The Zoom app is a Group Video Chat & Conferencing App which can be used for much more than keeping touch with your friends and family. It can also be used for conducting classes online, webinar ,have meetings and also for expanding your business. It is available for download for both Android and iOS devices, and also to use it on your PC.

The growth and advancement of technology today have made communication and coming closer extremely easy. We take our mobile phones and laptops with us almost everywhere, and in return, they take us everywhere too, with a simple click of a button enabling us to connect with anyone in any corner of the world in an instant.  However, not all technology is equal for all its users.

With the world in a state of lockdown due to the outbreak of a deadly virus and cases multiplying each day manifold,  most of us restrained to the indoors. In such a situation, most companies, start-ups, businesses, universities and schools have taken to the Internet to conduct online video conferences, meetings and classes so as to ensure that this worldwide lockdown does not act as a roadblock in their productivity. However, while using video conferencing apps, most of us spend a dangerous amount of time adjusting our internet connection, video settings, audio settings, silently cursing the other person’s poor network or get caught in an unfortunate cycle of “I can’t hear you” s. It was difficult to find one place where everyone felt comfortable with all the settings and videos and audios, until Zoom emerged as the perfect solution.

What is so great about this Zoom app?

Technicians, businesspeople and many other working people have been going around talking highly about this specific app, especially during this time of quarantine when a lot of people are working or studying from home.

The Zoom app combines high quality HD video calling, online classes, meeting and webinars with different mobile functionalities into one solution. The best part of this app is that every participant does not have to download the app. One person can install and send the invitation link to all the participants concerned and everyone can join directly, without an app, irrespective of the device they are using, also without establishing any special video conferencing equipments or infrastructure.

One of the major reasons why it is such a hit among IT executives is because it can be easily activated, within a few seconds, using the Zoom Meeting Connector, which is an extension of its cloud infrastructure built in our internal networks. It is absolutely free of cost and can be installed or distributed easily in no time. It is not only good quality, but also reliable.

Another reason why Zoom is a great app is because of its ease of operation. Many video conferencing websites or apps have to take help of other platforms to have a full experience. For example, not every video conferencing app allows you to send messages or images or even record the audio and video. But Zoom fills this gap. You will not have to combine or use other apps to have a full conference experience, instead you can do it all in one place, thus making your job a lot easier. In case you have any queries or doubts, you can access the comprehensive information and data base that is provided on the main website.

Important Features of Zoom App

Its main features include the following:

  • Ability to share screens and upload content, annotations, messages and even record audios or videos to remember important snippets
  • You can easily conduct online classes, webinars, tutorials, business meetings, client conferencing with multiple participants
  • It is completely based online, which makes your work more convenient
  • You can also create specific conference rooms called Zoom Rooms, which can schedule meetings and other events through your calendar updates or by using voice commands.
  • Moreover, in the time that we are in, things seem pretty uncertain as to when and how everything will be back on track and how much time is it going to take to everything from this major dip in the economy and production. Therefore, a lot of us are dependent on working from home.

According to users and critics, the Zoom app is definitely one of the best free video calling and conferencing software available to us in today’s time. It offers a great free version in which you can make unlimited 1 on 1 video meetings or conferences. This brand is considered to be of the most talked-about software that is available when talking in terms of conducting business communications and providing a secure and convenient platform for video conferencing.

You do not have to continue to worry about your old problems about buffering; adjusting your network connection over and over again and you won’t have to ask anyone to repeat themselves because you have audio or video issues while calling. You can also easily record audio calls for future use or reference and also have convenient video conferencing with 10+ participants at a time, without having to worry about a loss in quality of the video connection. The Zoom app is great not only because it helps have you conveniently connected with other peoples, making your professional tasks easier, but also helps you in saving on a lot of time on transit, setting up physical conference infrastructure or equipments, worrying about connection issues or the task of scheduling your meetings, while keeping them in check with your calendar.

Worry not, Zoom has you covered!

Do let us know about your experience with the app, or if we missed out on some features.

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