Bulbbul Movie Review 2020

Let’s follow the trend and keep ourselves updated with the world. New movies are always an attraction for viewers. Anything new that comes our way, gets discovered in its new aura. There many types of social media platforms for online streaming of tv shows web series and movies. There are different types of movie like horror comedy entertainment revenge and many more.

Let people who love to watch horror movies has it seems deals with ghosts, demons and something evil and supernatural. Death follows this path as well. A highly suspicious activity goes on in a horror movie and among the viewers. Here, in this article we would discuss about the new launched movie Bulbbul. This movie has a lot of peculiarity and also some grisly scenes. Keep reading for its amazing plot. Yes, we know you’re curious.

About the Bulbbul Movie

Bulbbul Movie Review 2020

The movie Bulbbul is an Anushka Sharma production. Recently launched, this movie has caught a lot of attention. This movie has an amazing storyline and has been reviewed as one of the best horror movies that has something different and not like usual horror movies. The story revolves around a child getting married and her pain living there.

Listen movie is produced by Anushka Sharma and Karnesh Sharma. The movie starts with the scene that a child or a kid wants to hear a story and then the storyline shifts to the horror-based plot. The giant does get married in a very tender age has grown up into some kind offer mysterious or strange woman who specialise in the household still drilling in her past that gives are been.

Gradually the story shows a lot of mysterious and unnatural deaths in that village. This movie highlights a lot of social issues like child marriage gender discrimination and womanism. The Bulbbul movie is a film full of suspense and thrill and also lets the viewers think upon certain issues.

Know about the Bulbbul Movie Cast

Bulbbul Movie Review 2020

In this movie, we see Avinash Tiwary, Tripti Dimri, Paoli Dam, Rahul Bose, and Parambrata Chattopadhyay. Many viewers have loved Tripti’s acting and appreciated Paoli Dam as a bold actress with her phenomenal acting. The pair or Jodi of Tripti and Avinash has become famous since their previous launch. These actors are versatile and are flexible in any type of character. Paoli dam has offered her best in both Hindi and Bengali. Laila-majnu was a bit for Tripti and Avinash.

The rest have also shown their best. Parambrata happens to be crush for many girls out there. Shah Jahan Regency was one of his best acts. The cast has worked hard to put on are very different horror movie this time. This movie is rated 3.5 out of 5 by many viewers. Directed and penned by Anvita Dutt, this movie has been reviewed by viewers as a movie with great acting and great storyline. Will surely not bore you anymore.

Bulbbul Release Date

Bulbbul Movie Review 2020

This movie google has been released on 24th June 2020. This is a Hindi horror movie that is originated in India red some of the best actors in the industry.

Bulbbul IMDb Ratings

Bulbbul Movie Review 2020

The imdb rating of this movie happiness to be 7.6 out of 10 Which is really high rated. This movie runs for about 94 minutes and the best part is it always makes you care for what is going to come next is an intense suspense. The sudden deaths in the movie keeps you awestruck. The viewers become so much involved that it seems they are acting themselves. Rating is something that the viewers rely upon for each content like web series, movies or TV shows. Thus, this movie has a really good rating for everyone to watch. This movie will blow your minds with its strong images and phenomenal acting.

Bulbbul Movie Review

Bulbbul Movie Review 2020

This movie is reviewed by many viewers as a famous horror movie that the first from the rest. If you are searching for a regular or ordinary horror movie then this is not for you. This movie has an uncanny feeling all around. Many have said that this movie is a sweet termagant story that will keep you engaged throughout its development till the end. An inky, bloodstained apologue with turns of womanism, is what a movie should appeal for towards the audiences. You can easily spend an afternoon or an evening watching this movie. This can also be a friend’s day at home.

There are also many people who don’t like horror movies, but as said by many viewers this movie will be a different appeal. All the actors in this movie previously have given their best in many contents. Thus, you can watch this movie with full confidence and expectation. It’s rare to get a movie like Bulbbul, so when you get one watch it. A movie worth watching and recommending as well.

Ending note on Bulbbul Movie on Netflix

Bulbbul Movie Review 2020

The Bulbbul movie is available on Netflix, streaming online from 24th June 2020. The story of this movie is such that it holds together the total plot daily and with gradual unleashing of events. The story however also shows you the darkness of rich families. You will also be thinking about that inequalities and the patriarchy. This movie is a combination of something supernatural that is followed by sudden suspicious deaths in the village. The child that was married then has grown up to a strange woman to see, who is surrounding all the events.

The Bulbbul Netflix story is trending now. This highly rated movie is also reviewed in social media platforms and viewers shared their thoughts on it. A movie to add to your watch list and later enjoy with a bowl of Popcorn. You will not regret watching this. A perfect horror movie by Anushka Sharma production now streaming on Netflix. It’s still hot, don’t miss the chance to view it fresh. Hurry and do watch it, and don’t forget to share your views and recommend others to watch as well.

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