Moringa Tree Leaves Side effects 2020

Use of plants for medical purposes like Moringa is a part of traditional ancient cultures but even now in this techy scenario, herbs and ayurvedic plants still has the potential to treat many diseases. WHO define these ancient medicinal herbs as the beliefs of the ancient and indigenous people who use their knowledge and experiences for treating diseases? Although they have the potential for the treatment of many known and unknown diseases, however, some herbs cause side effects that can deteriorate a person’s health.

Scientists and researchers are working to discover all the possible side effects of using natural herbs for medicinal purposes. One such herb plant is Moringa oleifera, a natural herbal plant used by ancient and present century veds, traditional doctors. Moringa has many different names, like Munaga, Shajmah, Shajna in Orissa, and is locally known as drumsticks in Tamil Nadu. It is grown in Asian and African regions and Latin American countries. The bark, sapling, roots of ayurvedic plants, helps in medical treatment.

There are various moringa products such as tea leaves, powder, oil and it also available in capsule form. This contains various nutrients like Vitamin C, which helps in boosting immunity, Vitamin B1, 2, 3, 6, good for various gastro-intestinal health, and calcium that helps in bones development, iron, and zinc, necessary for blood formation, and is also rich in minerals like magnesium and potassium fats and lipids contain is also low, thus reduces cholesterol level of the body.

Details More About Moringa Tree Leaves

Moringa Tree Leaves Side effects 2020

Moringa tree leaves side effects has been identified by many medical practitioners and by botany scientists that may in the future results in the limited use of these herbal leaves even though it has a huge number of benefits like it helps in protecting, moisturising and nourishing skin, and also helps in treating problems of various internal organs like liver, kidney and stomach. It also helps in preventing many contagious diseases like cancer and also helps in suppressing cancer molecule.

Various diseases that occur in monsoon such as bacterial, fungal, and microbial can also be treated by this medical plant Moringa. Moringa herbal plant helps in making bones healthier and stronger and prevents fractures. It has the potential to prevent cardiovascular damage, treating asthma, anaemia, and lowers blood sugar level. Although it has boundless health benefits all these treatments are not scientifically full proof and these herbs are not accepted by many scientists.

Side Effects of Moringa

Moringa Tree Leaves Side effects 2020

It is advisable to recommend doctors before using moringa in any form as its side effects can cause serious health problems and even increases the chances of death of a person. Side effects of it are extremely dangerous and can even result in deteriorating of health. Proper scientific research is not yet been done and even many types of research are in their initial stage, so no conclusion can be made about its full authenticity. United Nation Food and Drug Administration (FDA) hasn’t yet monitored this and about its risks. Many lab studies considered that compounds present in the plants are harmful for human consumption.

The side effects of moringa powder that is usually used in making green drinks are many times results in harmful side effects. It can cause infertility in women and even increases the chances of miscarriages, so it is highly risky to use this medical plant by pregnant ladies.  Moringa causes fertility problems and even causes abnormalities in the foetus and is therefore not to be taken by pregnant ladies. Moringa side effects on the baby are also very harmful as its compounds have the potential to lowers the cognitive development of the baby.

Breastfeeding mothers should not consume moringa as it is harmful to infants. Moringa tea side effects can even imbalances various body functions and hamper gastro-intestinal functions. It has laxatives properties and can cause, diarrhoea, gas problem, heartburn and even indigestion. Consuming a large dosage of moringa can even cause nausea and toxins immune cells of the body.

If the moringa plant part is taken with other medication then it reduces the effects of the medicine and this can lead to more serious health problems. It is traditionally used to lower blood sugar level but moringa dangerously lowers glucose level of the body and is very risky for people with type II diabetes. It is always advised by doctors to not to take these herbal plants with other recommended medicines.

Thus, Moringa side effects are enormous still not much research has been done to give any final result neither on its uses nor on its side effects. Still, many researches are in their preliminary stage and till now no human trial is done by scientists, as only mice and other animals are trialled out to take bring potential risks of consuming these herbal plants.


Moringa Tree Leaves Side effects 2020

Even after knowing so many moringa sides effects still, many ayurvedic doctors recommend Moringa for the treatment of many health disorders. We cannot just consider moringa products as dangerous and harmful for humans because they also prevented and protected people from various physiological problems to a great level.

As every coin has two sides so does this ayurvedic medication also pros and cons. These plants are traditionally treating humans for centuries so, we cannot just consider them useless as they also help in developing more scientific medications and still many natural herbs are used for making various medicines.

Same goes with moringa, a natural herb that is in the treatment and cure for various diseases and disorders like cancer, thyroid, diabetes, and are useful for keeping healthy skin, stomach, liver, kidney and heart. It also has the potential to produce an enzyme in the body that can prevent tuberculosis. With such benefits, one can take it but should not consume it without doctor’s prescription.

One should also not consume it before knowing its risks and side effects. Pregnant ladies, young children and elders are strictly prohibited to use these herbal plants as it can cause more severe risks to these people. Even patients on medications like for diabetes and thyroid should also not take it as it has the potential to reduce the effect of these medicines.

Thus, the side effects and benefits of moringa are infinite and with a proper medical prescription and mindful use of moringa can be beneficial but even with just one overdose or improper intake can even put a threat to one’s life.

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