One of the most popular cricketers in India, Virat Kohli lifestyle catches one’s eye in a single glance. A young boy hailing from Delhi, Virat Kohli history stands proof that nothing is impossible. Here’s your guide to know all that you need about Virat Kohli, all the way from Virat Kohli water bottle to Virat Kohli  house!

Virat Kohli History

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Virat Kohli’s history originates from the national capital of Delhi. Born in a Punjabi family on November 5, 1988, Virat’s father worked as a criminal lawyer while his mother continues to be a homemaker. He has two siblings, older brother Vikas and older sister Bhavna. His family remembers Virat’s three-year-old self often picking up a bat and swinging it around, troubling his father to bowl for him.

Raised in Uttam Nagar, Virat Kohli’s father enrolled him in the West Delhi Cricket Academy. He trained under Rajkumar Sharma, and often also played matches at the Sumeet Dogra Academy in Vasundhara Enclave. His teachers remember him as a ‘bright and alert student who oozed talent on the cricket field’. On 18 December 2006, he lost his father to a stroke. Virat has recalled his death as one of the most challenging times of his life, and his father’s absence affected him a lot.

His domestic career began with his first match for the Delhi Under-15 Team and then the Polly Umrigar Trophy. In July 2006, Virat got picked in the India Under-19 squad that travelled to England. His story came to light when he hit 90 runs in a match between Delhi and Karnataka just a day after his father’s death; his mother said that this changed Virat overnight, and his craze to become a brilliant cricketer increased.

Virat Kohli was brought to the Indian Premier League (IPL) franchise for the team Royal Challengers Bengal as a U-19 player. He was also part of the 30-people probable squad for the ICC Champions Trophy.

Virat Kohli’s international career began in 2008, when he was included in the Indian ODI squad for a tour of Sri Lanka. Later, he was made Vice-Captain for the tri-series against Sri Lanka and Zimbabwe. In the 2008 World Cup Final against Sri Lanka, Virat Kohli’s partnership with Gautam Gambhir was praised for being ‘one of the turning points in the match’.

In November 2019, Virat became the fastest captain to score 5,000 runs in Test Cricket in his 86th innings. In the day/night Test match against Bangladesh, Kohli scored his 70th Century in international cricket.

As of 2020, Virat Kohli history, hard-work and vigour has led him to become the Captain of the Indian Cricket Team as well as the Royal Challengers Bangalore.

Virat Kohli Lifestyle

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Virat Kohli lifestyle includes a very tough workout regime, and he believes in leading a very healthy lifestyle. He takes special interest in heavy workouts. At the mere age of 31 years, his hard work and talent have made him one of the most successful sportspersons in the world today. According to Forbes 2018, Virat has been the 7th highest paid athlete in the world. His Net Worth is approximately INR 400 Crores, and he is rumoured to earn nearly INR 17 crores for every IPL Season, INR 6 Lakh for every ODI Match, INR 15 Lakh for every test match, and INR 7 Crore as part of BCCI A + Category Fees.

Virat Kohli is the co-owner of teams like FC Goa, UAE Royals, Bengaluru Yodhas and WROGN. He has also endorsed brands like Puma, Audi, MRF, Manyavar and numerous other brands. Virat Kohli’s lifestyle is charitable by nature, which has been made clear with his charitable foundation, the Virat Kohli Foundation (VKF).

Virat has been rumoured to own numerous luxury cars and bikes, including Audi R8 LMS, Audi R8 V10, Audi Q7 and many sports bikes.

Another major reason why Virat Kohli’s lifestyle often makes newspaper headlines very often is his power-couple image with his wife of three years, Anushka Sharma, who herself is an extremely successful Bollywood actress. They got married in 2017 after dating for 4 years.

Virat has admired MS Dhoni, Sachin Tendulkar and AB De Villiers as some of the best cricketers in the world. His favourite stadium to play at is the Adelaide Oval in Australia. Virat loves to eat sushi lamb chops and salmons, and his favourite movies include Iron Man, 3 Idiots and Southpaw.

He is also known for several controversies, such as an ugly spat with Kolkata Knight Riders’ Gautam Gambhir and differences with Anil Kumble when he was appointed as Head Coach.

Virat Kohli Water Bottle

Virat Kohli water bottle, surprisingly, is one of the most admirable and inspiring things about him! Virat believes that we should consume high amounts of water every day. Along with his strict diet, he has also restricted his water consumption to a single brand. The water that Virat consumes is 100% natural water obtained from sources near Evian-Les-Bains, which is situated on the south shore of Lake Geneva. The water is exported especially from France, and is available at only select locations in India. Virat Kohli’s water bottle is obtained from these sources, and he carries a large supply of these bottles everywhere he goes. One water bottle from this brand costs INR 600, and it is assumed that Virat Kohli consumes nearly 2 litres of water every day!

Virat Kohli House

virat kohli house

Virat Kohli House is a 34-crore property located in Worli, Mumbai. The mansion is located on the 35th Floor of Omkar 1973. He resides here with his wife, Anushka Sharma. This mesmerising house offers a magnificent view of the Arabian sea, and has spa-like bathrooms, gym area, staff quarters and much more. The deluxe apartment also comes with 4 parking slots, which house Virat’s collection of cars and sports bikes.

Virat Kohli’s lifestyle is one that we must draw inspiration from; his tough exercise regime is a must-follow for those who dream to be as fit as this brilliant Indian batsman. Here’s all you need to know about India’s beloved Virat Kohli, from Virat Kohli’s history to Virat Kohli’s house. His particular attitude towards everything, even Virat Kohli’s water bottle, shows that his lifestyle is one defined by discipline and direction.

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