LAN Not Working Minecraft Error 2020

As fun and humans can’t be separated and fun has been a part of human life from the very beginning. But a digital form of games or what we called as video games entered the scenario during the 1950s.  Pong was the first video game which was invented in 1958. It has given a new meaning to games and recreation.

Since the invention of this first video game till now much technological development has occurred in the huge world of games. With such advancements in the games’ world, still, some issues and errors often occur in these video games. Minecraft is one such example of the highly techy game.

The Minecraft which was started in 2011, secured its place among the most sold game of the Mojang Studios. It was created as a sandbox video game by its inventor Markus Notch in which the player has the power to create the game according to their choice. The game presents its users’ various modes like creative modes in which our creation can be used to form the block structures while in the survival mode the player has to save his life from the dangerous monsters, it also has hard-core and spectator mode.

The setting of the game is in the rugged rocky land and the work of the player is to make structures and earn great achievements. This game has no goal to achieve but just to earn a huge amount of rewards. This most favourite game among video game lovers has more than 126 million active followers every month.

LAN Not Working Minecraft Error 2020

But recently some users of this new generation game claim that they face many errors and problems while playing Minecraft. Some faces server errors, while others encounter with some window issues that they are not able to connect with their friends through a LAN feature in their Minecraft software. So the company issues certain solutions for these errors and ensure these solutions will help to resolves coming in the smooth functioning of the game.

Causes for the Minecraft Errors in the LAN:

LAN Not Working Minecraft Error 2020

This fantastic and adventurous game can be played on the varied range of platforms like PCs, Xbox etc. One problem has been reported from various users that they are not able to use the LAN feature in the Minecraft game. The LAN in Minecraft allows the players to join together and play the game. There are many reasons because of which users can get the opportunity to join the connection but not able to join with other players to play the Minecraft game. The various reasons for causing the Minecraft LAN not working issue are as follows:

1. The first reason for this issue is that the multiplayer who wanted to join and play together are using their computers from different networks and thus for not using the same network connection, the different players are not able to join together.

2. The problem in the Firewall can also cause LAN not working problem and causes the blockage in the connection and do not let the player join with other players.

3. The antivirus app can the computer can also be one of the causes of this window problem. Sometimes this antivirus software with causes the problem in the LAN feature and game’s functioning and thus causes these problems.

4. By disabling the discovery setting of the network too causes the LAN not connecting problem in the Minecraft.

5. The Access Point (AP) feature sometimes also causes this error and doesn’t let the player connect with other players.

How to fix Minecraft LAN not working issue?

LAN Not Working Minecraft Error 2020

Minecraft users claim that while playing the game their LAN is not working while playing the game. That means that they get connected to the sever connection but not be able to get connected with other players to play the game. For solving this window problem, the following steps can be found useful.

1. Check all the fireworks Windows:

Firstly, Windows Firewall should be checked on. If Minecraft got blocked in firewall, thus LAN not working problem in Minecraft will occur. So it is necessary to check all settings in firewall and then check javaw.exe file, is it existing or not if not then get this file in the firewall to ensure smooth functioning of the Minecraft. These steps can be followed to check for the firework windows:

  • Enter in the Windows 10 and click on the Control Panel and then open it.
  • Then select Windows Defender Firewall option.
  • Click for apps in the Firewall.
  • Taken out the change setting and checked the setting for Minecraft game.
  • Then confirm the step by clicking OK.
  • If the problem persists then try switching OFF and ON the windows defender firewall.

2. All the computers of the different players should be connected to the same network:

The Minecraft Lane not working problem is also be caused when all the computers of the different players are not connected to the same connecting network. So whenever this LAN, not working problem occurs it is recommended to check that all the invited players should have the same network.

3. Delete the antivirus Software from the system:

Temporarily disable the antivirus app from the system may help to resolve this problem. For disabling the antivirus software, follow these steps:

  • Open windows setting by clicking Windows+1
  • Then visit the setting for security and then click virus protection settings
  • Then after getting the antivirus software, uninstall it from the system.

4.  Disable the AP Isolation

With Access Point (AP) connection, one can join the same network players can be able to join together but make the player encounter with LAN not working problem in the Minecraft. For resolving this problem, it is necessary to turn off the AP isolation feature which can be done by the following steps-

  • Search the IP address of the system.
  • Then type the IP address and then click on the enter button
  • Then disable the AP isolation.
  • Then again start the computer and check whether the problem persists or not.

5. Ensure that the Discovery of the Network is open

LAN Not Working Minecraft Error 2020

If the Network Discovery option is not enabled in the computer, then it can cause Minecraft LAN not working issue.

  • Open Windows 10 and type Control and then click enter.
  • Open Network Share centre.
  • Then the setting for advanced sharing.
  • In the private tab check whether the network discovery is open or not
  • Then also in public tab check carefully the network discovery settings.

After this procedure tries joining with other players while playing Minecraft.

6. Don’t use Mods while playing this game.

Mods are downloaded to make the game more excited but sometimes these mods make it difficult to join with others and to make the game a multiplayer game. So if any problem occurs in LAN working then try to delete all corrupt mods from the game.

7. Uninstall and then Reinstall the Minecraft

If LAN not working issue creates problems while connecting with others, then it is necessary to uninstall the game app from the computer and after sometime download the latest and new updated version of the game. Then check whether the problem persists or not.

8. Try to directly connect with others

If the problem still happens after doing all these solutions then try to directly connect with others by just typing the IP address and the port number of the Minecraft game and then the player can joint directly with other players.

9. Ensure that all the players connecting are using the same version of the game

It is advisable to check whether all the players connecting should have the same version of the Minecraft. If any of the connecting players have not the same version as of others then Minecraft LAN issue will occur.

10. Ensure that everyone has the same IP address

All the players must have a similar IP address to connect and play together with the game. Only those players can connect those who have the same IP address. If any player with the different IP address join then LAN not working problem will start disturbing the game.


Even though The Minecraft game is highly and advanced game of this century but still certain problems and errors occur while playing the game. The LAN not working issue is one of the problems that is being faced by the users of the Minecraft game and the solutions to solve these errors are also given the company for the smooth functioning of the game

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