Grocery shopping is treated as a ritual in all Indian families. Hurrying to the Thursday Sabzi Market with two huge bags has become routine for most of us. In a conservative country like India, it is often difficult to convince your mother to resort to online shopping, but in these testing times, one has to look for other alternatives. Here are the top online grocery apps for you to stay at home and order online.

1. Big Basket

When Shah Rukh Khan asks India to trust him, India trusts him. Big Basket has emerged to be the most successful and popular online grocery delivery application in India. The app offers over 10000 products to its users with fruits and vegetables in every category. The app has been launched in 20+ cities with its popularity slowly spreading to smaller towns as well. Through the app you can order fresh fruits, vegetables and even dairy products.

2. Dunzo

A relatively smaller application, compared to Big Basket, Dunzo has a made a name for itself in the market. The all in one delivery app allows you to not only order groceries but medicines and food. Dunzo even has facilities that allow you to deliver objects from one place to another. If your friend in the other part of town has a masala from your homeland, just ask her to send it through Dunzo. While the app is extremely useful, it is restricted only to 6 major metropolitan cities in India. Hopefully, with time, even smaller towns and villages will be able to make use of this application.

3. Amazon Pantry

Amazon Pantry is yet another ingenious application by the Amazon company, targeting specific needs of their customers. The best part about the Amazon Pantry is that it is inculcated within the main Amazon Shopping application. This allows you to use the amazon application for various purposes other than just online shopping. Like any other Amazon initiative, the Amazon Pantry too is reliable and has a wider range than its counterparts.

4. Grofers

One of the most well-known grocery applications across the country, Grofers is a reliable and easy to use software. The app allows its users to orders fruits, vegetables, biscuits and all sorts of grocery items. The company is one of the older ones in the country with reachability to more than 20+ major cities. Grofers has been voted as the best online deliver application in Mumbai and Delhi.

5. Flipkart Supermarket

Once the e-commerce giant of the world got into grocery delivery, other shopping websites were not far behind. The Flipkart Supermarket added fruits and vegetables to its website to satisfy a majority of the Indian population. Just like Amazon Pantry, the already existing popularity of Flipkart allowed its grocery service to flourish. The exciting offers and rewards have made even shopping for vegetables interesting.

6. Nature’s Basket

This online grocery delivery application by Godrej was one of the first ones in India. As the name suggests, Nature’s Basket brings to you fresh and healthy fruits and vegetables directly from their source. The company first began as a supermarket branch in India back in 2005, the success of the company allowed it to make a name even in the competitive market a decade and a half later. Currently its online service is limited only to a few major cities but Godrej has a reputation of expansion and excellent customer service.

7. Reliance Smart

India’s leader in offline shopping just stepped into the grocery arena and its doing quite well. Reliance smart has some of the finest and most popular brands on its site such as Patanjali, Amul, Surf Excel etc. While there is no application for the service, you can order stuff online from their official website. The long service years and the reliability of Reliance has made sure that their grocery service is popular and easily accessible to the people.

8. Zopnow

Zopnow is an upcoming and reliable grocery service and is becoming increasingly popular among users. The service has an android application and guarantees delivery to your doorstep withing three hours. The app does not encourage the use of plastic bags and is completely organic. The deliveries are usually contactless as the food is directly handed to you.

9. Spencer’s Online Grocery

A successful and popular retail brand across India, Spencer’s decided to step into the online world. The quality service from the stores has continued along to the application, with a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, bread and dairy products for sale. Spencer’s provides one of the finest and most organic produce at affordable prices. If there is a Spencer’s Grocery close to your house, then try and make the most of their delivery service.

10. Paytm Mall

You know online grocery shopping is important when mobile wallets start giving you the option. Paytm is one of India’s first and most popular mobile wallet applications. All in one application allows users to make money transactions, buy plane tickets, pay your electricity bill and even order groceries to your home. The Paytm Mall within the app is an excellent feature that allows you to order the finest and healthiest groceries from hypermarkets close to your location.

With the world evolving everyday and technology being more widely used than ever, it is time we switched our shopping methods as well. You can order groceries from the comfort of your home and avoid pollution and traffic. After all, modern problems require modern solutions.

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