Cook Asparagus in 2020

Astonished after reading the title. No need to be astonished as this is made since ling long time in our kitchens. So, talking of the cook Asparagus, it is a green vegetable also known as Spears. The asparagus are seen in the spring season. But nit the whole Asparagus is not eaten wholly but there is the younger stem which one can consume to get the benefits of it. But it is very much needed to know that not all the asparagus are to be eaten. The younger part of the Asparagus is healthy and nutritious to eat but the Asparagus in it has the berries in it which can be toxic to the human body.

The seeds of the Asparagus are toxic so they must not be consumed. They can produce inflammatory reactions in the body oh humans and animals. The garden Asparagus is a perennial flowering plant which is produced for the edible qualities. The Asparagus must be properly and sufficiently cooked to get the full nutrition of the same. The cooking of Asparagus makes it soft and the tough fibres get softened in the cooking procedure. So, to help you know how to cook asparagus this is the perfect article.

How to Clean the Asparagus?

Cook Asparagus in 2020
  • The asparagus must be rinsed off first before cooking as it has the grits present in the asparagus.
  • The best part of the asparagus washing is that it must be washed in cold water.
  • Then chop the bottom of the asparagus and even they can be broken with mere hand pressure.
  • Now you can simply dry them in cotton cloth. Now you can use them as they are now fit for any sort of consumption.
  • Take the washed and dried Asparagus and then coat it with some regular oil you usually use for cooking.
  • It is advised to use olive oils as it has great benefits.
  • Now sprinkle some salt as per taste likings and how cook the asparagus in oven, stove, broiler or any fine equipment that you use for cooking.
  • The asparagus must be cooked until it turns brown and crispy on the outer sides. Once the sides turn crispy you can lower the flame.
  • Take them off the flame and you can serve them hot with any dips you like. 

This is the normal way one can know for how to cook Asparagus. Generally, the question of how long to cook asparagus is asked. Then it can be answered that you can check by taking out one and slicing the spear if it cuts into pieces easily it means it is cooked. Otherwise, it can under or over-cooked at times.

How to Cook the Asparagus?

Cook Asparagus in 2020

Now to know how to cook asparagus in oven you need to follow the following steps:

  • For this, you can make up the roasted Asparagus in the oven. The procedure of the same is:
  • You need to use the thick Asparagus for making the same to avoid the tough and stringy Asparagus.
  • Then preheat the oven for 205°C. Then break the end notches of the Asparagus to cook it soft and crispy.
  • Allow the Asparagus to dry and then coat them in Olive Oil.
  • Coat a generous amount of salt on it so that it has some taste to it.
  • You can also use other spices like ginger and garlic powder, pepper, salt, Mexican herbs to give it an exotic taste.
  • Once this is done remember to toss them nicely so as the spices and the oil is coated on all the Asparagus spears and then keep them in the oven tray.
  • Keep it in the preheated oven for 10 minutes. The spears will be nicely roasted in the oven. The light brown tinge to the spears will ensure that they are nicely cooked.
  • Then take them off the oven and squeeze a bit of lemon juice to give it a tangy taste.
  • The spears will be tangy and crispy in taste and will give an exciting experience to your taste buds.

This way you can know the answers of How to Cook Asparagus in oven. You can also know the recipe for how to cook Asparagus bake. You can simply preheat the oven and with the same procedure of coating spices and olive oil. You can bake it for 4-5 minutes. It will become tender and nice.

How to Cook Asparagus by Boiling?

Cook Asparagus in 2020

The second variation of the Asparagus can be boiling. So, for how to cook Asparagus boil. Now for this do follow the steps for cleaning the spears and drying them in the kitchen towels. As soon as this process is done you must take up the spears and start heating a pot of water.

  • Now add salt to large water pot.
  • This is now that you need to add the Asparagus spears into the water.
  • You need to boil the asparagus till it turns bright green and they become soft.
  • You can check whether they are nicely boiled or not by just taking out one of the spears and slicing it.
  • If it is sliced easily you can remove it from the flame.
  • This process will generally take 3-5 minutes. The process is really fast.
  • You can use the boiled asparagus for making any dish. And even if you want it to use it for later dishes. Then you simply can store them in ice-cold water.

So, this is the normal process of how to cook asparagus healthy.

Going further with another twist with the asparagus we can also have the stove cooked spears.

How to Cook the Asparagus on Stove?

So, for how to cook Asparagus stove, you need to follow these steps:

This method can also be called as the Pan-Fried method.

  • In this wash off and chop the end of the spears.
  • Then add ½ cup butter to the pan.
  • Then add some garlic into the pan and toss it for a minute. Then add pepper and salt into the pan.
  • After that heat and let the ingredients in the pan roast for a while.
  • Now add the Asparagus and bring the flame to medium-high.
  • Cook and stir the asparagus for 10 minutes until it reaches the brown tinge.
  • As the Asparagus spears turn light brown take them off and serve them hot.
  • You can add shredded cheese on the top to make them look and taste delicious.

This is the simple recipe for how to cook Asparagus stove.

Simple Recipe for Cooking Asparagus

Cook Asparagus in 2020

Talking of all such varieties and not grilling the spears won’t be fair. So next amazing variation of asparagus is how to cook asparagus on a grill. It is very important to know the correct grilling techniques for grilling the Asparagus as otherwise, it might ruin the taste of the spears. So, remember to finely clean and dry the spears nicely.

  • Preheat the grill as to make the asparagus.
  • Them again coat the spears with a generous amount of olive oil.
  • The asparagus spears must be coated nicely as during the grill they must remain in the nice texture.
  • Then add the desired amount of salt and pepper.
  • After that, you can grill the spice coated spears in the grill for 2-3 minutes.
  • The Asparagus will turn tender and nice texture will be seen.
  • This way the different variations of asparagus can be made.

Eating Asparagus is also healthy as it imparts low calories to the body. It also benefits in increasing the amount of fibre, vitamins and folate to the body. This all things can help body stimulating energy and better processing of the metabolic system.

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