Apple TV apps to watch free online Live TV

This article will direct its readers to top 15 Live TV apps for iPhone and Apple TV online. These apps are required to make the most of your apple device. Apps compatible with your apple device will ensure that you have the best TV experience. These apps will utilize the features of your device to the fullest.

For instance, an app like Netflix, which is compatible with say iPad will fully utilize its 2048- by-1536- pixel Retina display in order to give you the best visual experience. Added to this experience would be good battery life of Apple products in general along with their compatibility which would enable us to enjoy movies, TV shows and videos on the go.

Know Everything About the Apple TV Apps

Apple TV apps to watch free online Live TV

 TV apps for iPad and other apple devices are many and one is bound to get confused by the sheer number of options. This article will dispel all your doubts and direct you to the best ones. It will also provide you with a comprehensive list of apps so that you are not without options and can choose the app which most fits your requirements.

What is Apple TV?

Introduced in 2016, Apple TV is a streaming app which provides access to movies and TV shows. It is linked to Siri, has an airdrop feature and also has tie ups with Dolby and other smart TV apps. Furthermore, it is connected to all the mainstream streaming services such as Netflix and HBO. Apple TV also has its original shows  and allows the users to rent, buy and watch content from within the app. With its immense database and a faithful consumer base, it might just be the go to media consumption app for all Apple users. 

Important Features in the Apple TV

Siri is a useful little addition and makes the search a lot easier since it is sound controlled. This app is also highly personalized and customizable according to the user’s needs. It also provides editor’s recommendations so that you don’t miss out on critically acclaimed content. Its expert curation will ensure that you experience the best of the best. It’s personalized too, in such a way that it enables the users to consume more of what they like.

Motive Behind the Apple TV

Spanning across all apple devices, the AppleTV app is highly versatile and fluid. Combining the cutting edge features of 4K HDR and Dolby surround sound, this is entertainment like never before. Now, television watching is not just television watching but a whole immersive experience. Apple TV also provides multi user options, customizing itself especially according to the user’s needs. The AirPlay feature allows easy sharing of photos, videos and other media files from other apple devices to Apple TV and ensures what is shared is strictly private and encrypted.

Top 15 Apps to Watch Live TV on Apple Devices

Apple TV apps to watch free online Live TV

Netflix: It is the most popular streaming company with a huge and diverse database and a range of genres. It is a paid app and has become a central dispenser of pop culture. It has also come to occupy a central status in our everyday lives. One cannot imagine one’s life nowadays without Netflix. It has also become so popular that it has simultaneously challenged and revolutionized the film and television industry.

Amazon Prime Video: Yet another popular streaming service and a significant competition of Netflix. It too, is a paid app and has a number of originals which has attracted a loyal consumer base.

Hulu: A streaming app like Netflix and Amazon prime with different kind of content. It is a paid app.

Youtube TV: Paid app which houses all kinds of videos and films. Free of advertisements.

Apple TV apps to watch free online Live TV

Disney Plus: Best app for children and comic book nerds. Can be simultaneously streamed on four devices. Paid app.

HBO: High quality streaming service. Has original content. Can be streamed on any number of devices. Paid app.

Crunchyroll: Used for streaming anime, is a paid app. Helps consumers stay in touch with Japanese culture.

Sling TV: Best movie streaming app for cinephiles. Paid. can simultaneously stream in three devices.

Twitch: It is one of the most popular apps for streaming video games both amateur and professional. It is an app dedicated to video gamers and games and is thus highly specialized and narrowed. It is also a paid app.

Crackle: A free streaming service which makes available a diverse range of movies and television shows. It features popular as well as not so popular programmes with celebrities and new, amateur actors. It is not necessary to login to this app in order to avail its streaming service.

Plex: Has an immense repertoire of foreign language films, documentaries and musicals. A must have for cinephiles. A paid app which is actually quite cheap and reasonable. Can stream content simultaneously on three different devices.

Kodi: Compatible not only with smartphones but with multiple devices, this paid app is completely free of the hassle of advertisement. The only minor issue is that it is not available for installation on the Google Play Store.

Apple TV apps to watch free online Live TV

Pandora: A free streaming app best used for podcasts, audiobooks and music. Has high quality content. Can be streamed on any number of devices at once. It is even more popular than spotify in the United states. Has video content as well too.

Google Play Movies and TV: With limitless streaming capability, this app is compatible with all apple devices and has in app purchases. Like any other streaming app, it provides a number of programmes all of which are of good quality.

Apple TV plus: Best app for apple devices. Paid. Highly reliable and compatible.

Some Other Apps For watching Live TV

  • DirecTV Now
  • Sling TV
  • TVCatchup
  • TVPlayer
  • Hotstar
  • Fubo TV
  • YuppTV
  • Amazon Instant Video
  • Aereo
  • Elgato EyeTV
  • TWC TV/Xfinity/Dish Hopper/ DirecTV
  • Discovery Go
  • Showtime Anytime
  • Comedy Central

Take Away  

Apple TV apps to watch free online Live TV

Video and Television streaming apps are becoming increasingly popular with big players like Apple jumping into the fray. Having historically maintained a high standard of its products, Apple has tremendous respect and a loyal consumer base. This ensures that the streaming service which it has introduced would be nothing but the best.

Spanning across various apple devices, Apple TV hopes to bring the experience of smart television to all the screens. It also hopes to give its users an authentic cinematic experience in a time when one cannot go to the cinema. These apps are an elegant example of portable entertainment at our fingertips. Interestingly enough, some of these apps are also free of cost, making the prospect of on the go entertainment more and more irresistible.

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