We have always known about the various popular Bollywood films that were copied from Hollywood, but there have been times when the ingenuity of Indian Cinema has inspired directors in the West. Here’s a list of some of the Bollywood movies, that later went on to have Hollywood remakes.

1. A Common Man (2013) – A Wednesday (2008)

Anupam Kher and Naseerudin Shah’s wonderful acting in the film ‘A Wednesday’ made a huge impact in the west. Neeraj Pandey’s masterpiece inspired Sri Lankan director Chandran Rutnam to go ahead and create a remake of the film starring Ben Kingsley and Ben Cross. The film went on to win Best Picture, Best Actor and Best Director at the Madrid Film festival.

2. Fear (1996)- Darr (1993)

The 1993 psychological starring Shahrukh Khan was way too irresistible to the Hollywood industry. James Foley undertook the responsibility to make this film available to the whole world, with Mark Wahlberg playing the troubled stalker portrayed by Shahrukh Khan. The film while not an exact remake of Darr still has a lot of consistent elements taken from the film. From the name to the love triangle and even to the way, the villain carves his lovers name on his chest, all aspects have been copied.

3. Leap Year (2010) – Jab We Met (2007)

Shahid and Kareena Kapoor’s love story in Jab we Met was a unique one that the entire country cherished. The film Leap Year too revolves around the lives of too young people who fall in love after staying in the same hotel. The director Anand Tucker claims that he took no sort of inspiration from Imtiaz Ali’s ‘Jab we Met’ but the startling similarities in both the films can easily make a person suspicious.

4. Delivery Man (2013) – Vicky Donor (2012)

Ayushman Khurrana has long standing reputation of doing unconventional films. Ken Scott’s film the ‘Delivery Man’ follows along the line of Shoojit Sircar’s ‘Vicky Donor’. The protagonist in both the films is a sperm donor who as more than 50 kids to his name. The only difference in the extremely similar plotline is the fact that Vince Vaughan has fathered 533 children while Vicky has only 53 to his name. In reality, the idea for the both the films have been taken from French- Canadian film, Starbuck that has a similar storyline.

5. Kill Bill Vol.1 (2003) – Abhay (2001)

A lot of Quentin Tarantino fans may be shocked to hear this, but his popular film ‘Kill Bill Vol.1’ was actually inspired by Suresh Krissna’s Tamil Blockbuster ‘Abhay’ starring Kamala Hassan. Before you go on ranting about how Tarantino is the best actor in the world, take a minute and check out the fight sequences in both the film. In fact, Quentin Tarantino has agreed to the fact the film is loosely based on ‘Abhay.’

6. A date with Tad Hamilton (2004) – Rangeela (1995)

A popular love triangle comedy of the 90’s, Ram Gopal Varma’s ‘Rangeela’ was about a struggling actress who falls in love with her co- star while a tapori falls in love with her. Almost a decade later, Robert Luketic comes up with the film ‘A date with Tad Hamilton’ where a struggling actress falls in love with her film idol and at the same time discovers that her best friend has feelings for her. A classic love triangle of the Bollywood was yet again chosen for Hollywood movie screens.

7. Just Go with It (2011) – Maine Pyaar Kyu Kiya (2005)

The film ‘Just Go with It’ revolves around a plastic surgeon who asks his assistant to pretend to be his wife, in order to keep things working with his much younger girlfriend.  The film follows the basic plotline of David Dhawan’s comedy, ‘Maine Pyaar Kyu Kiya.’ While Adam Sandler and Jeniffer Aniston may not be the ideal actors in the industry to imitate Salman Khan and Sushmita Sen, the films were strikingly similar.

8. Hitch (2005) – Choti si Baat (1975)

If you ever run out of career options, you can learn from Will Smith and become a professional who helps men woo the girl they like. Popular belief says that, the film ‘Partner’ starring Govinda was inspired by Hitch but as it turns out they were both inspired by a film almost three decades ago. Basu Chaterjee’s ‘Choti si Baat’ is one of the classics of Indian cinema and is spectacularly similar to the Hollywood Film ‘Hitch.’

9. Divorce Invitation (2012) – Aavahanam (1997)

A popular romantic comedy, the strange yet delightful story of ‘Divorce Invitaion’ was inspired by the Telegu film ‘Aavahanam.’ The similarity of the films does not just end at the similar plotline and story, both the films are directed by SV Krishnan Reddy. Maybe he felt like the film deserved a larger audience than just the Telegu speaking community. 

10. The Reincarnation of Peter Proud (1975) – Madhumati (1958)

Both the films are love story but with an extremely unique theme. One of the lovers is dead. The Hollywood remake of Indian classic Madhumati while sharing a similar story, adheres to a different set of audience altogether. The Reincarnation of Peter Proud is a psychological horror film whereas Madhumati is a paranormal love story.

Indian Cinema while widely underestimated and unappreciated has produced a fair share of memorable films. The unique and quirky storyline along with excellent direction was enough to tempt even some of the biggest names in Hollywood.

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