Valorant Error Code 12 Fix

Valorant is a first person shooter game, developed by the Riot Games, which has proved to be one of the most successful releases. But, ever since the game has been launched many users have been complaining about the bugs and error which keeps interrupting them from playing the game. Riot Games had tried to fix these errors by providing its users a quick fix but by the time the game was officially launched, there were still a bunch of errors which continued to appear and most frequent and common among the was the Valorant Error Code 12.  Let us understand what and why does this error keep popping up whenever the users play the game.

What is Valorant Error Code 12?

Error codes between 8 to 21 in Valorant are said to all have share the same issue of Problem with the Riot Client. You must be wondering how so many errors are just caused due to a problem in the Riot client, well this mystery is still a bit difficult to solve. But, let us look into what causes an error in the Error Code 12 in Valorant. According to research and the guidelines provided by the Riot Games, it is suggested that such errors are bound to happen as Valorant is a new and closed beta launch. The reason behind error code 12 is that the system thinks that there is some sort of misbehaviour taking place by the Riot client (the user).

Plenty of clients have raised complaints regarding this error, on twitter as well many have raised their concerns. According to the support guide provided by the developers of Valorant themselves, it is suggested that the client/ user restarts the Riot Client, which would take them back to the game. But, many users have complained that this solution does not fix the problem permanently, as every time they start the game this error code 12 always pops up and sometimes even restarting or uninstalling Valorant does not help.

How to fix the Error Code 12?

Valorant Error Code 12 Fix

As we are aware that Valorant is a closed beta game, which even though is currently a successful and leading games it also bears with a handful of errors within the system itself. Now these errors have been causing troubles for the users to access Valorant. As we were discussing about the Error Code 12, we have a solution for you which could put an end to this problem. One of the most basic and provided solution given by the Riot Games themselves is:

  • Step 1: Try rebooting your Riot client by first opening the Task Manager.
  • Step 2:  Press the Ctrl+ Shift + Esc, all together.
  • Step 3: Close the Riot Games launcher, and after that you can relaunch the Valorant.

If you are still unable to play the game, then there are chances that the error code 12 is appearing because of the problem with the Vanguard riot. To get rid of this issue, you will have to follow two very simple and easy steps, they are:

  • Step 1: Close the client completely, reboot Riot Vanguard.
  • Step 2:  You might have to force your computer into a full restart and load up the client again.

Even though this may seem an easy method, there are a 50-50 chances it may or may not work.

Sure Shot Fix of Error Code 12 Valorant

Valorant Error Code 12 Fix

There are still other methods that you can use to solve this error code as well. It is a bit longer process than the previous one, but you could definitely give it a shot and see if this will permanently help you fix the problem. The steps to be followed are:

  • Step 1: Click on the ‘start’ icon
  • Step 2: Right click on CMD and start ‘run administration’.
  • Step 3: Press “Yes”
  • Step 4: Type ‘SC Delete’ and then type ‘VGC’ and press Enter
  • Step 5: Type ‘SC Delete’ again and now type ‘VGLC’ and then press Enter.
  • Step 6: Type Exit and then Enter
  • Step 7: Click Restart
  • Step 8: After the system/ PC has restarted, open a folder
  • Step 9: Open your “C” Drive and then open programme files.
  • Step 10:  Delete your Riot Vanguard folder
  • Step 11: Right click on ‘shortcut’ and further select ‘Run’ as administrator.
  • Step 12: Press ‘Yes’ and wait for installation of the Vanguard, and then restart to finish the installation process completely.

Checking the Network for Error Code 12

If the above process does not help you recover the error and go back to your game, then we have another Solution to Error Code 12, which can help you as well. The steps for the following solution are:

  • Step 1: Open the ‘start’ menu
  • Step 2: Go to settings and open Network & Internet.
  • Step 3: Click on Network Reset
  • Step 4: Press on ‘Reset Now’
  • Step 5: Press ‘Yes’ and now hit on the Restart button.

This will help you not only to fix the error but also it will reinstall and clear the anti-cheat as well.

Helpful For Windows 8 users to Fix Error Code 12 Valorant

Valorant Error Code 12 Fix

There is another alternative method to clean boot of your PC. Those using Windows 8, 8.1 or 10 can find this method very helpful. In this method, you need to:

  • Step 1: Press the Windows and “R” key together
  • Step 2: Type ‘msconfig’ in the text bar which would appear there.
  • Step 3: In your service tab, check for “Hide all Microsoft services” box. (this will avoid n disabling any crucial programme.)
  • Step 4: Click on “Disable All” button and after that go to the Start-up Tab and select the “Disable All” button over there as well.
  • Step 5: Click on the “Apply” button and then click on “OK”
  • Step 6: Now reboot your computer/ PC.

The above mentioned solutions are the most frequently used to fix the error code 12 in Valorant, infact many users prefer using the second, third and the fourth solutions. The clients have shared that these methods have helped them to fix better than the one suggested by Riot Games.

As the Valorant is a newly launched game, there are going to be errors which will keep interrupting the experience, the developers Riot Games are aware of this technicality and are still trying to fix this internal issue. I believe as they keep updating their programme, the error would start reducing accordingly and if not we are always here to give different solutions and alternative steps that will not only help you but also make your experience with Valorant smoother.

We hope these solutions help you fix the error code 12 and get you back to gaming.

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