Outlander series 5 Review

At such a boring time when you have nothing at your place, then do watch this amazing series of Outlander. Outlander is the Starz Original series that can also be streamed on Outlander series 5 Amazon Prime. The series is based on the book by Diana Gabaldon. The series is having 5 seasons till now. They have reached the utmost appreciation from critics and viewers.

The series is broadcasted by Sony Pictures Television. The series is shot in various parts of the globe but is predominantly shot in Scotland. It is having several genres to look upon like, romance, history, science fiction, and adventure. The series is weaved out form all these genres. It is an epic tale to watch.

Outlander Series 5 Amazon Prime

Outlander series 5 Review

The series is still amidst the story of Claire Randall, the protagonist of the series. The married nurse working in 1945 is suddenly and astonishingly travels the time and is swept back to 1743. Yes, it sounds strange but only the Outlander series is hence called science fiction. There she strangulates her life in an unknown world, where she is threatened for her life. The series moves forward where she is forced to marry a man of that era. Knowing the fact that she is also married in her original life she is in a dilemma of how to handle the situation.

Then there is the entry of a chivalrous and romantic young fellow named, Jamie who is also a Scottish warrior. There she is now trying to put herself in the right position. There is a spark between the two and the story also takes a romantic turn. Hence Outlander series 5 Amazon Prime is a must-watch series.

Outlander Series 5 Cast

Outlander series 5 Review

Such a spectacular series is driven between such fine and professional actors who have done utmost justice to their characters. They are so into their roles even their craft is so refined and flawless. Moving on the Outlander series 5 cast there are: 

Claire Fraser

An English woman works as a nurse on the battlefield in World War 2, she was enjoying her holiday in Scotland, when she traveled time. Clare Fraser is the role played by Caitriona Balfe. There in Scotland, she meets the Scottish soldier and eventually marries her. She is the protagonist around whom the whole series revolves. She has a daughter, Brianna in America with her husband Frank.  

Jamie Fraser

The most famous, chivalrous man, Jamie is the role played by. He is a Scottish soldier. His appearance in the series is quite young, and a romantic angle of the protagonist and him is further seen in the series. You must have seen this chap before in several other shows too like, Midsomer Murders, Any Human Heart, The Spy Who Dumped Me, etc.

Sophie Skelton

In the Outlander series 5 cast, she also plays a significant role. The role of the same is being portrayed by Brianna Mackenzie. She was born and brought up in Boston. She is the sweet little daughter of Frank and Claire. She was taken care of by her father and studies at Harvard. There she falls in love with the Professor, Roger Mackenzie. At the end of the season gives birth to a baby boy, Jem which also has a twist to know in the series.

Several other lead actors are working in the series Richard Rankin as Roger Mackenzie, Duncan Lacroix plays Murtagh Fitzgibbons, and several other actors working in the series. Lauren Lyle plays the Marsali and David Berry plays Lord John grey which are another two famous characters of the series.

Outlander Series 5 Release Date

Outlander series 5 Review

The most awaited series Outlander series 5 release date was 16th February 2020. It was premiered on Starz in the United States. The United Kingdom had the Outlander series 5 release date on 17th February 2020. They can watch the series on Amazon Prime as it will be streamed on the same too. Though it was a long wait by the fans for the next season on Outlander series 5 release date.

Hence, it had to put in more effort to make it feel worthwhile. The delay was spotted for a reason and that was the lead actors of the Outlander series 5 cast was busy with some other projects and hence the shoot got a bit late.

Outlander Series 5 Review

Outlander series 5 Review

The series was awaited by really a lot of people. The Outlander series 5 review was also really great. The series has subsequently reached the viewer’s heart as with the time. Its rating has gone high in the terms of series being in the race. It has been extremely liked by the people it owns up to 93% acceptance and likings by the Rotten Tomatoes which is a platform that gives rating according to the content, role, plot, and every little minute aspect of the series.

The very famous Outlander series 5 review was given by IMDb which has put up the rating of the same series to be 8.7 out of 10. It is a high number, where IMDb has given some points of critics and has helped the viewers to know how exactly the series stands for. So why are you waiting just pick up your phones and start watching such an amazing series of Outlander season 5.

You all must be wondering how long and how many episodes in Outlander series 5? So it is to bring to your excitement that in such a lengthy lockdown it is relaxing to know that it has 12 episodes in all. The length of every episode is around 50-55 minutes wherein you can see that the whole series can bind you so much that you can’t leave it at all. The question of how many episodes in Outlander series 5 is now solved.

Outlander series 4 and 5 have not still be released on Netflix. The two seasons are but available on the amazon prime. Hence it is very necessary to note that you can see all the episodes on Starz and Amazon Prime. Outlander series 4 and 5 are still awaited on Netflix and it has been promised that it will be streamed till December 2020. So what to wait for stream in Amazon Prime and enjoy this series. Happy time travel! 

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