We are a generation of individuals who have grown up watching some of the finest cartoon on television, which thereby explains our affiliation to the Japanese animated shows often referred to as anime. The thrilling tales of these shows along with their fierce action scenes have made them beloved all over the world. Here are the top 10 anime shows for you to binge watch.

1. Death Note

Death note is arguably one of the greatest anime shows of all time. The show revolves around the life of young genius Light Yagami, who discovers a magical book is the playground of his school. The book called death note gives him the ability to kill any person whose name is written in the book. Accompanied by his demon companion Ryuk, Light embarks on a thrilling adventure to wipe all criminals from the face of earth. The show is an ultimate battle between justice and law, and ponders over the question whether any individual should possess the power to just eradicate criminals. The show has inspired American movies and shows, none as good as the original production.

2. Naruto

One of the longest running and most beloved anime among teens, Naruto is great for action lovers out there. The story revolves around the life of a young ninja who strives to gain recognition in the ninja community. The show has been divided into parts to depict the childhood and teenage life of the protagonist. The truly enthralling plot of the anime has kept a loyal audience throughout the years with the main show spanning over 200 episodes along with spin offs and sequels.

3. Terror in Resonance

A relatively small anime at only 11 episodes, ‘Terror in Resonance’ or ‘Terror in Tokyo’ (Japanese Version) is a crime thriller with a truly captivating plot. Placed in alternate version of the present-day Tokyo, the show revolves around terrorist attacks in Japan. The fascinating and troubling plot is a delight if you want to watch a miniseries. The modern-day anime has some of the finest visuals you can witness along with speculating music and dialogues.

4. One Punch Man

Based in a world full of supervillains and non-believable entities is the most unexpected hero- Saitama. One punch man is a relatively brighter show but with gross and gory scenes. The plot revolves around a young bald superhero, who has gotten so strong with his training that his only enemy now is loneliness. The show is extremely unrealistic but at the same time a lot of fun to watch. Saitama claims that he gained is extreme power by doing a hundred pushups, squats and crunches each day along with a 10-kilometer-long run. These absurd claims to the secret of his strength make it more humorous that it actually is. The exploits of an all-powerful superhero who has no friends is a concept you may not have seen before.

5. Dragon Ball

One of the most popular anime shows to ever be created, Dragon Ball has shaped the lives of all 90’s and early 2000’s kids. This show kicked off the complete Dragon Ball franchise which is billion-dollar franchise worldwide. The protagonist of the series in Goku who embarks who embarks on a quest to find 7 spheres that are called the Dragon Balls. Over the course of the show, Goku trains in martial arts and battles a lot of alien villains. The series has led to the production of more than 20 animated films that have raised more than 20 billion dollars worldwide. The show along with its spin offs has a total of more than 500 episodes, allowing you to utilize your complete quarantine.

6. Psycho Pass

A mind boggling and futuristic show set in a dystopian Japan, Psycho pass is a must watch. The show tries to address a very serious question, should a criminal be arrested before he commits a crime? The show introduces the viewers to a mechanism called the Sibyl System that identifies whether a person is likely to commit crimes in the future and stop them even before they can react, something similar to the Heli carriers in Captain America Winter Soldier. The series explores the interior conflict of a young rookie officer who is part of the elite task force that apprehends these ‘to be criminals. The series is relatively short at just 22 episodes and is gets you completely engrossed.

7. Tokyo Ghoul

When Ken Kaneki, a young college student is injured in a deadly accident, he realizes that he is not human anymore. The trilling plot of Tokyo Ghoul is based in an alternate reality, where the existence of ghouls is very much real, and they operate in secret to escape from the hands of law enforcement. These ghouls have superhuman abilities and need to consume human flesh to survive. Ken Kaneki turns into a half ghoul while containing all the abilities of a phantom species. The show depicts the protagonist trying to adjust into this new life of flesh eating and superpowers. While the show is extremely good, it is also bloody and gory. Check out the censored version of the anime, if such gruesome scenes make you uncomfortable.

8. Code Geass

The anime is based in a parallel timeline, where the world is divided into three superpowers. The Britannia Empire, consisting of the Americas, The Chinese Federation and European Union (wonder how they got that name). The plot thickens when the Britannian Empire takes control of Japan and names the place Area 11. The Protagonist Lelouch is a Britannian Prince who lost his mother to his Father’s ignorance. Furthermore, the death of his mother, made his sister blind. The anime revolves around Lelouch and his Japanese friend Shazaku Kururgi, who initate a resistance to completely overthrow the Britannian and kill Lelouch’s father. A story filled with inspiring tales of courage and justice, Code Geass is a must watch for all sorts of anime fans.

9. Steins; Gate

A highly unusual story based in 21st century Tokyo, Steins; Gate discusses one of the most favourite concepts of all sci- fi enthusiasts, time travel. The plot follows the protagonist Rintaro Okabe who runs the ‘Future Gadget Laboratory’ During his exploits he discovers that his phone along with the technology of the lab can send messages back in time. The team of scientists employ this method to send messages back in time to change the present. Steins; Gate is an extremely stimulating show that explores the merits and disadvantages of time travel.

10. Pokémon

One of the most beloved and popular anime shows out there, Pokémon has had a deep impact on many of us when were younger. The story follows the exploits of protagonist Ash Ketchum, who along with his trusty sidekick Pikachu ventures out to become the greatest Pokémon master alive. He travels to one city after another with his friends Misty and Brock to collect animal like creatures that possess superpowers. Throughout their journey they are interrupted by a group of miscreants who identify themselves as Team Rocket and attempt to steal Ash’s extremely unique Pikachu. This anime is one of our favorites, with a being a show even kids can enjoy. Go ahead and re watch Pokémon during this lockdown.

From deadly and dystopian science fictions to happy and cheerful fantasies, anime can cater to all your needs. Coronavirus social distancing can seem boring and tedious, but with the collection of these incredible shows, you can make your lockdown period much more interesting.

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