Sky Rojo The Futuristic Crime Thriller

The Sky Rojo Spanish crime thriller series was premiered on 19th March 2021 on Netflix. The Sky Rojo Netflix has garnered a lot of attention because of its unique theme and action-filled series. The entire series is set on the sequence of seasons with the Sky Rojo season 2 release date by 23rd July 2021.

The Sky Rojo series is created by Alex Pina and Esther Martinez and was set in locations of Madrid and Tenerife. The production process was cared for by the Vancouver media and Netflix in itself. The filming and release of the first season were anticipated much earlier than march but with the global pandemic the shooting had to stop incessantly and the filming continued later on by October in the locations.

Sky Rojo Plot Line

Sky Rojo The Futuristic Crime Thriller

The premise of the series revolves around three prostitutes called Coral, Wendy, and Gina who are striving for their freedom from this vicious cycle of prostitution and are fleeing from their Pimp Romeo who is constantly pursuing them throughout. With the constant chasing by men, they get stuck in different situations which almost makes you believe that it is their last breath for sure.

But somehow they escape the near-death experience and further thicken their friendship. There is a sense of hope and faith that they render about changing and having a good life for themselves. The recovery road of theirs sure looks full of obstacles but with the togetherness of the three women, they can achieve it is what they include of the situation. 

Cast Members in Sky Rojo

Sky Rojo The Futuristic Crime Thriller

The Sky Rojo actress includes Veronica Sanchez as coral, a former biologist who has taken refuge to this work as an escape route from her tormenting past, Miguel Angel Silvestre, as Moises who is one of the main henchmen of Romeo whose main job is to bring in girls for this line of work.

Asier Etxendria as Romeo who is the main pimp and the chaser of these women and who is also the owner of the club they were working for Lali Esposito as Wendy who has started the work in search of money and a better life, Yany Prodo as Gina who was a part of trafficking scam and she continued the work in pursuit of money to provide for her child and mother. 

With the presence of multiple recurring and guest actors, there is an immense list of cast members who have acted in the series which makes it the success it is today.

Production of Sky Rojo

Sky Rojo The Futuristic Crime Thriller

With the filming at Madrid and Tenerife, the tentative dates of production and release of the series took more than anticipated. The series is scripted to last for two seasons with eight episodes Each episode is of a 25minute duration making it very short and intricate to scan through and make acclaim for.

The producers and directors have mentioned that the major theme they wanted to portray is the run for life, for survival and how they achieve that. The constant strive of efforts with hope and faith even when situations were against them is the major beacon of the series. The Sky Rojo season 3 is also speculated by fans with its widespread interest and wanting more. 

Review and Critical Acclaim

Sky Rojo The Futuristic Crime Thriller

When the series was initially premiered it was shot up to the fourth most-watched show in the Netflix countdown globally. It also scored in the category of being the most-watched non-English series globally which already explains the overall acclaim of by the audience.

With the immense popularity in Spain, it was also mentioned in Forbes magazine. With the diversity of the cast members from Spain and Argentina, the show had skyrocketed in both Spain and Argentina making it the best and most-watched series during the week of release. The overall Sky Rojo review is extremely favorable and mostly appreciated by viewers or audience.

With the overall rating of the series of 7.36 out of 10 and also comparing the cinematography with the famous Quentin Tarantino the series has gathered more positive reviews and acclaims all across. With the series and episodes lined u for mere 25 minutes and the endings of each episode will prompt you to press play on the next episode because you are on the edge of the eat and want to know the ultimatum of what happens.

That element of suspense is very well exhibited making it so popular even among non-Spanish speakers. Even the music and background score were immensely appreciated by critics for their absolute feel and emotion.

The series had shared the creators with another well-received show the Money Heist and there have been comparisons of both. The unique blend of dark humor, violence, and drama has attached and immersed people with the series.

Sky Rojo all season is available on Netflix by now and you can watch them with very little time as they are less timed and always keep you on the toes. Be sure to watch them on Netflix as they will keep you at the edge f the seat but also has an element of motivation delving deep into the survival instinct o three women. The hope and unwavering faith they have helps them fight against the vicious cycle of prostitution and can finally catapult them to a better life that they truly deserve.

The thin line of balance between extremely serious themes with humor has taken the series to new places. The dealing with very obnoxious topics are also added by a pinch of dark humor and that helps in making it watchable but also leaves a deep impact.

Even the dubbing of the series is commented on by many critics as simple mesmerizing and effective. With no arms list on dubbing the series strives to provide the same effect it has originally to all the other non-Spanish speakers. It is very often that when you start dubbing for some language than the original it might lose some essence in the process, the sky Rojo series didn’t have to go through that problem at all.

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