Now that we’re all under self-quarantine, boredom is bound to take over. So, we’re left with two options- either to laze around, or to find productive things to do in the quarantine. Thus, to keep you up and about, here are some fun things you can do when you’re bored during quarantine.

Productive Things to do in Quarantine

Here are a few productive things to do in quarantine. Now, you can get some good yield out of some effort and free time, combined!

Complete the novel you’ve been putting off

We all have some books left over from before, when we were too busy to finish it. Now’s the perfect time! With so many days in hand, you can even divide the books and set targets for yourself. This quarantine is the perfect time to get back your reading habit, or develop one!

Rearrange your wardrobe

Rearranging your wardrobe is one tedious task that we’re bound to put off, no matter if we’re busy or free. This quarantine is the perfect opportunity for you to organize your closet, and even part ways with those clothes that you were too attached to let go of!

Work on your health


Most of us are known slackers when it comes to going to the gym or working out. Even a 10-minute run or walk is something that we tend to avoid until we absolutely have to do it when we get sick. So, utilise this quarantine to work on your health! No need for rigorous workouts, you have enough time to start slow, and then put in much more effort.

Tend to your home garden

Often in the rush of life, we forget to pay attention to the green buddies in our kitchen gardens or balconies, who only get enough water for survival. This free time is right for tending to your garden, and making certain additions to your plants. Gardening has been identified as one of the most relaxing activities, leading to a lot of decrease in stress.

Spend quality time with your family


With most of our time buried in laptops and projects, we hardly make time for our family. What better than being forced to get quarantined together? Instead of complaining about being in lock down, you can utilise it in group activities. Pick out one easy, fun activity to do every day, or chalk out a board game from the past to have a good time!

Make your house spic-and-span

Remember those corners, fans and tiny showpieces in your house that you feel are too tiresome to clean up? This quarantine, make sure to do what you left behind! Cleaning will not only feel like the removal of a burden from your shoulders, but also help in making the house more comfortable and cleaner to live in.

Binge-watch your favourite movies and TV Series

We all come across certain movies and TV Series that are recommended by friends, family, acquaintances or BuzzFeed quizzes. Well, when else are you going to have this much free time on your hands? Pick out the movie or series that you’d long-term plans to watch someday, and let the binge begin! The quarantine is a good time to do this, as you can even experiment with longer series, with no one scolding you to spend too much time on your phone.

Start a hobby

We all know the feeling of looking at a painting or someone playing an instrument and thinking “well, I feel like I’d be good at that”. Now’s the time to go for it! With so many options available at home, you can pick up any one skill or hobby and perfect it. By the time we’re out of quarantine, you will not only be free but also have one up on your skills!

Paint, draw and indulge in crafts

None of us needs to be Picasso in order to create something; today, with so many Do-It-Yourself (DIY) options available to us on the internet, you need not shy away in the fear of not being good. All art is good art! Just pick out a simple painting to replicate, splash paint all over canvases or build trinkets to decorate your home or room. Remember all the posters you’d purchased in the hope of putting up beautifully on your room? Quarantine gives you the right time to create and showcase!

Learn a new recipe


We’ve all experienced our mother’s criticism for being unable to fend for ourselves when it comes to food. This quarantine, hit two bird with one stone- learn a simple recipe to impress your mum, and enjoy all her love and praise! Now that all of us are locked inside our houses, following food pages or chefs can help, as they are certain to release recipes that can be made with minimum effort and ingredients, look professionally-made and taste delicious!

Start maintaining a journal

Getting locked within four walls may often take a toll on one’s mental health. In these trying times, journaling is sure to help. Whether you feel like simply penning down your thoughts, or feel anger towards anyone, note it all down in your journal to make your heart lighter. Journaling reminds us that it is normal to lose our calm in times like these, and that instead of making things tougher for each other, we need to give each other a chance to express or vent without any judgement or criticism.

Work on your mental health

This free time can also be well-utilised for improving your mental health. We often do not get time to simply meditate, do some yoga, take a walk in the fresh air, or just listen to soothing music. This might be the right time to set a routine for yourself, and indulge in activities that help you improve your mood. These not only act as additional help during a lock down, but may also motivate us and help us remember that nothing should be taken for granted, and life needs a pattern to function well.

Here are 12 ways to be productive in these uncertain times of quarantine. While some of them are simply fun, others are more productive in nature, so you don’t feel useless without any work to do! Even when you’re self-quarantined, you can pick up one or more of these activities to do when you are bored in the quarantine, and pass your time, learn a new skill and spend quality time with your loved ones.

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