Game Review of ark survival evolved in 2020

The gamers are the only legal killers. Wait don’t interpret it wrongly. For gamers, they are having the right to kill and shot the stupid in a “GAME”. So to make it sound right here is another full of adventure and action game. So, if you are waiting for a game which has an inclusive package of all in one then Ark Survival Evolved is the game for you. It was developed by the very popular, Studio Wildcard.

The game was the talk of the town and has done well in the stream of gaming. The game was released years back but is played and loved a lot by the gamers and the critics. The game deals with the first-person or the third-person perspective. The players can monitor the game and have several weapons to defeat their enemies and also helps you to proceed in-game without much difficulty. It has to be played with strategies and what makes a game different from another is the main purpose.

So this game has unique gameplay and walkthrough at every stop you need to deal with the evils or enemies. You can drive yourself into the pre-historic times by dealing with the extinct creatures, dinosaurs. So Ark Survival Evolved also has several metres to look upon by the player’s strength such as the hunger, health, thirst, stamina and oxygen. The player plays an efficient and great game you must check on all these and refill them from time to time.

Ark Survival Evolved Release Date

It is better to know of the game before playing it as to try something new is common but trying something worth spending bucks at is great. So to tell you about Ark Survival Evolved it is a game which deals in the open environment that means the player can roam anywhere in the place to fulfil its mission. The Ark Survival Evolved update deals with the full original creatures having all sorts of dinosaurs, phoenix, velonasaur and even robots are seen in this version.

The Ark Survival Evolved update has shown that the revised parts of the game show several new and much more specific characters. The game deals with weapons, activities that the player must know for playing the game and a base is also needed. So now to disclose about the release of this game. The Ark Survival Evolved release date was 29th August 2017. The game was released by the developers and producers on several platforms. So some of the platforms on which the game was available were, Linux, Windows, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, macOS and Android. The game subsequently came for the iOS users too.

Description About the Platforms for Game Availability

Game Review of ark survival evolved in 2020

As given above the game was released for almost every platform. But podcasting every game on every platform gets a bit tedious and tough task. Hence the developers waited for the reviews of the game and then diverged their game on several platforms. The Ark Survival Evolved PS4 version was available for the players on 29th August 2017. The game was initially given for playing to Steam that was on the original Ark Survival Evolved release date.

Also, the fact that the game also came up for the Android and iOS users by the next year that was 14th June 2018. The people using the Xbox were also happy as Ark Survival Evolved Xbox One was also released on 29th August 2017. The game was unfortunately not free and also the Ark Survival Evolved Xbox One version has priced it for $59.99. The game was initially free for the PC users but that was also only for a weekend.

The game has given them access to the beta version and people were happy and appreciated that. After the approval game was then released on the other platforms. The PS4 users also had to pay $49.99 to avail their game. And after reviewing the game over several platforms it has been noted that the game is worth playing. So now you can have your game on any desired platform.

Ark Survival Evolved Explorer’s Edition

Game Review of ark survival evolved in 2020

The game has come up with its explorer’s edition for people who want the game as well as the best and more adventurous parts of the game. It gives you more option that just normal games. Just like Scorched edition is the game that is seen in the Ark Survival Evolved explorer’s edition also it is inclusive of the Aberration version. These are deadlier and adventurous genres of the game.

Also, the game has another best part as it is inclusive of another action game, Extinction. So all these great deals are part of the Ark Survival Evolved explorer’s edition.  So if any gamer wants to avail something more than just a game can opt for this. The price of the Ark Survival Evolved explorer’s edition is $90.23, which is worth it for a game like that.

Ark Survival Evolved Tips and Cheats:

Game Review of ark survival evolved in 2020
  1. The game must be played with some strategies and instructions. So here are some of the Ark Survival Evolved tips that one can follow while playing the game. Also, the fact that the game has certain loops and hidden points that must be seen before playing the game. So some of the Ark Survival Evolved tips are:
  2. Do not go for the punches very often. As it may lead down your avatar and damage it.
  3. Choose the right tools as they will act as an asset in the game.
  4. Do collect all the resources that come to your way. They will help you but the best and earn up goodies in the game.
  5. Your character must be powerful enough to work and strategize properly. Also, work with wits and make up a shelter for the night.
  6. The better you kill the small animals easier the game will so always kill the dodos and fishes as they will help you build up the right tools and they will also act as easy prey.
  7. It better if you join a tribe and this would help you survive for long. The best part of the game is that if you take help of the tribe members only then you can enjoy the game being safe and powerful.
  8. It’s better to tame the animals in the games. For a gamer, it is very evident to know that the animals that can be tamed or not. Some of the dinosaur species are tamable and that they can act as a helping hand in the game.
  9. So these are some of the Ark Survival Evolved tips that players can incorporate.

About the Ark Survival Evolved Commands

Game Review of ark survival evolved in 2020

The cheats are the phrases that the gamer can use for making the rewards quick and easy to him/her by just typing certain phrases. The cheats help in various ways to a gamer. They provide the resources and benefits easily without causing them a loss in their game. Some of the Ark Survival Evolved commands are:

  • God: this will certainly help you from the protection of all the damages. Also, it will help in moving the godmode but this won’t help you if you are drowning.
  • Fly: this cheat is used when the player wants to fly.
  • DoTame: this helps in taming the dinosaur which can be tamed in the game.
  • InfiniteStats: this will act as the main function of filling your health, stamina and the requirement of the food and the oxygen will also be fulfilled.
  • LeaveMeAlone; this is the most used Ark Survival Evolved cheat that will help you take the benefit of three major things, that is being invisible, refilling all your strengths, stamina, health and food. The major thing it has is that it will also protect you from the outer surroundings. 
  • So these are some of the Ark Survival Evolved cheats that you can use in the game to get benefits and save the avatar for a pretty long time.

The Ark Survival Evolved PS4 cheats are also seen in the game but for applying all these cheats in PS4 you need to go to the pause menu of the game. Then press L1 and R1 along with that press Square and Triangle together at a time. This will open the Ark Survival Evolved command bar and there you can input or simply enter the Ark Survival Evolved cheats.

Ark Survival Evolved Review

To play any game the people majorly go for its reviews. The game is made and put down by its gamers and critics review. The Ark Survival Evolved review has earned a great denomination of people appreciating and playing it. The best part of the game is that it has been given the rating of 7.7/10 on every gaming channel and critics. The game is variably liked by people of all the ages. Such a game has got a lot of validation and popularity in the years. One must try this game if he/she has an interest in gaming and that too action and adventurous strategical and tactical games.

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