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The Indian market has always been a platform for companies to show the ingenuity and innovation in their advertisements. The taglines of certain companies have stuck with us for decades leaving an impact on the mind of all the viewers. These take care taglines are more than just branding methods for these companies, they are more of an emotion, showing concern regarding the wellbeing of the customers. These brands have employed reinvented taglines to consistently entertain and surprise the Indian audience. The following list talks about the most creative and catchy taglines that brands across India have come up with.

1. Maggie: Taste Bhi Health Bhi


Maggie has become a household name in almost all corners of the country. The popularity of Maggie has led to people referring all sorts of instant noodles as Maggi. The noodles company has a simple yet likeable Maggi tagline that has drawn millions of customers towards the company. Ironically for the ‘Taste Bhi Health Bhi tagline’, Maggie got banned 2015 for health concerns but is now back on track and more popular than ever.

2. Lux Cozi: Apna Luck Pehen Ke Chalo

lux cozi

The flashy Lux Cozi ‘Apna Luck Pehen Ke Chalo’ tagline has is well versed among all people of the country. With Sunny Deol as its former ambassador, the inner wear company has done quite well in recent years. The mantle has now been passed on the Bollywood star Varun Dhawan, who proudly adorns the impeccable vest of Lux Cozi.

3. Surf Excel: Daag Acche Hai

surf excel

The ‘Daag Acche hai’ tagline of surf excel targeted a very emotional and relevant aspect in the lives of all Indian kids and mothers. There are perhaps no mothers on the planet, that get this upset when they see their children’s’ white clothes stained. The Surf Excel tagline strikes the sweet spot in the hearts of Indian kids who live to go out and play in the mud. This tagline has increased the popularity of the brand with its justification that stains are actually good.

4. Mountain Dew: Dar Ke Aage Jeet Hai

mountain dew

How often have we seen, Hritik Roshan jump off of aero planes and fight deadly gangsters? The secret to this bravery and heroism is the Mountain Dew bottle, or so the advertisement says. The ‘Dar ke aage jeet hai’ is an extremely powerful tagline and the brand ambassador does justice to it by performing daring stunts in these advertisements.

5. Alpenliebe: Jee Lalchaye Bada Maza Aaye


The small and creamy Alpenliebe toffee has been a fan favourite in India for many years. The ‘Jee Lalchaye Bada Maza Aaye’ tagline clearly sums up the emotion, people have for this one of a kind sweet. The tagline has further been reinvented and modified to say ‘Ghule to dil mein’ meaning that the toffee melts but in your mouth. This excellent word play has been a major reason in the success of the brand.

6. Asian Paints: Har Ghar Kuch Kehta Hai


The tendency of Indian brands to personify non living things has not been an old one. The Asian Paints ‘Har Ghar Kuch Kehta Hai’ tagline implying, that every house has something to say could not be more relevant for a paints company. The incredible advertisements along with this catchy tagline has made Asian Paints the most common choice for painting homes.

7. Big Bazaar: Isse Sasta Aur Kuch Nahi

big bazaar

Big Bazaar has risen to be one of the most popular shopping brands in India. The key feature of the company that distinguishes it from the other is its sale of quality products at reasonably low prices. The brand made no efforts to hide this exclusive service provided by them and even based their tagline: ‘Isse sasta aur kuch nahi’ along this attribute.

8. Pepsi: Yahi Hai Right Choice Baby


The intense rivalry between Pepsi and Coca Cola has seen the birth of many creative advertisements and taglines. The ‘yahi hai right choice baby’ tagline is a simple yet effective way to convince users to select Pepsi over its other contemporaries. The Pepsi slogan has changed over the years with ‘Youngistan ka wow’ being the most popular one. The brand has constantly tried to gain the attraction of the younger generation by portraying Pepsi as a drink that is best suited for the youth of the country.

9. Vicks: Vicks Ki Goli Lo, Khich Khich Door Karo


Vicks has been the pioneer in cold related medicines in India. The brand has provided memorable advertisements and catchy slogans, with the ‘Vicks Ki Goli Lo, Khich Khich Door Karo’ tagline being the most popular one. The brand has associated cold with under confidence and claimed that their medicinal tablet cum toffee, not only clears your throat but helps you boost your confidence.

10. Mentos: Dimaag ki Batti Jala De


The Mentos tagline is by far the most popular tagline in the country. The simple mint candy has been in the limelight, thanks to its ingenious advertisements and slogans. The advertisement corresponding to the ‘Dimaag Ki Batti Jala De’ tagline shows a gorilla being slaved by a donkey. The ape goes on to have a Mentos and evolves into a human being, and turns the tables with the donkey. This innovative ad has had a huge impact in the popularity of Mentos.

The list comes to show the creativity of the Indian ad makers and writers. These catchy and attractive taglines have played a major role in the success of many brands. It is because of this innovation that the advertisements became as entertaining as the show or movie being screened on the television.

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