Theme Party Ideas - You Need to Explore

In these stifling and uncertain times, when there is not much scope for celebration, how can we even think of Theme party idea? If there is no reason to have a party, why should there be one? Every thing around us has the aura of gloom and desperation, after all, nothing seems to give us the impetus to experience joy and have fun with our family and friends. However, in this despair and lack of reason, we can ask ourselves, if we need a reason to have a party?

Nothing seems to be within our control and nothing will ever be, so, what is the point in seeking reasons for celebration? We can simply have a gathering with our loved ones in these trying times, and try to have some fun. A party does not need a reason, a party  evaporates all reason, under the fun disguise of a theme. Since, you are here, might as well look into these interesting and fun theme party ideas . Enjoy!


Theme Party Ideas - You Need to Explore

It might seem fairly simple and obvious of an idea, but, we can get creative even with the simplest of ideas. In such a theme party idea, friends and family can dress up to represent their favourite beverages. Such a theme party idea can also include young children to participate and enjoy themselves in parties that may have bored them, otherwise. Enjoy drinking your favourite beverage while being your favourite beverage in this sort of meta-theme party.


This theme party idea can inspire the participants to experience a more abstract and metaphysical get-up. There are endless numbers of tarot card-decks and characters to choose from, which ensures participants to get as creative or as lazy as they want to get. All you need to do is pick a deck of your choice, and pick a character you want to be – becoming someone else and choosing a different aesthetic is the liberation that a lot of us would enjoy experiencing, and this theme party idea would give you a good opportunity to do so.


Invite your book-worm friends to this Book-theme party idea, and watch them gleefully accept your invitation. There are quite a few parties where one can dress up as their favourite fictional characters, however, this theme has a small tweak: you have to dress up to represent your favourite book! How will you represent your favourite book? It is a whole world with your beloved and not-so-beloved literary characters; it has themes and ideas that you hold very close to your heart.

In other words, it is an endless fountain of inspiration! Feel free to go wild with this theme and get your friends to guess which book you are representing.


Theme Party Ideas - You Need to Explore

Ever wanted to be in a musical? Singing and harmonising with your favourite characters/actors? Then, this theme party idea is for you! You can be Tim Curry from The Rocky Horror Picture show or Ashley Tisdale from High School Musical. You and your friends can dress up as characters from a single musical or as characters from many, different musicals. Either way, let the singing and dancing ensue because the show must go on.


Remember Pokémon Go? The popular mobile game that was being played by almost everyone in 2016, maybe, even you? Do you miss the fun of capturing Pokémon outdoors, living your childhood fantasies? How about reliving them through this theme party idea? Dress up as your favourite Pokémon or even your favourite characters from the anime and party to the iconic and nostalgic theme-song of the 90s. Be the very best that you want to be and that no one ever was.

Film Noire

Theme Party Ideas - You Need to Explore

A grim and brooding atmosphere can be perfect for a quieter and intimate party. Scent yourself with strong colognes or thick perfumes, light your rooms in black and white, and play some old 40s and 50s tunes to create an ambience of mystery and seduction. Dress up as film-noire characters: the brooding detective, the dangerous femme-fatale or the bumbling comic relief and enjoy a party of mood music and quite conversation… and maybe, a bit of heavy drinking.

Glam Rock

Since, there are not many concerts to go to, have a mini-concert in your own home and be the rock stars you idolise and celebrate. Invite your loved ones and have a comfortable mosh-pit amongst yourselves, jamming and head-banging to your favourite rock/metal music. Dress up and don’t  hesitate to explore your punk or metal-side; wear the kooky make-up and forget the judgemental stares and looks and simply have a wild and fun time.


Sometimes, it is fun to let loose, to stop stressing on being decent and simply being unabashedly evil. This theme party idea is simple and fun with loads of opportunities to be bad under the guise of playing your favourite villain. From Maleficent to Deadpool, there are a range of anti-heroes and villains that we all can sympathise with and maybe, secretly, want to be. So, instead of living vicariously through books and movies, be your favourite villainous character and have a terribly and evilly good time with your other evil and villainous allies.


For this theme party idea, all you need to be is a little artsy. Get your friends and family and try to dress up as paintings. It might sound absurd, but, this theme party idea is simply about your creativity and interpretation of an artwork. Express your love for art and be unashamed in showing how you feel about a piece; depict the sorrow you feel in The Scream (Edvard Munch) or the calm in the The Starry Night (Vincent Van Gogh) through your clothes and, maybe, props, and enjoy an evening of artistic expression and appreciation.


If you have ever watched the movie, Om Shanti Om, you might have felt wonder at the movie-sets, the costumes, the songs and the lifestyles of Bollywood actors/actresses. Dress up as your favourite Bollywood characters, play some 60s Bollywood music and have a party filled with nostalgia and goofy fun. Twirl your goofy villain-moustache or readjust your oversized hero-sunglasses and have the good time that only Bollywood can give.

80s Sci-fi

From Blade Runner to Ghost in the Shell, there are many iconic science-fiction movies from the 80s that can inspire a party from another dimension or reality. A party with good synth-wave music and aesthetic and moody 80s costumes can make you escape from this mundane reality. Light your rooms in purple and blue and play the ambient, hypnotic music that will make you introspect and dance and feel the sweet bliss of escapism.   

Extinct Birds

This theme may be a little morbid, but, it could be worth a try. Apart from being unique (bordering on strange) this theme could be a good way of spreading awareness on endangered and extinct species of birds. Dress up in costumes resembling any extinct bird with your friends and enjoy a party that circulates fun and information. In a time  when climate change is becoming an increasingly urgent topic, you could have a theme party idea to bring up such issues that wouldn’t be discussed amongst your friends and family, otherwise.


You could also call this a “Jurassic Park” theme party idea, if you want. The idea is to dress up depicting your favourite dinosaur with your friends and family, even children can be involved in such a gathering, and have a roaring good time. Be the dinosaur you want to see in the world and enjoy this gathering with good food, music and people – it would be like a science museum come to life!


Get your tin-foil caps and your friends with the conspiracy theories and have an alien-theme party idea. In this party, there are no limits to making all the Area 51 references you want to make, and to the alien-related movies you can watch. If you want, dress as aliens and try to embody the extra-terrestrial, or, simply be casual and indulge in a bit of escapism through conversations about aliens with friends and good, alien-movies.


Theme Party Ideas - You Need to Explore

This theme-party is a simple one, but, sometimes, simple can be fun. Pick a colour, any colour, and decorate your venue with decorations of that colour and wear clothes of that colour. If the colour is blue, for instance, have a blue dress-code and have blue decorations – maybe, even blue drinks and blue food. The theme is to simply immerse yourself and your friends in a single colour and have fun and be creative with it.

So, these were some theme-party ideas. It is obvious that there could be and are many more and better ideas, but, these were some suggestions. Hopefully, some of them were enjoyable and interesting and you might give them a try. In any case, a theme party idea is all about gathering your friends and family and orchestrating an idea into an enjoyable party. It requires a bit of effort and creativity from all the participants to have an effective and interesting theme-party, so, don’t limit your imagination and scope for experimenting and fun.

Overall, sharing time with your loved ones is important, especially, in these difficult times, and perhaps, a party of a small gathering could be an excuse to do so. If any of these of ideas inspired you, then go for it and enjoy yourself! Remember, there is no need for a reason to have fun, as long as, you stay safe and respectful you should have a good time.

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