Samsung Galaxy A71 is the best slot from Samsung

Samsung Galaxy A71 is the latest addition to the mobile phones taking the world by storm. Read ahead to know more about the Samsung Galaxy A71 Price in India, Galaxy A71 5G and so on. Samsung, already a tech giant in the gadget industry, has come up with the latest Samsung Galaxy A71 5G to enthral its users. Find out more about whether the Galaxy A71 Price in India can fit your budget or not!

Samsung stands famous for producing brilliant budget phones with wonderful specifications, including a great camera and storage ability. Read further to find out whether Samsung Galaxy A71 is the perfect phone for you!

Features that stand out in Samsung Galaxy A71

Samsung Galaxy A71

Launched on 12th December 2019, the Samsung Galaxy A71 comes with a 6.70-inch touchscreen display and an aspect ratio of 20:9. The screen resolution spells out a marvelous 1080×2400 megapixels, and the phone is powered by a 4500 mAh battery, which supports proprietary fast-charging. The OS supporting Samsung Galaxy A71 is Android 10.

One major highlight of the Samsung Galaxy A71 is its camera; with the rear camera packing a 64 Megapixel primary camera, a second camera packing 12-Megapixels, the third camera packing a 5-Megapixel camera and the fourth one with another 5-Megapixels. The front-camera is ideal for taking the perfect selfie, as the phone sports a 32-Megapixel front camera.

Weighing 179 grams, the Samsung Galaxy A71 is a dual-sim smartphone which accepts both nano-SIM and macro-SIM cards. The phone runs One UI 2.0 based on Android 10, and has an inbuilt storage of 128 GB packed within. Colour variations available include Prism Crush Black, Prism Crush Silver and Prism Crush Blue colours.

The Samsung Galaxy A71 supports face unlock, with connectivity options available including Wi-Fi 802.11 ac, GPS, Bluetooth, USB Type-C, 3G, 4G and 5G. The phone also boasts of sensors like accelerometer, ambient light sensor, compass/magnetometer, gyroscope, in-display fingerprint sensor, proximity sensor and fingerprint sensor.

As for the music aspect, the phone consists of a 3.5 mm audio jack.

Samsung Galaxy A71 Price in India, as of 10th April 2020, starts at INR 29,999.

Pros of Using Samsung Galaxy A71

 Samsung A71 Galaxy
  1. The screen is absolutely beautiful; the phone has a brilliant display.
  2. The performance is good, and the phone does not lag or crash. Every app opens quickly, and even heavier apps and games run quite smoothly, without any effect on the visuals.
  3. The phone has the best rear camera amongst all options available under Rs. 30,000. Both the front and back cameras work extremely well, even when there is low-lighting or at night.
  4. Batter life is brilliant, with one full charging running the phone for the entire day, in-spite of gaming or movie-watching. The fast-charging aspect also works well and saves a big portion of the time.
  5. The overall built of the phone is slender yet quite sturdy. Although the back is mostly made of plastic, it cannot be easily made out and the glass does not shatter upon falling.
  6. The audio jack works perfectly, and the phone has great sound quality. The earphones included with the phone set are wonderful, better than any other earphone or headphone investment.
  7. The Operating System is very intuitive, pretty simple to use and boasts of many added functionalities, making it one of the best android implementations ever seen.
  8. The phone provides an external slot for increased storage capacity and works wonders with the help of a fast MicroSDXC.
  9. Samsung Galaxy A71 already comes with Samsung Pay and NFC, providing for fast and secure transactions.

Cons of Using Samsung Galaxy A71

Samsung Galaxy A71
  1. The on-screen fingerprint reader is a bit slow as compared to the on-screen fingerprint reader, and takes some time to get used to. It sometimes fails to recognize the fingerprint.
  2. The speaker on the phone is mostly average; for a 30K phone, the speakers are not justified.
  3. The body of the phone is not water-resistant.
  4. The front camera does not have an LED-Flash, so taking pictures in the dark might be an issue.
  5. The phone’s battery is not removable, which makes it difficult to replace once the battery life is over.

Overall, the Samsung Galaxy A71 is one of the best products released by Samsung. While the Samsung Galaxy A71 Price in India is quite reasonable, Galaxy A71’s 5G capacity is another cherry on top. So, end your hunt for the perfect phone, and choose the Samsung Galaxy A71, for the Galaxy A71’s price in India and Galaxy A71 5G technology. Since its pros outweigh its cons, and Galaxy A71’s price in India is quite reasonable, this model from Samsung is one which is to stay and make a mark in the gadget industry. Make sure to review the phone completely using our handy guide, and make a smart decision. Happy shopping!

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