Best Overnight Trips in US to go for

In March 2020, every country in the world was hit massively by the global virus of COVID-19 and still continues to fight the battle. Many countries including USA, Italy, Canada, India, China and so on had enforced a lockdown in order to protect its citizens from the deadly Coronavirus. Why not plan for any kind of overnight trips? As we still continue to fight the battle with COVID-19, many businesses, restaurants, hotels, schools, etc. have started opening and are back in business as this virus has affected many of us financially, and the government of many countries could not manage to fund each and every person or family for the following months.

Ever since people have started going back to their normal lives a lot has changed, everyone continues to take the precautionary measure in the place of work. There are countries which have also began with their travel and tourism sector as well. People have begun travelling by road as well.

To make this year a little better for you, we have prepared a few Overnight Trip ideas for you, which you could experience either solo or with family or friends over a weekend o during a holiday.

10 Best Places to Visit for Overnight Trips:

As we talk about Overnight Trip, there are various ways of enjoying and various places to visit in during an Overnight Trip. Usually, an Overnight Trip is made to a nearby region for a couple of 3 to 5 days. There are many schools and institutions who take their students and teachers on an annual Overnight School Trip. These trips are quite fun and adventurous. People usually travel by road or train for their Overnight Trip. Some of the places which you could visit are:

San Diego Zoo

Best Overnight Trips in US to go for

The San Diego Zoo is one of the largest and best zoos in the country and can be visited and enjoyed by any age group. Visiting the San Diego Zoo is a great Overnight Field Trip Idea especially for an Overnight School Trip. This trip will be a combination of both fun as well as education. There are more than 4000 species in this zoo including both animals as well as the plants. You will get to see polar bears, gorillas, elephants, lions, etc.

An Overnight Trip to the San Diego Zoo is a great idea especially for the younger students, as there are high chances of them getting bored in the museum. For children between the age group of 3 to 11 the ticket charges would be $48 and for those above 12 years old, their ticket charges would be $58. You will need minimum two days to explore this zoo.

Knife Lake, Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness, Minnesota

Best Overnight Trips in US to go for

The Knife Lake is the perfect Overnight Trip for a weekend getaway if you are a person who enjoys kayaking and waking up to the view of a lake and nature. It is a great Overnight Field Trip Idea for the nature lovers and a great destination for an Overnight Kayak Trip as well as for an Overnight Hiking Trip too. You could drive up with your RV and park it within the nature, and have a relaxing trip.

Disneyworld, Orlando

While many schools look into providing an educational field trip there are a few schools who also prefer looking at the fun factors as well. You could always suggest going on an Overnight School Trip Idea to Orlando. The kids/ students get to experience the Walt Disneyland and have a fun day out as well You could also visit the Disneyland with your family and friends too, it is a great place to enjoy. There are so many activities you could experience during this Overnight Trip, you will be requiring a minimum of two days to explore and enjoy the Disneyland.

Martha’s Vineyard

It is an island in the south of Cape Cod in Massachusetts, it is a great Overnight Field Trip Idea. The Martha’s Vineyard is a popular summer colony, it is a great idea for a weekend getaway as well, you can visit here and be far away from your stressful lifestyle. Even a two days Overnight Trip to this place makes you feel quite fresh, you can enjoy yourself by the beach and laze around all day here.

Joshua Tree National Park

Best Overnight Trips in US to go for

The Joshua Tree National Park is a well-known destination and a must visit place for someone who enjoys hiking. But have you ever made considered it for an Overnight Field Trip Idea? If not, then you definitely should. You should experience this national park for an Overnight Hiking Trip as well. One is going to love this place and find it the most beautiful space to be at during the night. It is magical.

Columbia River George, Oregon

The Columbia River George, is one of the most popular destinations especially among the hikers and those who love being in the nature. An Overnight Trip to the Columbia River is a must, the view during the night must be experienced. It is a great destination for an Overnight Hiking Trip as well. you can visit the waterfalls and enjoy some wine tasting during the day time here.

Ben and Jerry’s Factory Tour, Vermont

Have you ever been on a field trip to an ice- cream factory? Me neither, but the Ben and Jerry’s Factory Tour is a great Overnight School Trip Idea especially for the students between 1st to 3rd grade. Ben and Jerry’s is an ice- cream factory the tour is usually for half an hour but the staff members tend to extend it for school groups. Having an Overnight School Trip here would be every child’s dream come true, the students get to learn here so much about ice- creams and the process and as a bonus they also get to have some ice-cream as well.

French Broad Paddle Trail, North Carolina

Best Overnight Trips in US to go for

This is a 140-mile waterway between the North Carolina, Douglas Lake and Rosman. It is a dream land for people who enjoy water adventures and kayaking. It is a great place to enjoy an Overnight Kayak Trip. The waterway here is flat and narrow and hence it is a great place to have an Overnight Kayak Trip for a beginner as well.

Las Vegas

One of the most prime destinations for an Overnight Trip. If you are looking forward to a luxurious and partying type of a break, then Las Vegas is your destination. This is in fact the perfect destination for a wild Overnight Trip. You have so many things to see in this city, it has one pf the finest casinos in the world and continues to have the finest nightlife as well. It is a perfect Overnight Trip for your bachelor/ bachelorette party as well. if you are looking forward on adventurous trip you can visit Grand Canyon, for a day trip.

Grand Canyon, Las Vegas

Best Overnight Trips in US to go for

The Grand Canyon is one of the most famous National Parks in the United States. It is a great destination for those who enjoy nature and hiking as well. But, most people don’t know about the beauty of this place during the night. The Grand Canyon Overnight Trip is a must! Everyone should experience this during their visit to Las Vegas. The reason behind visiting the Grand Canyon Overnight Trip is because of the breath-taking beauty of this place. It is a magical and mesmerising experience for every individual and a perfect destination for an Overnight Hiking Trip as well.

Hence, this was our list of best overnight trips to have after this on-going pandemic.

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