with a network of home security sensor.

With this you’ll also get the safety feature by Ooma’s advanced 911 services instead of the various of your emergency call being sent to a national call center, your emergency call will be sent to your local home dispatcher. Also, your address will be automatically sent to emergency services so that they’ll know your location.

If you are choosing the premier service you’ll get access to advanced calling features. In Ooma there is tools to block spam calls like Philips Hue, LIFX, WeMo also to integrate with your home devices. It also includes a toll-free number and 500 inbound toll-free numbers.

Vonage is also providing you with all the basic features of phone home service such as call forwarding, call blocking, caller id, ring lists and extension app so that you can access your service on the go.

Vonage is giving you the best features of Vonage i.e., boomerang app which will help your international connections by not paying for the phone conversations. This app will automatically answer your international calls and there will be a recorded message asking them to cut the call. Then it’ll automatically connect you with the caller from Vonage Number. There is no charge for the caller, and you’ll get charged according to your international rate.

So, overall in the terms of features and pricing, Ooma wins, it’s providing you the advanced features at low cost and without a contract, it’s one of the key feature is emergency calling. This is why there is the rival of Ooma Vs Vonage.

Ooma vs Vonage: Customer Support

Ooma vs Vonage

Vonage provides several customer options like live chats, support tickets, an active community forum, FAQ’s and a training center with live trainings, videos, and tutorials. Vonage doesn’t offer 24×7 customer support like Ooma (with American and Canadian toll-free numbers.)

Ooma doesn’t offer live chat. Its website is also light on information, with most videos and articles focused on use cases, not tutorials.

In this case vonage is better than Ooma although Ooma provides more phone support hours but Vonage offers far more self-service options and live chat.

Ooma vs Vonage: Third Party integration

Ooma vs Vonage

Integration is one of the important tools for VoIP service it enables enterprises to integrate multiple business tool. Let’s see Ooma vs Vonage integration system

Integrations and tools supported by vonage include salesforce, bullhone. G-Suite, sugar CRM, Hubspot, Office365

Just like Vonage, Ooma VoIP allows clients to integrate the Ooma enterprise cloud communication system with other CRM systems and services. This will improve productivity by unifying system-wide data. A few of the major systems that Ooma works with are Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Zendesk, Office 365, G-suite, and ServiceNow.

On what basis we Evaluated Ooma vs Vonage

We evaluated both the apps on the following basis:

  • Their pricing and cost plans
  • Their advanced features
  • Customer support
  • Affordability
  • Basic calling features
  • Customer reviews

Why Ooma is a good option for Small business?

Ooma vs Vonage

When you are a small business and you are deciding which VoIP service you should use one thing you keep in your mind i.e., One of the major parts of the VoIP industry is its call quality, because it’s quite frustrating when you are not properly audible, or your voice is stuttering.

Ooma’s call service and quality are the best it’s also an editor’s pick it uses algorithms called Ooma Pure Voice Technology including HD Voice, advanced voice compression, adaptive redundancy, and wire-speed QOS.
Even on the low internet service Ooma’s voice quality is good.

Also, by choosing Ooma, you can save 27% in the first year and 60% each year thereafter. Additionally, Ooma offers high audio quality due to its that works the best under the changing circumstances.


In a nutshell, both Ooma vs Vonage are the two best VoIP systems in the market with their unique set of features, the final verdict is totally depends on the user according to their budgets and needs and their company’s priority that which VoIP system they wanna use, Ooma vs Vonage.

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