With almost the entire world function on the internet and through different platforms of media, we have been coming across multiple deepfakes or deepfake technology each day, without even realising. Don’t know what it is? We’re here to help you out. A Deepfake app or technology is a mobile app that enables you, as a user, to morph or paste your pictures onto other images, GIFs or videos. There are several apps available for free for both Android and iOS devices that let you experiment with your selfies, videos and other pictures, also by adding accessories.

Deepfake videos and pictures have been rising for a while now, especially after a Chinese deface app called Zao has created a lot of buzz over the internet. On another side, deepfake technology can also be used negatively if in the wrong hands, as it is freely available for anyone to use. Misuse of pictures, pornography, defamation and such issues can be raised due to these deepfakes that often look very authentic.

In this article, we have listed deepfake apps that are mostly safe to use and can only be used for fun or for experimenting purposes and are specially suited for students and researchers.

1. Zao

The Zao App is a Chinese app that recently took over the internet by storm and has everyone talking about it because of its great features that enable you to create deepfake videos in a matter of a few seconds. It has a vast library of videos that you can choose from, and you can create authentic looking deepfake videos within seconds. It is currently operating only in the iOS system and has not been released for Android yet.

2. Deepfakes Web β

Deepfakes are videos in which a person’s face is swapped with the use of machine learning, Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms and using the app, you can create deepfake videos in just three simple steps! This site uses the web to absorb the idea of deep learning to understand and include all aspects of the complexities of face data that is entered.

3. AvengeThem

AvengeThem is great for you if you are a Marvel fan, as it helps you make deepfake videos by swapping your own face with your favourite superheroes and convert it into a GIF form. The website creates a static 3D model from the picture that you have uploaded.

4. DeepFaceLab

A program from Windows, Deep FaceLab is designed specifically for researchers and students having a vision in the field of computers. Since it is designed for a more professional setup, like for researchers, it doesn’t come with a very user friendly interface and a new user would have to go through the documentation and guidelines to be able to know how to use the program. It is a great tool to help you understand how deepfake videos work and also, for best results, it is advised that you use it on a powerful PC that has a high end processor.

5. Machine Tube

The performance of this website depends mostly on the features of your computer. For Machine Tube, it is suggested that you use a PC with good amount of processing power and at least 2 GB of VRAM. The Machine Tube program is highly advanced, so for it to process your deepfake video and convert it into the desired output, it might take hours for the computer, depending on its strength and resources.

6. Deep Art

Deep Art is one of those apps which recently grew to fame. Although it is not a proper deepfake video making app, it enables you to make deepfake images instead, that are based on art and painting structures. This app’s main feature is that it puts AI into use for converting any uploaded picture into an artwork. It adds stylish elements to the pictures and helps us to recreate artistic images inspired by the works of popular artists. It is a great choice of app if you want to experiment with your pictures and get artistic.

7. Face Swap Live

Although Face Swap Live is not exactly a deepfake video making app, it can still work as one. It allows you to switch faces in a photo or video or even with your friends. It also has 3D effects, certain degree of movement, editing features such as adding accessories and also an option to directly upload on your social media handles. It also has additional editing features such as face warping, mask effects and so on. It can act as a simpler version of the Zao app.

8. Face Swap by Microsoft

Another program by Microsoft on our list, Face Swap is developed under the Garage Project. Again, despite it not being a deepfake app in the traditional sense, Microsoft has developed it in a way so as to use image recognition technology to enable users to swap faces through this app. You can also adjust settings such as skin lighting, colour adjustment, facial features, etc. You can also use edits such as dresses, animation, hairstyles and other such accessories and add them to experiment with your pictures.

Other than those mentioned in the list, there are many other deepfake making apps and websites that can help you get access features such as face swapping, morphing and editing, face adjustment, colour adjustment, addition of accessories, etc. These were our top 8 picks for deepfake websites that help you experiment with your photos.

There have been instances in the past where the usage of such applications or websites had to be banned because of its misuse. However, the options mentioned in our list are relatively harmless and are more suitable for those who wish to learn about this field or simply experiment with their photos and convert them into GIFs or videos.

Do let us know in the comments about your experience with deepfake apps or websites or if we missed out any of your favourite apps or websites!

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