Best alternative apps for Instagram

The social media is flourishing with the apps like instagram, twitter, facebook nowadys. Today, the world needs more best alternative applications like Instagram on iOS and Android. Instagram is currently at the 6th ranking among social media usage following one billion monthly users worldwide for sharing pictures, videos, stories and live videos.

Instagram is nowadays also popular because its strategy regarding business feature. The marketing guide, business profile and other such attributes which helps people to promote their brand online gaining popularity. This is an extra ordinary facility provided by Instagram that gives fame to this app.

This freely available app has beaten many records of other social media apps that are downloaded via Google Play as well as Apple App store. Thus, finding best alternative apps like Instagram to suit it as well is a difficult task.

Since there is so much on the web else instagram, that would let you find something new and explore more hence, people would love to discover it. Let’s see the best alternative apps like Instagram on iOS and Android:

Twitter: tweet your messages here

Best alternative apps for Instagram

With the monthly approximated 335 million uses, twitter has become a favoured social media platform based on short updates, sharing news, spreading a word and many more. It allows a word limit of approx 240 characters for a tweet. Twitter also serves as a customer service channel that helps to manage social media customer service chats. Twitter has popularized the use of #hashtags that even remain in trend plus retweet option is also proposed by this app unlike Instagram. This can be one of the best alternatives for writers.

Twitter is available for android in Google play store with 4.5 star rating and for iOS in App store with 4.6 star rating and 184k reviews. It is a freely available Instagram alternative app on iOS and Android. It is at the 12th position according to its usage and users.

Snapchat: Happy Snapping

Best alternative apps for Instagram

In the list of best Instagram alternative apps comes the Snapchat, that is also free of cost used application for Android as well as iOS users. After making an account on this app, people can share cool, funky pictures, selfies and videos with their close friends or even with the world. 225 million users monthly, Snapchat is ranked 17th among all social media applications.

It poses a challenge for Instagram as Snapchat allows usage of variety of filters that is found to be much better than those available at Insta. Certain brands like Gillette and other writing service companies are trying to promote them globally for more people to use it.  It as well allows the temporary display of content within 24 hours. A chat option is also available like on Instagram allowing sharing of pictures, videos and other live videos. This is pretty similar and can be coolest alternative for Instagram.

Best alternative iOS apps like Instagram, Snapchat has 3.8 rating in the app store with 764 reviews. Snapstreaks are another exciting ways of expressing one self and staying connected to each other. Shazam, the music recognizing feature  is another interesting recent technology that can be alternatively used.

Tiktok: Make your Day

Best alternative apps for Instagram

With an increasing fame of tiktok, is ranked at 10th  position  accounting approximately 500 million monthly users. It allows people to make short 60 second videos, edit them and share to the rest of the world. All kinds of video content ranging from sad to happy ones can be found on tiktoks. This is an addictive app which may include harmful content that is further banned by tiktok.

Tiktok is used by different artists showcasing their talents in different fields. This serves as an instagram alternative apps on iOS and Android users which is an alternate to video making adding special effects and stickers to it, again available free of cost for downloading. This has actually made into the top list of alternative apps in recent years.

Pinterest: Discovering something new

Best alternative apps for Instagram

From discovering to marketing, pinterest has it all. It includes broad range of ideas to discover new things and inspiring people. With 250 million monthly users and 18th ranking this makes users to get accommodated with new brands and try out new things ranging from clothes to jewellery. Like instagram , it allows allows using , saving and uploading images of interest with real world. It requires some special visual content for its usage. It is available for both the android as well as iOS users.

Tumblr: Link to blogging

Best alternative apps for Instagram

Best alternative instagram apps also include tumblr which has over 400 million of blogs on this app. People can express themselves by posting pictures, GIFs, videos, audios. They can create their own stickers and share them. It can be used to customize your looks using different colors, layouts etc. It is placed at 8th position with 642 million users monthly.  It is a social networking site that helps you to connect with people across the globe using #tags. Following each other and even conversing is an option for users. I serves as a link to blog about anything of people’s choice. It lets people to do artwork of their interest and love it anyway.  

Tumblr is available both at Google play store as well as on App store for downloading with around 4.5 star rating and approx thousands of reviews. Thus, is considered as best alternative instagram apps.

Facebook: Connecting people

Best alternative apps for Instagram

The most widely used top social networking site launched by Mark Zuckerberg in 2004 today has about 2 billion monthly users. This is an important best similar instagram apps used by both iOS and Android users. Is absolutely free to download and almost every second person has this app on their phones. Various facebook business pages are found to enhance the business opportunities and marketing trends.

Communicating with friends and connecting people together giving an option of sharing pictures privately or publically. Discovering, enjoying and sharing videos can also be done. Community involvement by live interactions is another commodity.

Unlike instagram, Facebook provides reacting options that helps the other person to get an apt idea about what the other may think about it. Yearly updates of the shared data can be viewed and hence shared again.

Flickr: Click with Flickr

Best alternative apps for Instagram

This app is an inspiration for people to click, edit and upload and share photos from any device at any point of time. Budding photographers find their inspiration which allows them to create their own albums and sharing them. It brings out creativity in people. Organising and browsing pictures cannot be more easy without this app. This even serves as the Cloud storage for saving tons of pictures. 

This app is available on Google play store as well as on App store. This does not have an option of posting stories but still has other instagram recommended perks of editing and sharing pictures. It has a disadvantage that is the information is hard to find in it with frequent photo thefts. It has a variety of editing tools.

Youtube: Share it

Best alternative apps for Instagram

Youtube is the second most top used social platform having 1.9 billion monthly users. One can watch, stream and discover anything via youtube. It gives people a platform to raise their content and make an identity. It is best alternative instagram apps for both iOS and android users that is available free of cost with 4.6 rating. People can stream music, go life, learn from the best, connect and socialize. Subscription is another option that helps people to stay connected and closer to the content they like. Supporting their favourite creator with membership is another feature.

We can also download videos so that we can enjoy it offline also. Another feature of youtube is youtube premium where we can get youtube ad free, offline and in the background.

Retrica: Filter with it

Best alternative apps for Instagram

With a 4.5 star rating it is a photo capturing, editing and creating app. It has more than 150 filters that can be applied in real time to the picture that unables you to capture with additional editing. It is easy, simple to use with an enhanced UI. It provides variety of special effects like timestamp, zoom blur effects as in instagram. It’s a fun app for feeding and posting pictures.

Vigo Video: Video Making

Best alternative apps for Instagram

Original short video making and live streaming platform that allow users to showcase their talent. It provides users with professional editing tools, stickers, filters and special effects to capture moments. It is a fast growing platform with advanced AI technology and user friendly interface. It requires parental supervision. It helps sharing videos and promoting them with users of similar interest.   

Many competitions are held were users can receive rewards and cash prizes with unique short videos. Also creating videos and pictures along with following each other is an option. People can connect with their fans thus makes it an alternative similar instagram app. It is available both on iOS and android phones with 3.9 rating.

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