bolivia salt flats - Best Vacation

Backpacking through destinations has always been about mountains, seas and historical places. But if you want a quirky experience and a place that is underrated yet, mesmerizing, Bolivia salt flats are the ones to shoot for. Salt flats in Bolivia is a vast expansion of mesmerizing beauty. Bolivia is the most distinguished tourist attraction sites in the western central country of South America.

The view is absolutely breath-taking. You would be mesmerized by looking at the scenic beauty of Bolivia salt flats. Why not choose the tour for your next travel destination. Below are all the details you would need to chart out your tour plan to these stunning salt flats. 

What Makes Bolivia Salt Flats so Notable?

bolivia salt flats - Best Vacation

Among all the salt flats spread out around, Bolivian salt flats are the finest and the most enormous salt flats in the world. The history behind Bolivia salt flats is quite interesting. Many decades ago, the salt flats in Bolivia were nothing but a huge salt lake. However, due to environmental changes, these lakes dried up to become salt flat.

Since the river was quite wide, these spread around the surface with a surface area of eleven kilometers long and with an altitude which is more than three thousand five hundred meters above the sea level.

Upon the arrival of monsoon, these Bolivian salt flats became the largest mirror in the whole world. The reflecting salt flat Bolivia is the main highlight of this place. The way light reflects off these salt flats are heavenly. 

Is Bolivia salt flat tour worth the hype?

bolivia salt flats - Best Vacation

With cheap travel plans, people are moving all around the world witnessing its beauty. If you ask around, most people do not know or have not met a travel plan yet to visit the beauty. The Bolivia salt flats tour is justified of its lofty standard because you would be witnessing something completely new. You will be witnessing the largest mirror ever created by this nature.

Not only that, this mirror will let you witness the subtle kiss of the land with the sky, engaging in an everlasting embrace of love. This is perfect for the old school romantic to come to re-energize love. Bolivia salt flat tours are for all kinds of tours. From a family getaway to a honeymoon trip, anyone can come to seek peace is these salt flats. These are also perfect for the gypsies in search of peace. 

Quintessential Timeline to visit Bolivia Salt Flats? 

bolivia salt flats - Best Vacation

Bolivia salt flats are definitely not a one-day stop destination. You do not want to rush through your experience. An ample amount of time would be suitable to visit this place.  You do not want to superficially go through with it. Sightseeing through the salt flats in Bolivia would require a day but if you really want to experience Bolivia, pack your bags with two to three days worth essentials.

You can observe the flamingos passing by, go to the hot springs and can also visit the volcanoes around. There are some beautiful markets nearby that you can shop in for souvenirs to take back home. 

Touring through the Flats

bolivia salt flats - Best Vacation

There are a lot of exciting things one can do in a Bolivia tour. The tour does not only include salt flats. From witnessing the beautiful shade of pink in flamingos to colored lagoons. From quite sleeping volcanoes (and if you are lucky, sometimes even the smokey ones) to barren deserts. There are cactus-covered islands, hot springs and even colored barons.

The whole place would feel like a nature retreat. The refreshment that you need from nature after a mundane lifestyle. If you are bored with the regular party retreats and want to reconnect with mother nature, this is going to be your jam. 

The Bolivian salt flats are surrounded by interesting places and one can include quite a lot in its itinerary. There is Tupiza desert landscape you can visit and can lead your way to the salt flats; Salar de Uyuni. You can visit the administrative capital La Paz and take a bus ride to the salt lake. I should cost you $30 for the ride. There are also flights available for $100. Sucre, the capital city of Bolivia is not that far from the salt lake and a bus ride will only cost you $15.

The whole trip won’t cost you much if you plan out well. You do not need a big fancy budget for the Salt flats Bolivia tours. A price of $150 to $200 should cover up your expenses that include everything, from accommodation to food and travel of three days. You might become the victim of highly-priced tours of this place, so have a grip on your tongue and get yourself ready to bargain. 

How Can it be the Best Tour?

bolivia salt flats - Best Vacation

Communication can be a bit tricky in new places due to different language setting. In order to avoid any inconvenience, it would be better if you could find yourself a driver with whom you can have basic communications. It will be chaos if you are not able to communicate properly. So do your research and find yourself a driver who knows English and can help you familiarize with his native palace.  

People in Bolivia speak and understand Spanish, so if you know that, you are good to go. Fun fact, Bolivian people speak thirty-six indigenous languages. Maybe you can learn a word or two in those just for fun. 

Make sure to discuss the detailed trip plan with your driver so that he can help you out with your itinerary as well. Also, since the Salt flats in Bolivia is situated in a high altitude, one can experience some oxygen loss without proper rest. So do not have a hectic schedule planned out before visiting the salt flats. 

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