Naxal Web Series To Come in August 2020

This is a very unique web series as said by the director of this web series. The title Naxal is acquired from village of West Bengal called Naxalbari. Naxal or Naxalites were a part of some political concern that supported the thought or basic point of Marxism. This was originated in Calcutta where a riot took place in the year 1967. However, coming back to the main point of discussion, the Naxal web series.

Naxalites fight for the right of poor farmers or harvesters, that they may get what they deserve after hard work and for their harvest. This is a part of communism also. It was to provide the proper worth of the hard work of the peasants that was getting neglected. The clash of city and village. This year there is the release of many new web series that have not let viewers sit come and kill that time in boredom.  And this web series will be a totally different approach.

Naxal Web Series Release Date

Naxal Web Series To Come in August 2020

This Naxal web series has already made its appearance this year on 24th March. But the awaited and the expected is to be released soon in the month of August this year specially on Zee5. This will be only streaming on Zee5 and it is said that all preventive care will be taken while it’s shooting. Zee5 will soon start working on this unique idea of portraying Naxal things.

Naxal Web Series Cast

This covid-19 lockdown has massacred a lot of Expectations of both the creators and the viewers. This web series had already of the preset cast. But due to this pandemic make things have changed and there is a restructuring of the total team of this Naxal web series. In this web series we find Rajeev Khandelwal in the leading role and who is also known as jack of all trades.

As there are some changes in the cast the actor says that he would like to activate Aamir Ali coma Satya deep Mishra, Tina Dutta, and others. The previous plant cast and crew of this web series is reorganized due to this lockdown. Thus, things may take a little time.

Naxal Web Series IMDb Rating

Naxal Web Series To Come in August 2020

A few years back there was a movie with the same name called in Naxal, which received an IMDB rating of 6.8 out of 10. That was appreciated by a lot of people. This web series Naxal is yet to be reviewed by people. As its launch is expected this year, viewers are excited to see a whole new set of Idea and portrayal of the age-old notion and concept on Naxalites.

To watch this drama relating to the concept of the old Naxalite rebel, will give you goosebumps. It’ll be a hard time for the cast, says the director. Rajeev Khandelwal has performed a lot of other characters and got appreciated by the viewers for his amazing acting. This time the viewers are excited to see him in a total new character. Expectation has no limit for versatile actors.

More on the Naxal Web Series

Naxal Web Series To Come in August 2020

This web series is directed by Kunal Kohli, with Rajeev Khandelwal in the lead role. This web series is about two different scenarios that are a metropolitan city and the Maharashtrian jungle. As a direct sale that in which cities world till now there had been no 7 themes neither did anybody did into such an idea which now seems challenging as well.

This is a rush against the time of a police officer to protect his nation from the upcoming evils that will destroy the balance of the environment. Rajeev Khandelwal is playing the role of a policeman named Raghav. The story revolves round the growing Naxal barriers in Maharashtra and Raghav, the police man who is the principal character but stained and distorted, somehow but tries his best to protect the nation from the Naxal things.

We would also find two leading female roles and this web series that well keep you awestruck with their performance. This web series would be an action-filled series to dwell upon. This would be one of those mysterious web series that deals with an ignored point of society.


This web series has 10 episodes each of which are unique and different from the other but surely interlinked. Even the director of this web series Kunal Kohli is excited about its release because this is one of the most unique ideas selected and executed. The viewers will not regret watching this. Naxal is a very old concept that has not been implemented earlier.

The lead actor Rajeev Khandelwal himself spoke on this web series, that this isn’t easy to portray. A perfect binge-watch sequel.  The actor is part of the most difficult part of his acting journey now. It’s thrilling to watch someone give their best to save the nation at this hour of time, which will be stupendous. This web series is produced by Arjun and Kartik. To see Rajeev Khandelwal in this type of role will surprise the viewers to a different level.

Everyone including Naxal web series director, cast, and crew, all are waiting for this to gain a lot of fame, popularity, and honor among the audiences. As soon as they are granted permission, things will start to fall in its place. So, tighten your seat belts and keep waiting for the upcoming web series Naxal that will rock the stage. Don’t forget to share your thoughts on this and share how excited you are for this web series.

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