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Love, what comes to your mind when you think of it? Rom-coms, grand gestures, and airport chasing scenes, well we thought the same growing up because that is how love is portrayed to be. When you think of relationships you realize that there are a lot many things that it is a magical potion of; alongside love. We do a lot of things to keep a track of things we do care about, we go to the doctor’s when we are sick but now that we think of it we hardly do things to keep our relationships healthy. 

I mean sure, we do spend time with them; maybe live within the same house, rant to them to feel lighter but what do we do to keep the thing between you and your lover in good shape? That is where we come in, here is the best relationship advice for couples that you did not know that you deserved but surely do need. We all need help sometimes. Relationships can be messy; Movies taught us that and so did our high school sweetheart who we never really could let go of, yet they are beautiful like listening to “Can’t help falling in love” by Elvis over and over again. 

We understand that relationships are worth fighting for but we also ensure that it never gets to that. There are a lot of things that we can do in normal life to make our lives easier as well as make your relationship a rollercoaster that only goes up. So, here’s what we think is needed for every relationship, regardless of age, gender, or any other barriers. 

Do not Dive in Deep Without an Anchor

Relationship Advice For Everyone

When you are in love with someone and start dating, the first thing to go out the window is your “me time” and your friends. We get it, the first time you all start dating; you just want the love to consume you and spend every minute you have free with them. That is just waiting to be a spark that burnt too bright but too fast, if you pace yourself then you will make it last. 

Pacing is important, the best possible relationship advice for new couples; respect your me time and do not let go of your friends. We need to understand the fact that one person cannot satisfy all our needs and he/she shouldn’t be burdened to. We have different songs for different moods, in the same fashion we need to have different people around us. One person shouldn’t be burdened to be our “everything”; all the time.

Let Love Grow with You

Sometimes we are in a phase of life where we are evolving versions of ourselves. This is the most important relationship advice for young couples when you are young and in love, you have to juggle a lot of other responsibilities and a lot of growing up alongside your relationship. 

When you are in your late teens or early twenties, you are changing at a revolutionary pace and it is vital to let your love grow around these changes. There will be times when you will be frustrated and will be under the impression that the person you fell in love with isn’t there anymore. Our advice is you both are growing, and every rose has it’s a thorn if you cling on to the image of someone you projected them to be then you will be stuck in the past like a broken record. Accommodate the changes with love, be an “us against the world” and not an “us against each other”. 

Get to now Each Other; the Good, Bad

Relationship Advice For Everyone

We fall so easily in love without being aware of each other’s values, ideals, and aspirations. Our relationship advice for young couples is that take the time out to find the little things about each other, thoughts on everything under the sun, the more you listen to each other; the deeper you will fall for them. 

Think of liking something shiny but then you find out that the inside is equally beautiful, that is like winning the double jackpot in Vegas. Talk about the milestones that have already happened in your life and also of the milestones you will like to see through with them. We believe sharing our thoughts, goals, and beliefs renders us vulnerable and just like the way you ought to be in a relationship. 

Comparing is Giving Birth to Insecurity 

Never and we mean never compare your partner with an ex, this relationship advice for new couples should be inscribed in stone. The moment you compare your partner with an ex you stem a string of insecurities in their mind and hypothetical situations where you most likely cheat.

You should never compare, people are always different from each other and if you are looking for similar traits as that of your ex then you should have stayed with them. 

You need to understand that your partner is a whole new person who comes with their own little quirks, beauty, and faults. You need to learn how to accommodate and accept all this newness and let petty things not get in the way.   

Keeping the Romance Alive

The biggest reason why marriages become mundane and boring after a while is due to the fact we simply stop doing the little things we once did to woo each other, to surprise and to show our love. The little things that you enjoyed doing in the honeymoon phase of your relationship do not have to stop just because you have gotten comfortable and lazy. 

Our relationship advice for married couples is to keep on doing the things that made you happy when you first met. If you loved dancing, still do whenever you get home from work or while making breakfast, if you loved going to movies, do not stop on Netflix’s account; go out to cinemas, buy theatre food and enjoy like when you were young because love definitely doesn’t age. 

Walkthrough the “Coming Out” Together

Relationship Advice For Everyone

We understand how difficult it can be for a person to come out of a closet that shouldn’t exist in the first place. We have created boundaries with our closed minds and have created relationship problems for others. A lot of times gay relationships fall apart due to one of the partners either still not out in the open or them having issues while coming out.

Our relationship advice to gay couples is to either come out of the closet together or empower each other to do it. We need to understand the thin line between empowering and forcing. If your partner is not comfortable in coming out yet then respect their decision and if they want to then help them come out comfortably within their limits.

It is important to understand the power of baby steps in such crucial moments, start with people who you trust will take it well, and then work your way around from there. There is always a lot of trauma and relationships falling apart associated with coming out but it doesn’t have to be that way. 

Build an Intimacy Outside the Bed

One of the biggest problems that might arise in a same-sex relationship is basing the entire relationship only on your sexual orientation. You need to realize that you both are people with preferences, tastes, likes, and dislikes outside the bed too. The sex might be great but our relationship advice to gay couples is to build an emotional intimacy by spending time away from the bed. 

Understand this wonderful new person, know the reasons behind their deepest fears, tease them about their wildest fantasies, and above all observe for how they react to situations. It is essential to establish a wavelength of communication through regular conversation. The better you understand them; the more likely is it to last long, after all, it is just like straight couples; if you base off the entire relationship on the sex then it will end sooner than you think. 

Get all Hot and Bothered

Relationship Advice For Everyone

On the contrary to new relationships, our relationship advice to married couples it to keep the physical intimacy alive and kicking. Take every opportunity to touch each other, hold hands, snuggle on the couch, and cuddle in the bed. We tell you sex is important but so is the physical intimacy that comes from little touches here and there.

We believe you understand things better when you are glued together in some way if you see these little things perishing then understand if it’s on your part or theirs; find the reason and solve it. If you watch you growing apart then take the efforts to initiate these moments. Keep alive the intimacy as physical and emotional have to complement each other and not overpower each other. 

Take Time out and Put in Effort

If you see something going wrong right before your eyes, then we suggest taking a step back. There are a lot of relationship advice books for couples that might help you identify where things went downhill and why. They also help you fix the issue and move forward in your relationship. 

Relationship advice books for couples can act like a time to introspect and understand that sometimes problems aren’t between you and your partner rather it was an outcome of something you have been struggling with alone. They can provide useful insights and help ease tensions. 

Honesty is the Best Policy 

Relationship Advice For Everyone

Be it a hundred years ago, today or a hundred years from now; all the advice in the world will render useless if you are not honest with your partner. Our relationship advice for couples is to come clean whenever they can, even if your past was built on a lie; your future doesn’t have to be.

We know that trust is a very fragile thing but we also believe that you can rebuild it, thus it is always better, to be honest with your partner. We are humans, we are bound to make mistakes but it depends on us whether we try to build back that trust or we decide to let it all go in vain. 

Choose love and it will Choose You

These were our 10 best relationship advice for couples, but at our very core values, we believe that the only way to make relationships last is to choose the love that you once chose, every single day of your life. Relationships are complicated yet so simple, all you need is love but also efforts and most of all you need the willingness to try and be better for yourself as well as your partner. Love is a choice, love is beautiful and love is love. 

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