Why not to follow the Code Red Lifestyle?

Cristy Code Red Nickel, celebrity nutritionist and the former boxer has introduced a revolutionary code red lifestyle for everyone. But what is the code red lifestyle? It is a lifestyle designed by Nickel for an uncomplicated and painless weight-loss journey. It does not include strict diets and difficult gym training achieving weight loss. Code red lifestyle rules are simple and easy to follow and it is for all ages.

Even people who face weight loss challenges, they can follow the code red lifestyle, without having to spend thousands of dollars only to be disappointed by the results. The code red lifestyle diet does not include any pills, or fancy diet food to lose weight. It is designed for people, who can easily work and stay put with the diet with easy recipes and meal plans. 

Let’s dive into knowing more about this lifestyle. 

What is the Code Red Lifestyle?

Why not to follow the Code Red Lifestyle?

The code red lifestyle asks you to follow a set of rules, easier than any other weight loss program out there. It allows you to include nutritious meals in your diet without compromising on the taste. It does not just ask you to quit, for example, bread but makes you understand the reason behind it. This lifestyle helps you understand your body well and channels your focus on your ultimate goal, that is, weight loss.

Society has led us to believe that a weight loss journey is extremely difficult and hard to follow. Capitalists fill up their pockets by brainwashing people that pills and nutritional shakes and gym are vital for weight loss. But, Code red lifestyle has unmasked this myth and brings to you a complete real-life program to ease your weight loss journey. Code red lifestyle rules are easy to follow on a long term basis to make your journey easier and happier. 

For $997, you can get a code red lifestyle custom program coaching to help you with your goal. It includes almost everything one needs to know to follow the code red lifestyle. From the red lifestyle meal plans to daily code red lifestyle recipes, from code red customized nutrition program to code red sleep, water and weight tracker, it includes everything one needs to motivate and prepare themselves to achieve their goal. 

There is also a 10-pound take down challenge and just for $49 and many such plans that you can choose from. You can also buy the Code red revolution book from amazon for $9.78 to know more about the lifestyle and embark on your weight loss journey. 

What kind of Code Red Lifestyle Diet is? 

Why not to follow the Code Red Lifestyle?

Code red lifestyle diet does not exclude many delicious food items that are generally asked to avoid during a weight loss journey. The diet consists of food items that many people do consume daily. It includes bacon, eggs, shrimp, steak and cream cheese and so many more delicacies. The code red lifestyle foods do not restrict in taste. But don’t assume that it allows you to include that one chocolate chip cookie. This is Code red lifestyle rule 101. You need to understand what is better for you.

You need to understand that you are following the rules not as restrictions but as a healthy lifestyle choice. The code red lifestyle meal plans include dairy products in the diet such as full-fat cream cheese, heavy cream and cottage cheese etc. The meals include protein from chicken breast, fish, pork chops, grass-fed hamburger, chicken thighs, bacon, sirloin, etc. It includes good fat like flax seeds, olive oil, grass-fed butter, cashews, avocados, pistachios, flax milk, coconut oil, etc.

It includes fruits like strawberries, raspberries and blueberries. There are fruits that you should avoid in this lifestyle and stick to the ones mentioned above. Sugar, potatoes, juices, grains and many such things need to be avoided in this lifestyle. 

These are some Code red lifestyle dos and don’ts that you absolutely cannot, should not break. 

Rules Need to Follow in Code Red Lifestyle

Why not to follow the Code Red Lifestyle?

The Code red lifestyle dos and don’ts is strict, but not difficult to follow. You just have to make sure to be dedicated and follow the Code red rules religiously. The very first rule in code red lifestyle is, do not break any rules during your weight loss journey goal. Do not lag and bend your way. First, set up your goal and then make sure to follow each of the rules of this lifestyle. Include a lot of veggies in your dietary.

Do not consume processed food. Do not consume more than two cups of coffee per day and this does not include specialty coffee. Drink a gallon of water per day and do not include any kind of soda or bread in your Code red lifestyle foods. Complete your supper by 6:30 PM. Do not consume any food past this timeline. Make sure you are not consuming alcohol during your program and do not a snack. Code red lifestyle meal plans include 2-3 meals per day and do not exceed this number come what may. 

If you put your heart into it and strictly follow the Code red lifestyle dos and don’ts, you will achieve your goal in no time. You just need to put your heart into it. 

Check out Code Red Lifestyle Food List

The code red lifestyle food list is quite healthy and delicious at the same time. You just need to know your food to lose weight. For example, the code red lifestyle food list includes loads of green veggies in your diet. Veggies like, zucchini, broccoli, mushrooms, spinach, brussels sprouts are the must-haves.

The diet does not ask you to discard fats from your diet but rather include only good fats that one can gain from butter, walnuts, etc. One can saute the green vegetables mentioned above using butter for a delicious grilled veggie salad compact with nutrition and minerals. Water is like the holy grail in this diet regime. No sugar is included and for sweetness, one can opt for a natural sweetener such as stevia. 

Code Red Lifestyle Recipes

Why not to follow the Code Red Lifestyle?

Now the question arises, what all recipes you can make suitable for your code red lifestyle.  Here are some delicious options for you. 

  • Brussels sprout salad with sirloin steak: A very quick and easily made dish. You just need to steam some Brussels sprouts and cook the sirloin with a little olive oil and use Himalayan pink salt to season everything. This is a healthy, loaded with food fats and protein recipe that one can quickly make. 
  • Noatmeal: Mix some flax seed and chia seed with a splash of flax milk. Add some blueberries for sweetness and your noatmeal is prepared in no time. 
  • Guacamole: Cut up some avocados and mash them till smooth. Add a little Himalayan pink salt for seasoning. This is a refreshing addition to any of your meals. 
  • Blueberry ice cream: You can include ice cream in your diet. That is a dream come true. Take some blueberries and add them to full fat non flavored yogurt. Add in stevia for sweetness and your blueberry ice cream is ready. 

Here is everything that you need to know the lifestyle which is being followed by the famous nutritionist Code Red.

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