Betaal Netflix Originals by Shahrukh Khan in 2020

Betaal Netflix series is going to be the latest additions to the horror web series of Indian origin. And this time, the horror story has got a romantic touch (not in the literal sense, however), as the Betaal web series is going to be the second collaboration between Netflix and the Red Chillies Entertainment of Shahrukh Khan.

Their first collaboration took place last year, for the spy thriller series Bard of Blood, which was well-received by audiences. And there are high expectations from this horror series as well. This going to be a first Shahrukh Khan web series that will be based on a zombie horror story. And reportedly, it is also going to be a first Indian creation on Netflix that will be covering a zombie horror story.

To add to its credits,This Netflix original is the fifth original Indian web series in 2020, to be released on a worldwide famous online streaming platform, Netflix. The Indian ventures on Netflix began with the release of Sacred Games, which was a worldwide superhit, and Netflix viewers have always been expecting high-quality content from the original Indian series since then. And let’s hope that Betaal will not disappoint them, looking at the names of the creative artist involved in its making.

Betaal Web Series Netflix

Betaal Netflix Originals by Shahrukh Khan in 2020

This Shahrukh Khan web series releasing on Netflix is coming from the makers of another Netflix horror series, the Radhika Apte-starrer Ghoul. Though Ghoul received mixed reviews from the viewers for its overall execution of an interesting concept, chances are high that Betaal web series will be different, and a big hit.

Betaal release time and date, as given by Netflix, is Sunday, May 24, 2020 at 12.30 pm. The Betaal release time for Indian Netflix viewers will be coinciding with their Sunday, and preparations for Eid. So, if you are a diehard Netflix, horror series, or SRK lover, then mark the date of release.

Betaal web series is made by Patrick Graham, the maker of Ghoul, and is produced by none other than Shahrukh Khan. Patrick Graham has also contributed to the direction, writing, and overall making of the project. The other directors include Nikhil Mahajan and Suhani Kanwar who are also very well-known directors in Hindi and Marathi cine-industry. Betaal Netflix caught the attention of the viewers from the moment when its trailer came out in early May.

Also, only one trailer and a poster of Betaal Netflix was released, which further increased the excitement of the people about the zombie horror web series. The main aim of releasing the trailer seemed to be the introduction of the main characters and giving a basic idea about the plot of the web series.

Betaal Netflix meaning and cast

Betaal Netflix Originals by Shahrukh Khan in 2020

The star cast of Betaal web series Netflix includes many known and unknown names. It stars Vineet Kumar, Jatin Goswami, Aahana Kumar, Jitendra Joshi (everyone’s favorite Inspector Katekar, from the Sacred Games), Suchitra Pillai, Manjiri Pupala, and Syna Anand. Netflix took a decision of not providing early access of this series to critics or reviewers, so everyone can watch it only after its official release on the midday of Sunday, May 24, 2020.

The word Betaal comes from a Marathi-language word ‘Vetaal’. Just as we have anglicized versions of many words from Indian regional languages, Betaal is the anglicized version of Marathi word Vetala. In the Konkan (western) region of Maharashtra, Vetaal is one of the deities worshipped by the people, who also keep sharing many folklores about the magical powers, blessings, and curses of Vetaal deity. But in the case of the Betaal Netflix series, it seems that the meaning of the word is taken from the Sanskrit word Vetala, which means reanimated corpses, a close indication, or meaning for zombies.

Betaal Story and Review

Betaal Netflix Originals by Shahrukh Khan in 2020

From the name of the web series, and its meaning, it is almost clear that we are going to experience some serious and thrilling zombie action in it. So, before talking about the Betaal review, let’s have a look at the synopsis of the story.

The Betaal web series IMDB review shows that it has got 8.7/10 stars, which a huge achievement for an Indian horror web series. So, the story of Betaal is going to be very interesting. A team of mercenaries is sent on a mission to displace the natives of a remote village in the Campa forests. It is because, there is going be a construction of the highway, passing through that village. And to avoid opposition, displacing the poor and illiterate villagers before they realize the intensity of the situation, can be the best option.

However, things are not as easy as they seem. The team, during their encounter with the village, unwittingly unleashes the curse of a mountain called Betaal. And the remote village becomes the battleground of modern cops and the blood-thirsty zombie army of a 200-years old Colonel of British East India Company. The cops, who have unearthed a huge threat to the culture and civilization of that region, are now faced with no option but to fight-off and finish the zombie army of an undead colonel, who will otherwise finish off the whole human community of that region.

Betaal Netflix Review

Betaal Netflix Originals by Shahrukh Khan in 2020

Within a few hours of its release, the Betaal review by audiences, viewers, and critics are showing a positive picture. The series is getting a good response, which itself is a sign of a positive Betaal review. Talking about the Betaal review, let’s begin with its story. As said earlier, looking at all the creative names involved in its making, there were high expectations from the series. And they have fulfilled the expectations. The story is something very different, and it has given a touch of modernity (or, a touch of zombies?) to the traditional regional (or folk) Indian concepts.

The Betaal web series only has four episodes, so it was surely going to be a fast-paced one. But the coordination and links between how the story goes ahead in these 4 episodes are perfectly maintained/balanced by a good narration. The lead cast, along with the supportive cast, has done a very good job. It sets the right tone, and creates the perfect mood from the beginning itself. And the overall execution of the concept in terms of direction, scripting, dialogues, cinematography, is very well. Looking at all this, it can be understood why Betaal web series IMDB review is giving it 8.7 out of 10 stars.

To conclude, one must remember that the genre of comedy and horror are not easy to handle. They are very difficult. Even if you have a good idea in your mind, the success of that idea depends upon how well you execute it. And Betaal Netflix has managed it very well. From all the user and critic reviews that Betaal has got, it becomes a must-watch zombie horror web series of 2020.

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