xtra-pc reviews in the year 2020

Working on slow PCs becomes a frustrating and a tedious task, with the system taking time to perform basic functions such as opening a PDF file or the internet browser. Xtra- PC is a compact, sleek, cost effective and an elegant solution to all these problems. It is a flash drive stick which is built on the principles of Linux. It replaces the existing, slow operating system to convert the PC into a fast, high performance machine.

How does one stay connect to the world even in the times of the Coronavirus? With their smartphones, laptops and computers of course. Our laptops and PCs have become essential commodities, one cannot imagine one’s life without them. Even though the virus has slowed many things down, it need not slow down one’s work, studies and leisure. What if then, our computer systems become slow? And over time, with constant updates, file accumulation and software installations, our PCs are bound to slow down.

Need for Xtra-PC

xtra-pc reviews in the year 2020

There have been numerous positive Xtra-PC USB reviews, from happy and satisfied consumers. Before the advent of Xtra-PCs, the existing solutions to the problems of an old, slow or a nonfunctioning PC were either tedious or expensive. In theory, one could enhance the performance of one’s PC by clearing excess data or by deleting files in order to clear some space in the memory.

This is a temporary and an infeasible solution. Another solution is to format one’s computer. However, for those people who are not that tech- savvy, it poses a problem. Done incorrectly, formatting could possibly lead to a corruption of one’s operating system or loss of one’s precious data.

In the times of coronavirus, one also feels hesitant to call over computer technicians due to the risk of infection. Thus, the only solution left is to buy a new laptop or PC, which is expensive. Xtra-PC reviews state that this product can solve all these problems at the fraction of the cost. It works with all brands of computers, made after 2008, since they can be rebooted from USB.

It even works with computers whose hard drives are corrupted or whose operating systems are missing. It is so versatile, adaptable and easy- to -use that even those people who find working on computers a challenge, can easily reboot their computer by following simple instructions, claim the majority of Xtra-PC Linux reviews.

How does it work?

xtra-pc reviews in the year 2020

It is an alternative to the existing low performance operating system. It bypasses the existing system to replace it with an efficient, new system which is similar to the Windows operating system. Being a USB product, it does not change the existing PC and one can still access their old files. The new operating system, claim Xtra-PC reviews is Linux. It is an open source system, which means that techies from all over the world are constantly working to revitalize it.

Many Xtra-PC USB reviews also state that it is one of the most reliable operating systems as it is almost virus- proof, which is a huge upgrade and removes the chances of one of the most common computing issues. It is much better in many ways than Windows or Mac systems as it is more resistant to viruses, malware, bloating software’s and other issues which are responsible for the slow corrosion of one’s PC. One simply plugs the flash drive, restart the PC to boot it into USB and follow instructions to notice a dramatic increase in the old PC’s performance in a matter of minutes!

How to use Xtra-PC?

xtra-pc reviews in the year 2020

Numerous Xtra-PC Linux Reviews state that there has been a noticeable traction that this handy, little product has gained. Recently, a lot of people searched for Xtra-PC download in their google browsers. It is not something that can be downloaded however, but the product does require an active internet connection for it to function initially. Later, it can work offline too. It is very easy to order this product, one can do that directly from the product website. It arrives at the doorstep within 2-3 days. Once it’s delivered, it can be used immediately.

One only has to switch on their computers and plug the flash drive in. Before starting the rebooting process, one needs to make sure that there is no additional programmed running in the background which could interrupt the work of Xtra- PC. Once the PC recognizes the flash drive, it gives you a set of instructions to follow in order to kickstart the booting process from the USB after which one only has to restart one’s computer a couple of times. Each time it restarts, the user will see an increased speed in the booting process which indicates that the product has already started working.

Once, the instructions are followed and the device is running, the customer will notice a new yet familiar and a greatly enhanced operating system whose speed and performance is much higher. They will also notice that the system is clean- free of viruses, cookies and malware which were slowing down the system in the past. High performance guarantees happiness and higher productivity at the fraction of the cost. Now, one only has to install the programmed of software’s that they like and customize their PC to really make it their own.

One will notice that some software’s that were compatible with Windows or Mac are not compatible with Linux, however, there are other, better alternatives available on the internet. Instead of Microsoft office, one can use WPS Office, open office or other alternatives available online such as Google Docs for work. For meetings, both work and personal, one can easily install software’s like Zoom or Skype or use the internet alternative of Google Meet. Games and other applications such as Kindle can be downloaded and used.

The possibilities opened by Xtra- PC are endless. One can do the same things as they did with older operating systems such as creating documents, browsing the internet, researching, checking mails, sending messages, accessing social media, downloading files, accessing streaming sites such as Netflix, Hulu or Spotify, except at a faster speed. Essential devices like keyboard and mouse are compatible with the new system or any other device which is connected, would be compatible.

Who can use Xtra-PC?

xtra-pc reviews in the year 2020

The answer is, anyone and everyone. One does not need to be a tech wizard in order to use it. Anyone who cannot afford a new PC and is fed up with their old, slow one can easily buy Xtra-PC. It is a value for money, hassle free and a sustainable solution to the perennial and widespread problem of slow PCs. It can repurpose and revitalize one’s old and much beloved personal computers and laptops. In the process, it does save the environment as well as the money. Currently, Xtra- PC is available in three different versions, all of which are priced differently:

Xtra-PC Turbo 16:

This version will provide the customers with a decent speed for everyday functions such as surfing the internet, downloading and opening files, playing games, listening to music or watching movies. The size is compact and works well with laptops. It also comes with 16GB of additional storage.

Xtra- PC Turbo 32:

It is a better version of the Turbo 16 counterpart in terms of both speed and memory. As mentioned in the product name, it comes with 32GB of additional storage and can be used with both desktops and laptops.

Xtra- PC Pro:

This version comes with the highest speed that the product has to offer yet with a whopping 64GB of additional storage. It also comes with a Filtered software which allows the user to retrieve all of the old and important files from the old operating system.

With this brand-new product on the market, there is no time to slow down. It is improved performance and efficiency all the way!

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