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Looking for the best Amazon Prime web series? Can’t decide whether to buy a monthly membership or yearly membership? This coronavirus outbreak and the resulting lockdown has affected our decision-making abilities.

While everything has come to a halt, and almost all business and trade activities are suffering a major setback due to the economic crisis resulted from the coronavirus outbreak, the online retail company Amazon, founded by Jeff Bezos has gained a massive profit by providing on-time shopping services and online streaming facilities.

The founder, Jeff Bezos has already strengthened his position as the richest man in the world, as according to the reports, Amazon’s customers are spending $11,000 EVERY SECOND, on various services provided by Amazon! Amazon has established itself as the supreme service provider during the lockdown period.

And India is one of the largest markets for Amazon, with a HUGE number of customers for online shopping, and the equally HUGE number of subscribers for Amazon Prime Video, Amazon Prime India is leaving no stone unturned to provide best services to its Indian customers.

We remember the date ‘26 July’ for the massive rains and floods that shattered the life of Mumbaikars. But did you know that one of our favorite online streaming platforms, Amazon Prime India was launched on the same date, in 2016? Let’s try to remember this date for a happier cause. Since it’s launch in 2016, Amazon Prime India has never disappointed its subscribers by providing them with excellent online shopping and delivery services, and a great online streaming platform, Amazon Prime Video.

During the lockdown period, Amazon Prime Video has made a large number of movies and series freely available for its viewers, to ease their difficulties. There are several best Amazon Prime web series to watch. And if you are still confused about what to watch on Amazon Prime, then we bring to you the list of Top 10 Amazon Prime web series to watch:

10. Modern Love (2019)

Amazon Prime - Modern Love

Everyone has his definition of love and ‘Modern Love’, just as the name sounds, is something new, a different collection of stories that have been taken in our best Amazon Prime web series List. ‘Modern Love’ is a multi-starer joint production of Amazon Prime and The New York Times. Written and directed by John Carney and featuring Anne Hathaway, Andy Gracia, Dev Patel (The ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ boy!), Tina Fey, and many others, Modern Love is one of the best Amazon Prime web series in English.

Every episode from the 2 seasons of this series tells a new love story happening in New York City, each one being different from the other. It explores the idea of love from various perspectives. It includes a story of a couple whose marriage at its turning point, a lost love resurfaced, an unconventional family, and many more.

All these stories have been inspired by real events, but the creators have taken sufficient artistic liberty while making them. If you are a fan of love stories and don’t mind late-night binge-watching and sobbing, then ‘Modern Love’ is your type of material.

9. Inside Edge (2017)

Amazon Prime - Inside Edge

“Did you just say CRICKET?!!” Yeah, Indians are crazy after cricket and anything related to cricket. That’s why the International Emmy Award Nominated Inside Edge is one of the best Indian Amazon Prime web series. Created by Karan Anshuman, it stars Vivek Oberoi, Richa Chaddha, Siddhant Chaturvedi (MC Sher!), Angad Bedi (whose father Bishan Singh Bedi was a top-performing player of Indian Cricket team) and many others. It explores the dark side of the cricket world, by telling the story of a fictional T20 cricket franchise is called ‘Mumbai Mavericks’, who are playing in a cricket powerplay league.

It talks about the interconnections between cricket, money and power, as the team faces match-fixing allegations, and shows all the ups and downs in the world of cricket. Fans keep asking about whether the series is inspired by any real events or not, and many theories have been put forward about it, but let’s keep it aside. It’s a must-watch best Amazon Prime web series in Hindi, and features in our best Amazon Prime web series list, for the cricket lovers who want to explore the darker side of cricket, the things that happen off-the-field.

8. Hunters (2020)

Amazon Prime - Hunters

When a series has THE-GREAT-AL-PACINO in it, then there’s no doubt the series will be among the best Amazon Prime web series in English. Created by David Weil, starring Logan Lerman, Jerrika Hinton, Carol Kane and AL PACINO(!), this is crime drama set in the 70s New York City and shows the efforts of Nazi hunters who to stop the Nazi war criminals from establishing the Fourth Reich in the U.S. And a parallel track talks about an operation of U.S. govt relocating the German scientists, many of whom are Nazis.

Though some critics targeted the series for misinterpretation of historical facts, the ‘Hunters’ received generally positive views from both the audience as well as major critics. If you are a History loving person who is fascinated by the Nazi history, the Germans and the U.S. history, then Hunters is probably the best Amazon Prime web series in 2020 for you.

7. Mirzapur (2018)

Amazon Prime - Mirzapur

Mirzapur can be called as the ‘Amazon Prime’ version of Sacred Games. And it went on to become one of the best Indian Amazon Prime web series, as well as the best Amazon Prime web series in Hindi. Primarily shot in the village of the same name, it features Pankaj Tripathi (Aham Brahmasmi!), Ali Fazal, Kulbhushan Kharbanda, Vikrant Massey, Shriya Pilgaonkar and many other artists. Created by Karan Anshuman and Puneet Krishna, it explores topics like governance, the dominance of Mafia Dons, their rivalry, and all the resulting crime in the regions like Mirzapur in Uttar Pradesh.

Drugs, guns, crime, and lawlessness – you can find everything in the first season of Mirzapur, and fans are desperately waiting for its next season. Mirzapur shows the story of Mafia Don Akhandanand Tripathi, and his unworthy son Munna, who wants to continue his father’s legacy at any cost. As always, Pankaj Tripathi’s acting will not disappoint you. If you want to watch some ‘gangs-gundas-crime’ type thrilling stuff, then go for this best Amazon Prime web series in Hindi. Because Mirzapur is the new Sacred Games!

6. Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan (2018)

Amazon Prime - Jack Ryan

Right from Pride and Prejudice up to Harry Potter, there’s a huge fanbase for movie adaptations of the books. Now, author Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan has entered into the world of web series, through a web series created by Carlton Cuse and Graham Roland. This Primetime Emmy Award-nominated American political thriller is one of the best Amazon Prime web series in English. It stars John Krasinski as CIA analyst Jack Ryan, who is given a dangerous field assignment to uncover a terrorist communication.

He is trapped into a deadly cat and mouse game of political warfare in Europe and middle-east, with a terrorist figurehead planning a dreadful attack against the USA and her allies. This American political crime thriller is worth giving a watch if you are looking for the best Amazon Prime web series.

5. Four More Shots Please (2019)

Amazon Prime - Four More Shots Please 2

Now here comes some seriously cool feminist stuff. One of the best Indian Amazon Prime web series, it is directed by Anu Menon and Nupur Asthana. And it is written by Devika Bhagat, featuring Amazon Prime’s first all-women protagonist star cast of Sayani Gupta, Bani J., Kirti Kulhari, and Maanvi Gagroo, ‘Four More Shots Please’ is the story of 4 friends – all either in their 30s, or 20s, and all being unapologetically imperfect, flawed women who are living their life to the fullest.

Their friendship, sharing, and mutual bond forms the core theme or crux of the story, as they stand against all the stereotypes of the patriarchal world, with supporting each other. This series covers some topics like feminism, unstable relationships of the youth, issues related to sexuality, problems of divorced women and single mothers, and the judge‘mental’ approach of the world towards imperfect women – it’s just one of the best Amazon Prime web series in Hindi! With the second season released in April 2020, this series is definitely worth watching.

4. The Family Man (2019)

Amazon Prime - The Family Man

Cheers to all the Manoj Bajpayee fans out there! Here comes the best Indian Amazon Prime web series for you – The Family Man. Created by Raj Nidimoru and Krishna DK, it stars Manoj Bajpayee and Priyamani in the lead role. Manoj Bajpayee plays the role of a middle-class family man who is also a world-class intelligence officer (basically a spy) for a fictitious branch of National Investigation Agency, called T.A.S.C.

While officer Srikant Tiwari is trying to protect his country from the terrorists who are planning something big and never-imagined step against India, he is also trying to protect his family which thinks that he is doing some low-paying government job. His job is affecting his family life, but he has to uncover the evil plans of terrorists to save lakhs of other Indian families, including his own. This spy thriller family drama will surely bring you to the edge of your seats, making it one of the best Indian Amazon Prime web series.

3. Breathe (2018)

Amazon Prime - Breathe

A man can do anything for his family – and Breathe is another addition to the long list of movies and series based on this theme. And it is unarguably one of the best Amazon Prime web series. Amazon Prime’s second original Indian web series after Inside Edge, it stars our very own ‘Farhanitrate’ a.k.a. R. Madhavan in the lead role. Written and directed by Mayank Sharma, it also features Amit Sadh, Neena Kulkarni, Sapna Pabbi, and Atharva Vishwakarma. Crime Branch officer Kabir Sawant, who was once unsuccessful in saving his own family from an unimaginable destruction, is now mentally broken and is investigating some seemingly unconnected murders happening in Mumbai.

When he realizes the interconnected links between these murders, he gets ready to face a ruthless serial killer. On the other side is a simple, middle-class man called Denzel Mascarenhas, who is making some desperate attempt to save his son from a serious ailment. When the two clash with each other, something unimaginable happens. This psychological thriller is definitely worth watching, and is the best Indian Amazon Prime web series.

2. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (2017)

Amazon Prime - The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

Set in the late 1950s, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel is featured in our best Amazon Prime web series list for many reasons – just go through the list of awards and nominations it has received and you will understand. This American period comedy-drama created by Amy Sherman-Palladino stars Rachel Brosnahan in the titular role. This critically acclaimed best Amazon Prime web series in English tells the story of a cheerful, sunny, energetic housewife, who discovers her comic talent and then aspires to become a stand-up comedian.

The story then shows the journey of Mrs. Maisel from a housewife to the marvelous Mrs. Maisel, and shows what happens when a woman tries to enter in a male-dominated profession, and what challenges she faces while accomplishing her dreams. This series covers such an interesting topic in an equally interesting way, for which it has received critical acclaim and several awards and nominations at the Golden Globe Awards and the Primetime Emmy Awards. It is surely one of the best Amazon Prime web series in English.

1. The Forgotten Army (2020) – Best Amazon Prime Show

Amazon Prime - The Forgotten Army

It was fully titled ‘The Forgotten Army: Azaadi Ke Liye’, meaning ‘for the freedom’. Now, here’s some thrilling historical web series to fill your heart with patriotism, pride, and regret too, and to feel your eyes with tears. This is unarguably, undoubtedly the best Amazon Prime web series in 2020, the best Amazon Prime web series in Hindi, and also the best Indian Amazon Prime web series. Directed by Kabir Khan, narrated by Shahrukh Khan, and starring Sunny Kaushal and Sharvari Wagh in the lead roles, this directorial debut of Kabir Khan is based on 1999 Doordarshan series of the same name.

The Forgotten Army tells the story of Lieutenant Sodhi and his army, who are serving for the British Indian Army in world war 2, but get inspired by the thoughts of Subhash Chandra Bose and decide to join Indian National Army. While training the young Indian women for ‘Jhansi Ki Rani Regiment’, Sodhi falls for a cheerful, dedicated girl Maya. Their timeless, unconventional love story unfolds with one of the most glorious and yet, forgotten chapters of Indian History.

The Forgotten Army is based on the real-life stories of the soldiers of Indian National Army, who under the strong and inspiring leadership of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, gave the cry of ‘Chalo Delhi’, and showed exceptional courage and fought against all odds and problems just for one aim: The freedom of India. “Azadi Ke Liye.” On the backdrop of student’s protests in Myanmar, and the love story of Sodhi and Maya, The Forgotten Army talks about the contribution of Indian National Army, the numerous hardships that they faced, and the struggle that they went through – all of which we have easily forgotten, taking our freedom for granted.

If you are a Indian History lover, and ready for some heavy emotion-filled binge-watching and sobbing, with some good music and songs which will leave a long-lasting impact on your mind, then go for ‘The Forgotten Army.’ This is surely the best Amazon Prime web series in 2020.

Thus comes to an end, the list of best Amazon Prime web series. Every series mentioned here is not only worth watching, but also worth of binge-watching. So if you want to make your quarantine days memorable in a positive way, Amazon Prime Video is at your service!

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