McDonald's International Menu Review 2020

Food is an indispensable part of our lives. The utmost love for food has resulted in the invention of enormous luscious and delicious food in different parts of the world. Even though there numerous five star and Michelin star chef’s restaurants but the love for McDonald’s has always remain unbeatable among foodies. Whether the youngsters or adults, when they crave for fast food, the first name that comes in mind is the world-famous food outlet McDonald’s. 

McDonald’s is serving mouth-watering fast foods since the 1940s. It was established by Richard and Maurice McDonald as a hamburger outlet which now becomes one of the most famous international junk and fast food point, serving in more than 37, 855 different locations in about 100 countries. 

This American based fast-food company has always been known for its cheeseburgers, hamburgers, and French fries. McDonald’s sell various breakfast items, desserts and snacks which are not only wonderful in taste but are also presented beautifully. McDonald’s menu specials are chicken dishes, various chilled soft drinks and a variety of shakes and wraps which are easy to eat and handle. 

As McDonald’s is one of the largest restaurant chains in the international market, the unique thing about it is that its menu varied from country to country depending on the preferences of the country’s customers. McDonald’s has the craziest and rarest menu in the world that is evident from Japan’s purple sweet potato milkshake Carbonara fries, McSpaghetti, to Pineapple-Oreo Mc Flurries and many more.

The soup is only served by the Asian countries while meat pies are served only in New Zealand. The only McDonald outlets in Germany and some Western European countries serve bear. Recently, the company face a lot of criticism and negative feedback as it was blamed for promoting unhealthy and junk food items, so as a result, it started selling nutritious snack items like fruits and vegetable salad, fishes, milk made desserts like smoothies, to promote healthy and nutritious foods. 

There are a lot of specials serving from the last 80 years and it has become the most favourite fast food corner especially among the youngsters.

McDonald’s Worldwide Favourites 

McDonald's International Menu Review 2020

One of the most favourite fast food outlet more than 70 million customers in about 120 countries and its menu become one of the weirdest menu cards in the history of foods. The bizarre menu card of varied from country to country. The McDonald’s international favourites range from different types of burgers, many strange drinks, and delicious desserts including variety ice creams, smoothies and many world-famous hamburgers and sandwiches. Some of the McDonald’s world favourites and McDonald’s menu specials are as follows-

McDonald’s Favourite Savouries

McDonald's International Menu Review 2020

Bacon, Macaroni and Cheese Toast: This is one of the McDonald’s special treat, found only in Japan. This burger treats filled with crab and macaroni inside gives a wonderful taste. This tasty burger is available only during cold winters season.

Taro Pie: There are a lot of pies available all around the world but this special China’s Taro Pie will always remain unmatchable all around the world. This deep-fried pie is filled with a veggie called taro that is mostly used in Asia’s cuisines. This pie will bring water into everyone’s mouth. This is a must-try dish.

Mc Griddles Sandwich: This America’s breakfast sandwich which is a complete meal in itself consists of eggs, sausages and a blast of cheese, is the best treatment to start a day. This cheesy sandwich is only served in the USA.  

McNurnburger: This Germany’s special mustard and onion burger is one of the most sold burgers, and best known for its wonderful combination of veggies and sausages.

McFalafel: This Egypt’s falafel wrap, combine with tomatoes, onions and traditional pickles will give mouth-watering experience. One must try this traditional and western combination wrap.

Poutine: This combo of fries, cheese and barbeque sauce texture, is the best-known snack of Canada. Poutine is a deep-fried cuisine and is served with maple sauce, makes it a complete dish.

McDonald’s Favourites Desserts 

McDonald's International Menu Review 2020

Hot Fudge Sundae: This dessert is the best combo of hotness and coldness. It is served as yummy vanilla ice cream with a hot topping of fudge and pieces of peanuts. This delicacy of McDonald’s menu card is a must to eat dessert once in life.

Chocolate chips Cookie: One can ever think of cookies of Mcdonald’s cookies, but it is true that McDonald’s also serves its customers baked choco-chips cookies. These dark chocolate cookies and served warm and is best tea time dessert.

Waffles with Taro Ice cream: this waffles are best known in Hong Kong and are unique because these waffles are served with ice cream. The creamy texture of chocolate flavour ice cream, with Oreos topping in a crunchy waffle cone, makes a delicious combination dessert.

Ginger Plum Pie: Ukraine’s McDonald’s are selling one the best dessert in the world that is a pie of ginger. The ginger flavour combines with plum and nuts gives a unique taste.

McDonald’s Famous Drinks and Shakes

McDonald's International Menu Review 2020

Mud Pie Shake: This is the best beverage for chocolate lovers. This America’s based desert is a right combo of cream, milk and chocolate. This shake is not only good in taste but also presented beautifully. 

Mango smoothie shake: This desi drink of India has the power to make anyone a fan of mangoes. This is thick texture smoothie made especially with Alphonso Mangoes and reflects different flavours of India.

Mocho Shake: Italy based mocho shake is the best shake for the coffee lover and for those who want to drink espresso in a new way. This coffee and chocolate combination drink have an unmatchable taste. This drink is a part of McDonald’s special 2020 menu card.

With all these snacks, desserts, and beverages, McDonald’s has won millions of hearts since the last century and continues to attract a lot of foodies. This is the most famous fast food outlet in the world and has always remained the first choice for fast foods. McDonald’s favourites from China to Canada and from Iran to India, all varied according countries food preferences. 

McDonald’s menu can be called as one of the longest than any other restaurants in the world. McDonald’s special has a taste that no one can forget and thus its taste has been a reason for its success. Starting as just a hamburger point, McDonald’s now has become a worldwide food outlet with millions of customers from all most all the countries of this planet. McDonald’s place as a fast-food point will never always remains irrepressible.

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