Things to do in Quarantine

April 17, 2020 societymutter 1

Now that we’re all under self-quarantine, boredom is bound to take over. So, we’re left with two options- either to laze around, or to find productive things to do in the quarantine.


Tiger in Bronx Zoo Infected with Corona Virus

April 17, 2020 societymutter 0

The whole internet was shocked when a tiger at the Bronx Zoo, New York tested positive for the Corona Virus. Nadia, a Malayan Tiger is the first non-domesticated animal in the world to contract the virus, apart from the animal that started the infection.

COVID-19 Pool Testing

April 16, 2020 societymutter 0

In present times of distress caused by the uncontrollable outbreak of coronavirus, scientists have come up with the method of “pool testing” to make our fight stronger.

helicopter money

Know Everything about Helicopter Money

April 15, 2020 societymutter 0

Coined by Milton Friedman, the term Helicopter Money refers to an uncommon economic policy tool which has been in the recent news due to economies crashing and facing major shocks due to the lockdown imposed in event of the spread of a global pandemic