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The wife of the richest man in the country, Nita Ambani’s lifestyle is sure to leave our mouths agape. Famous for leading a lifestyle complete with modern hobbies and expensive items, here’s all you need to know about Nita Ambani’s lavish lifestyle- ranging from small things like Nita Ambani’s phone and Nita Ambani’s purse to larger things like Nita Ambani’s House.

Nita Ambani Lifestyle

nita ambani

Nita Ambani’s lifestyle remains a matter of curiosity to most people; be it the world’s most expensive saree which costs INR 40 Lakh and weighs 8 kgs, or her most expensive lipstick which costs INR 39 Lakh, Nita Ambani leaves no stone unturned in enjoying the costly life that she’s entitled to. Rumour has it that the tea with which she starts her day costs INR 3 lakh, which she drinks in Japanese crockery worth even more. Apart from these, another luxury added to Nita Ambani’s list is her private jet, gifted to her by her husband Mukesh Ambani for her 44th Birthday. The jet boasts of cabins, sky bars, fancy shavers, music systems, gaming consoles, satellite TVs and modern wireless communication system, among many other things. The price of this private jet has been quoted at INR 390 Crores.

One of the biggest examples of her lavish lifestyle is the fact that she is the owner of her very own IPL franchise, Mumbai Indians. The Ambani home in Mumbai named Antilla is among the most expensive in the entire world.

Along with these expensive items in her palette, Nita Ambani is also known for having good relations with numerous celebrities including Bollywood and Hollywood actors and actresses, singers, politicians, sportsmen and so on. One major reason for this is the Dhirubhai Ambani International School, one of the top-ranked schools in Mumbai that enrols students from the crème layer of society. Most celebrities’ children attend this school.

Nita Ambani Phone

According to reports, Nita Ambani has been said to own a Falcon Supernova iPhone 6 Pink Diamond, estimated to cost nearly $48.5 million, translating to INR 311 Crore. This luxurious version of the iPhone comes dipped in platinum for an unbreakable body, made of 24 karat gold and pink gold. The Falcon Supernova iPhone 6 Pink Diamond is one of the rare models, which has been specially crafted. Nita Ambani’s phone is limited edition. The phone also sports a huge pink diamond on the back, and has been especially protected from getting hacked.  

Nita Ambani Purse

Nita Ambani’s purse has been making rounds all over the television and internet for being one of the most top-rated purses one can add to their collection. The Hermes Himalaya Birkin Bag is worth over INR 2.6 Crores, and has been considered the ‘Holy Grail in a Handbag’. This exotic bag has more than 240 diamonds on its 18-karat-gold-hardware. In 2017, this white Himalaya crocodile diamond style bag fetched $379,261 at an auction, becoming the most expensive bag ever sold. According to Christies, the auction house has described this Hermes bag as “an exceptional, matte white Himalaya Niloticus Crocodile Diamond Birkin”. Nita Ambani’s purse, a world-famous Hermes bag caught the world’s attention when she sported it with a white ensemble in a picture, which also featured Bollywood stars Kareena Kapoor and Karishma Kapoor.

Nita Ambani House (Antilla)

ambani residence

Inspired by the Atlantic Islands, Nita Ambani’s House named Antilla is located on Altamount Road in Mumbai. This high-end mansion, which costs nearl $1-2 billion, is the most expensive property in the world after Buckingham Palace. Atamount Road in South Mumbai counts for one of the most expensive addresses in the world- Antilla is estimated to be a 400,000-square-foot-building. The mansion was designed by Chicago-based architects Perkins and Will, and constructed by Australian construction company Leighton Holdings. The building houses 27 floors, with every floor sized as big as an average two-storeyed building. Antilla has been designed in such a manner that it can survive earthquakes as severe as 8 on the Richter scale.

Fashioned along the lines of the lotus and sun, Antilla has been equipped with a mega-temple, guest suites, an ice-cream parlour and a movie theatre which can accommodate around 50 people. The top six floors of the building have been set aside for private use, which includes the full-floor as residential area.

Antilla also boasts of 9 high-speed elevators, and has six floors dedicated entirely to cars. The garage has enough space to accommodate nearly 168 cars, which includes Mukesh Ambani’s 5 Crore Maybach.

Just as you think that these features are fascinating enough, that’s not it! The sprawling mansion also has a ‘snow room’, which releases man-made snowflakes to help them beat the immense summer heat of Mumbai. A helipad has also been built on top of this building, and a staff of 600 is required for its maintenance every day.

Nita Ambani’s lifestyle is one that tends to make one envious as well as flabbergasted; with all the things she can boast of, including Nita Ambani’s phone, Nita Ambani’s Purse and especially Nita Ambani’s House ‘Antilla’, she impresses as the perfect Ambani daughter-in-law. However, Nita Ambani has also done great work to build a positive image for the Ambani household through her attempts to invest in making the IPL known and productive, working to improve the education sector and even working for the upliftment of the poor. Even during this COVID-19 Crisis, the Reliance Industry was one of the first to donate INR 500 Crores to the PM CARES Fund.

Nita Ambani’s lifestyle is definitely exclusive and expensive, ranging from Nita Ambani’s phone, Nita Ambani’s purse and lipstick to Nita Ambani’s house, the excellent Antilla, opens up eyes to an aspect of South Mumbai that the public is not aware of. Nita Ambani’s lifestyle is a clear indicator that luxury and class can be well-combined.

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