Review of the Illegal Web Series

The Illegal web series Voot is now streaming on Voot Select. This article is an extensive Illegal voot review with details about its plot as well as the Illegal web series release date. It is a classic crime and punishment web series, with roles of politicians as well as assassinators shadowed as entrepreneurs and can provide a treat for your cravings of thrilling cases and courtroom showdowns with issues of the modern-day. This review throws light on the engaging plot and storyline as well as the characters and their interesting and twisted relationships.

The storyline is not a cliched one and is sure to grab your attention. The characters are all lively yet shady and are all acting as per their own personal motives.

The Illegal web series release date was May 12, 2020, which was much awaited. So, let’s start with the Illegal voot review without any more delay.

The Illegal web series is centred around the workings of a courtroom in a modern scenario. Although a number of movies have been made around the mechanizations of the judicial system and the characters involved but they have never commanded the entertainment market. Most of these movies and shows have only focused on what happens outside the walls of a courtroom.

The Illegal Voot web series has taken a slightly different turn from this stereotype and highlights the manoeuvres of the what happens behind-the-scenes in modern law. This shift is welcomed by audiences on account of the drama that surrounds a courtroom.

Actors in Illegal Web Series

Review of the Illegal Web Series

The actor, Piyush Mishra, is one the lead cast and the leading antagonist of the Illegal web series. He is playing the role of a legal maven Janardhan Jaitley, who owns a reputed law firm in Delhi.

Neha Sharma is playing the principal protagonist, Niharika who is a bright and idealistic lawyer from Bangalore. Janardhan hires Niharika to fight a pro bono case based on the issue of capital punishment (which seems to have been inspired from the 2008 Amroha killings). Her task is to defend Neeraj, played by Ankit Gupta, from rape charges. But as the Illegal voot proceeds, JJ’s motives are far from pro bono and the Illegal web series protagonist, Niharika is too earnest to read his intentions.

Not only this, as soon as Niharika joins his firm, she’s dragged into this other equally complex case to figure out a way to save the serial killer Meher, played by Kubbra Sait. The show revolves around the subject of sexual assault.

The Illegal web series voot has all the components that reflect the realities of the capital city, Delhi. The is a fiery show that has manipulating politicians, lawyer hiding their weak will behind black robes and entrepreneurs and businessmen who portray themselves as the solution to all the problems.

Plot of Illegal Web Series

Review of the Illegal Web Series

You must be thinking, what’s so interesting about this plot? Well, the relationships between the characters is what gives a thrilling turn to the Illegal web series Voot. Akshay (Akshay Oberoi) is Niharika’s ex and also the of Janardhan. But they were so involved with each other that they never happened to learn about each other’s Family. Also, Neeraj is Niharika’s half-brother. He is her estranged father’s son from his second wife. 

Instead of recusing herself from the case or from the company for that matter, Niharika decides to carry on with reluctantly building a strong defence for Neeraj and enthusiastically trying to save Meher. With this, she gets trapped deeper into the woven webs of Janardhan. Illegal voot piles on to become a soap opera wrapped in a lawyer’s robe. None of the characters are of excitement-free existence even for a single moment.

As for the supporting actors in Illegal web series voot, Puneet, played by Satyadeep Mishra, is the opposing attorney in the rape case. For another twist, he has some older terms to settle with his former boss, Janardhan. Kitu Gidwani is playing the role of Janardhan’s wife, Rohini, who either seems paranoid or is onto something. Akshay is Neeraj’s friend since school. Akshay is married but still has some strings attached to Niharika. Janardhan is also trying to grab the centre stage in politics with the backing of a murder enforcer.

For a classic melodramatic turn, Surya, Niharika’s father, makes tentative attempts to reconnect with his daughter. Deepak Tijori, in the role of Surya, has one of the few quiet scenes, where he is trying to make up and ask forgiveness for the way he treated her mother and her. The romantic trails between Akshay and Niharika has its moments, but another interesting turn is the secrets Akshay has about are his frosty ties with Devika, his wife.

The Illegal voot will reveal itself as it proceeds. It is written by Reshu Nath and directed by Sahir Raza. Vikram Bhatt is the creative producer of the show. The show is full of coincidences. Niharika has a total of 10 episodes in this first season of around 30 minutes each as her character and story is revealed to the viewers to see the light.

Illegall Web Series IMDb Ratings

Review of the Illegal Web Series

The Illegal web series voot IMDb tagline says, “Play or Get Played!”. It also describes the characters as mere puppets in the hands of their master – Janardhan. The Illegal web series IMDb ratings and reviews are not out yet, but you should definitely keep an eye out for them in case you are waiting for more viewer’s Illegal voot review before diving into the show. IN case you want to watch the show right away, here are the details.

The web series is streaming online on Voot select since May 12, 2020, for it’s subscribed users. The first episode of the show is free for subscribers and non-subscribers alike. Voot is an online video-on-demand platform by the Viacom 18. It is was launched in 2016 and is available in app version as well for free to download on iOS, KaiOS and android OS. This is a subscription-based service but some of its videos are also free of cost.

Viacom 18 launched Voot Select in March 2020 with a 14-day free trial after which it will cost only Rs. 99 per month or Rs. 499 for an annual subscription. The cost is cheap compared to the entertainment package offered – their originals and other international shows. The first episode of all the shows is free, just like AppleTV+.

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