Healthy Lunch Ideas 2020

The idea of a healthy lunch comes with proper Healthy lifestyle. In this highly critical situation of the present world, we all are advised to boost our immunity. Eating good and healthy foods must be one of our important goals in our life the more you eat healthy and do not skip meals the more you stay fit. Here are some healthy lunch ideas that you can follow.

  • Vegetable salad- Vegetables like spinach, sweet potato, Cherry tomatoes have good nutrient value. You can add your favorite vegetables with some olive oil roasted peanuts, proper seasoning, some lemon juice. Grill the vegetables that you need to. Mix them together and there you are ready for your Monday afternoon.
  • Mushroom-chicken soup- Both chicken and mushrooms have a fine source of vitamins and good for maintaining healthy cells.

Use butter or olive oil. Anyone to your preference or you may use both. Take some onions, garlic- sliced and minced. Then the two most inevitable ingredients, chicken and mushroom to make it healthier. Don’t waste the chicken use, use it as the water base. You can also add some veggies, put proper seasoning, and some black pepper. This here is your healthy and tasty lunch for a tiring afternoon.

Healthy Lunch Ideas for Losing Weight

Healthy Lunch Ideas 2020

Once somebody has gained a lot of weight, it’s really difficult to lose some. Only the ones facing the problem realize the pain of losing weight, especially if that person loves to eat. However, we have come up with some healthy lunch ideas lose weight.

  • Chickpea vegetable sandwich– This is a dish that is highly nutritious, contains vitamins, proteins, and no sugar. All good requirements for the body. So, boil some soaked chickpea, cut some fresh vegetables like capsicum, onion, tomatoes, some carrots, and stir-fry them. To that stir-fried veggies add the boiled chickpea and put some spices like black pepper, oregano, some Mixed Herbs, and salt to taste. In the end, add some sesame seeds and serve hot.
  • Fruit salad- Fruits are always known to help up in weight loss. Thus, a bowl full of mixed fruits like Apple, banana, kiwi, Dragon Fruit, berries, some strawberries, dates, and some summer seasonal fruits like mango and watermelon. Finely chop these fruits and have protein-rich of your afternoon meals. This will surely help you lose weight.

Healthy Lunch Ideas with Egg

Healthy Lunch Ideas 2020

Eggs serve a protein rich food item whenever prepared proteins in our body have a crucial need. The following are some healthy lunch ideas with eggs.

  • Vegetable Egg fried rice fried rice has always a soft corner in our hearts finely chop some vegetables of your choice and slightly fry them for a better front anus after that make an omelet and keep it aside for later mixing at with rice and veggies after frying the veggies and some boiled rice and mix well then scramble the omelet  and it with the mixed rice and veggies delicious Egg fried rice with vegetables is ready.
  • Spam with steam cheese eggs- Stuffing a dish stuffed with lot of proteins and taste, is also one of the easiest items to make. The three ingredients are super tasty and a mix of these three ingredients would turn to be an amazing Serve. Stuff the spam with egg and cheese. Then steam it and serve it. This is also a quick healthy lunch idea.

Healthy Lunch Ideas Vegetarian

Healthy Lunch Ideas 2020

There are a lot of dishes without eggs which can easily suffice any dish with eggs. A lot of people I don’t like eggs so here are some healthy lunch ideas vegetarian for them.

  • Stuffed Paneer Paratha- This is a healthy dish with low oil and lots of protein. The word paratha may sound unhealthy but the process is super healthy and the dish is super delicious. Grate some paneer in a bowl and mix it with ginger paste, salt, cumin powder, coriander powder, black pepper, some chopped fresh coriander leaves, and some chopped green chilies. Your stuffing for the paratha is ready. Enjoy your meal which tomato or Mint Chutney.
  • Potato sandwich- This is another quick healthy lunch idea that is simple and easy to make. Boil some potatoes, peel them and Smash them. Add some spices like cumin powder, coriander powder, some red chili flakes, oregano, salt to taste, black pepper, and chopped coriander leaves. Put butter on both sides of the ad and put the potato mixture between two pieces of bread. Then grill them. Your tasty potato sandwich is ready.

Healthy Lunch Ideas Indian

Healthy Lunch Ideas 2020

Here are some healthy lunch ideas Indian with amazing flavors and nutrients.

  • Curd rice- A famous South Indian dish and a quick healthy lunch idea for Indian style lunch. Mix boiled rice and curd together. For a flavorful seasoning, take some curry leaves, mustard seeds, dry Red Chilies, and some grated Ginger, in a pan and pour it over the curd rice mixture. A super tasty and healthy lunch is ready.
  • Rice and fish curry- A well-known dish for all Indians specially the Bengalis. Try the fish and keep aside for preparing the curry boil some potatoes and keep aside in a pan put some oil then put some chopped tomatoes some chilies, a bay leaf, and some cumin seeds. Let flavors of these come out. Then put the boil potatoes, turmeric powder, coriander powder and cumin powder with it.  Pour some water, when it comes to a boil put the fish into the prepared curry. Let it boil for some minutes and there you go with the healthy lunch Indian style.

So here it was healthy lunch ideas and some quick healthy lunch ideas with eggs, without eggs, vegetarian and Indian style. Try them share and your views. Stay healthy, stay fit.

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