Error Code 43 in Valorant Fully Fixed

In our previous article we discussed about the Error Code 45 in Valorant, today let us discuss and understand Error Code 43 in the Riot Game, Valorant and let us find solutions for this error.

What is Error Code 43 in Valorant?

Error Code 43 in Valorant Fully Fixed

Error Code 43 in Valorant is one of the most abundant error which is experienced by the players while the Valorant game is running. In this error, the system times out and the client /player is unable to connect to the game.  

Many clients (gamers) have faced this error and have raised questions on many platforms regarding this as well. Ever since the Valorant has been launched and the users have raised complaint, Riot Games have been trying to fix this issue but still even today users face the same problem. This error has been reported several times as there are chances that the servers are used excessively and are not able to reach out to the connections. The error code 43 prevents the users from connecting after they have launched the game.

 You must be wondering why Error code 43 in Valorant pops up every time you start to play the game? The reason given by Riot Games is still vague as according to them the reason the error code appears is because, there has been an update downloaded in the game. After any update the users said that they have experienced a pop up on their screens stating, “There was an error connecting to the platform. Please restart your game client.”

How to fix the Error Code 43 in Valorant?

Error Code 43 in Valorant Fully Fixed

As I was going through various reviews regarding the Valorant game I came across many users/ gamers complaining about this error and also how frequently they faced this issue as well.  Let us look into some solutions to fix the error code 43 in Valorant.  Initially when the users started facing this problem after the launch of Valorant, Riot Games had come out with an easy fix, however it appeared that the solution did not work for all the clients.

In order to fix the problem, Riot Games suggested that the client must go ahead and restart the Riot Client. Perhaps this was not a helpful solution and most of the clients raised complaints about it. While the Riot Games are themselves trying to rectify this problem, let us help you with some solutions to this problem.

Another Easier Way to Fix Error Code 43

  • Step 1: close the client file
  • Step 2:  open Valorant backup, and do not click on any other tab or key till the game loads.  
  • Step 3: wait until the main menu page appears, once the main menu page appears click this should help you to access the alt tab.

If this does not work then there are chances of something being wrong with the server itself, but again still many users haven’t found this method as a complete solution. You can though give it a try to see whether it works for you or not.

Other Solution to fix the Error Code 43

There is one more easy method that can be used to rectify and fix this problem. The following steps are:

  • Step 1: Restart your computer. (this helps in deactivating all the unwanted and bad connections as well)
  • Step 2: once you restart your computer/ PC make sure your system is connected to a strong internet. You can check the speed of your internet by either downloading an application or just browsing.
  • Step 3:  Once you feel the everything in your system has been working correctly you should try connecting back to the game, Valorant.

Though this process is considered to be the easiest way to fix the error code 43, it is also an annoying way as well. Many users have reported that it never works on the first try and they need to keep doing this process for a couple of times in order for the game to start functioning again. If the issue still continues there are chances it might be due to an issue in the Riot Game’s server as at the end Valorant is a closed beta right now and maybe that is why some issues still tend to occur.

Final and Most Effective Way to Solve Error Code 43

Error Code 43 in Valorant Fully Fixed

But, if you do not want to keep on re-booting the system again and again you could probably Solve the Error Code 43 in Valorant, by using these few steps that you are supposed to follow, they are:

  • Step 1: Press the Alt+ Ctrl+ Delete
  • Step 2: Click on the task manager
  • Step 3: Under process, end all of the files related to Valorant game and the Riot Games
  • Step 4: Now you can close the task manager
  • Step 5: Click on the ‘start’ icon and type “run”
  • Step 6: Open “run” and further type “services.msc”, click OK
  • Step 7: Locate the vgc service, and right click it. There you will find properties, go ahead and select it.
  • Step 8: After selecting on properties, click on ‘start-up select automatic’
  • Step 9: apply OK and start the service. (the task manager might open when you ‘run’ the system, therefore once you start the service close the task manager as well.)

You can also find YouTube videos related to the above mentioned solution, which could help you spot the required files as well. Many users have given a positive response towards this hack, you could as well give it a try and see if this method helped you resolve the error.

If you want to opt for a much easier way to resolve this issue, you can also press the WASD key repeatedly but, you might have to do it every time you start to play the game.

Valorant in India

Ever since the Valorant game has been launched, there have been many complaints raised by the Indian Valorant players that they have not been able to play even though the servers of the game are up and functioning. Perhaps, this issue is only being faced by some Indians whose ISP has been preventing them from playing the game as there are others who are able to not only view the screen but are also able to play the game. 

After doing a lot of research, we found out that the reason few Indians are unable to access and play is because they have been using Reliance Jio connection which is actually causing the blockage for the players. The reason behind this is still very unclear but, this could also be one of the reasons about why so many users in India are facing these errors.

Even though there have been errors like Error code 43 popping up after the recent updates, the Riot Games have been trying to help out its audience by also providing the required and necessary guidelines which could help its clients to rectify the problem.

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