Bucket List for Travelling after COVID-19

The year 2020 began with an unexpected, and very unpleasant surprise that made us scrap all our bucket list travel plans. Travel? Forget it, you can’t even move out of your houses now, because of the global coronavirus outbreak. It’s been more than four months since people realized the intensity and the danger of the situation.

As soon as the virus started spreading to one country after another, each and every nation started implementing measures to contain its spread. The geographical borders were sealed, the traveling was restricted, and above all – the nationwide lockdowns were declared everywhere. We are going through the fourth lockdown right now; the situation is not yet in our hands. We have to continue our fight against this virus, but we don’t know when we will succeed.

The Bucket List Travel Ideas

The lockdowns and traveling restrictions came as a huge shock especially for those who love to travel. The passionate travelers and explorers were broken to see the situation out there, and there was no option but to stay confined in your homes. As the flights were suspended, no one could travel outside their country, not even if they were a tourist. Thus, all those who wanted to travel and explore the world, are very sad because of this, but they are helpless as well.

Talking about bucket list of travel lovers, we all know that the USA has always been one of the most favorite travel destinations of all time, for tourists from all over the world. If we check their bucket list of travel, we can find the names of many places in the USA. People keep daydreaming about their bucket list travel ideas about the USA, and how could they implement it.

So, if you are also one of those who had planned a trip to the USA, and have planned bucket list vacations for families before the coronavirus outbreak, don’t lose hope. You can implement it after the situation gets better. And still, if you are feeling confused about your bucket list travel plans for a trip to the USA, here are the top 10 destinations. You should not miss them if you are planning a trip to the USA after COVID-19, take a look at this:

1. The Grand Canyon in Arizona

Bucket List for Travelling after COVID-19

The second-most popular and second-most visited national park in the USA, Grand Canyon is a breathtakingly wonderful creation of nature. The canyon was formed by the Colorado River, and it is 277 miles long. There are a number of scenery points for the visitors to enjoy its natural beauty. Also, tourists can go for hiking and riding a mule as well. This will surely be an unforgettable experience for you.

2. The Disney World in Florida

Bucket List for Travelling after COVID-19

If you are planning bucket list vacations for families, then the Disney World in Florida must top the list. This massive, beautiful Walt Disney World Resort is a theme park that you and your family should not miss. The breathtakingly beautiful Cinderella castle, the amazing fireworks at night, an Epcot that shows 11 different countries from all around the world – it’s like a dreamy adventure that you will never forget.

3. Old Faithful, Yellowstone National Park

Everyone knows about the Yellowstone National Park, an outstanding beauty of nature. It has some of the most wonderful, and amazing geological features in the USA. Old Faithful is the type of a cone geyser situated in the national park. It was well known for its frequently predictable eruptions since it was discovered in the year 1870. It’s a worth-watching creation of the nature.

4. South Beach, Miami

One of the trendiest vacation destinations in the USA, it is worth it. The south beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in the USA, and it is famous for its art deco architecture constructions. The small boutiques, Cuban sandwiches, and a stroll alongside the seashore will be an experience to be cherished for a lifetime.

5. Nashville, Tennessee

The main attractions here include the Centennial Park, the Grand Ole Opry, the Country Music Hall of Fame and its museum. If you are a country music lover, or even not a country music lover, this is something you should not miss.

6. Freedom Trail in Boston

Bucket List for Travelling after COVID-19

If you are a history lover, then you can’t miss this from your bucket list of travel ideas in the USA. The freedom tail in Boston shows various places to the visitors that include America’s oldest public park, the Boston Common, the Boston Massacre site, and many more.

7. Going-to-the-Sun Road from Glacier National Park

This two-lane highway in the Glacier National Park can be considered as a road to a heavenly natural beauty. If you want to enjoy beautiful sceneries, and hiking in the mountains that will be a lifetime experience, then this is your choice. Depending upon the weather conditions, it is opened for the visitors in late June or early July.

8. Las Vegas, Nevada

Does this one need an explanation? The rich city that is perfect for a bachelor’s trip plan, and the best option if you want to enjoy the nightlife in the USA. It is famous for the world-class casinos, high-class restaurants, dreamy nightlife, and cool DJ parties. It’s like a dream destination for the party person hidden within yourself.

9. Alaska

Bucket List for Travelling after COVID-19

Alaska is known for its stunning natural beauty and green forests with a rich wildlife. A cruise trip to Alaska will be a great option where you can get to stop at several spots, ad enjoy the native culture and the beauty of nature.

10. The New York City

Last, and the best, the NY city is a huge package of so many tourist attractions that you can’t even think of excluding it from your bucket list for travel. The statue of liberty, the empire state building, the world trade center, the Brooklyn bridge, the time square…! The list is never-ending, and so will be the joy.

So, these were the top 10 destinations that you must consider to visit when planning a USA trip. It’s an all-inclusive list that includes bucket list vacations for families, bachelors, youngsters, and whatnot! If you have already started making your bucket list travel plans for the USA, make sure that they are perfect. Also, it is possible that this list may not seem perfect to you, depending upon your choice. So, just alter some destinations and replace them with the ones that you wish to explore.

And once your bucket list of travel plans to the USA is ready, then no one can stop you!!! Except the COVID-19, however. Take good care of yourself, try to contribute to your country’s welfare, and pray for this global health emergency to decline soon. Stay safe, plan the best, and hope for your dreams to get fulfilled soon!

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