Camping Breakfast

Camping is an outdoor activity that one can either experience it alone with breakfast, with a partner or maybe with a large group of friends and family. This activity has been one of the most adventurous and yet relaxing experience that every person should try. Now when we talk about camping the first that comes to our minds is in the forest or somewhere by the lake, but these aren’t the only places that one can camp in, you can go for a mountain camping, somewhere by the beach, and other places close to nature.

In many countries people prefer going and camping over the weekends, they take shuttlebuses or RVs and head towards a peaceful and calm place which is way out of their normal city lives. Based on many researches it is suggested that camping not only gives one an adventurous experience but also relaxes their mental state as well.

When a person is closer to nature and away from his/her regular lifestyle including gadgets, he/she automatically get detached from that busy world which really helps in meditation. This is one of the shortest and refreshing breaks one could ask for. You could light up a bon-fire, go for a trek and find some amazing sceneries, enjoy the beauty of nature and so on. But, maybe for a day one could plan on going for camping as you can only carry minimum food as which becomes quite a problem for trekkers.

Importance of Camping Breakfast

Camping Breakfast

Now since I was a kid, I have been told never to skip my three meals i.e., my breakfast, lunch and dinner. But, my family mainly used to stress on the fact that one should eat their breakfast everyday as this is the most important meal of your entire day and it gives the person the energy to be active through-out the day.

When we go for trekking food becomes a very important factor and one must carry accordingly. You cannot carry the food like pizzas or burgers or anything fried oily because this will make it difficult for you to trek or even sit throughout the day, because all this food is not good to be eaten every day, once in a while you eat a pizza or a burger it is fine, but if you eat it every day it affects your health a lot.

I feel when one decides to camp and be with the nature he/she should leave the “city” fast food and probably prepare some nice and delicious food with their dear ones, this is when your camping feels like a success.

What is the kind of breakfast one should have while Camping?

Camping Breakfast

We know how important the first meal; your breakfast is as it gives you the energy to be active the entire day. Now, while you are camping the main question is food, and what kind of food one should eat for breakfast. We have a few Camping Breakfast Ideas which could be helpful for you and your family or friends maybe the next time you decide to go camping.

Few of the most recommended Camping Breakfast Ideas are eggs in any form, like omelette, bulls eye or a boiled egg, it is the most filling and yet a light form breakfast and you could even take a slice or two of bread with it to go as well. You could also opt for some delicious pancakes which you could enjoy with beautiful view of nature or some campfire frittata, or some hot and crispy French toast or maybe a yummy Bacon Egg and Avocado Sandwich. But one of the best Camping Breakfast Ideas is eating scrambled egg with side of grilled potato wedges.

If you are someone who does not feel like eating eggs or is bored of eating eggs and wants to eat something different the next day or has forgotten to carry eggs while camping, then we have recipes which you could use as a Camping Breakfast Idea without Eggs; This might sound like a healthy and easy option but it is one of nutritionist and the best option when one thinks about camping.

Eating fresh fruits in the morning gives the most positive and energetic feeling especially when you are a part of the nature. You could also have a nice stuffed croissant or even a normal croissant, maybe some bread and butter or one of my most favourite Camping Breakfast Idea without Eggs is Blueberry Banana Pancakes and maybe with some maple syrup, this would be the best breakfast especially if we are camping somewhere with either a scenery of lake or mountains. I’d love to eat something like this!

What Options for Veg Camping Breakfast?

Camping Breakfast

You could also prepare a nice sandwich with some vegetables, mayonnaise and cheese if you wanted a simple Camping Breakfast Idea without Eggs, you could some grilled chicken in it as well if you wish for.

When you are travelling with a large group of either family or friends I is better when all of potluck and everyone carries some food from their homes and could and eat together. The question here comes is what to carry or prepare for a large group of people?

Camping is fun when you go with a large group of friends, this also divides the responsibility between everyone and everyone equally contributes and helps during this fun break. Now when you are travelling with a large group you should think about how much food is required to be carried till the destination and what kind of food will everyone enjoy there.

Some of the Camping Breakfast Ideas for a Large Group that we came across are; you could prepare some delicious Poha, as it is the lightest and yet filling breakfast. You could also prepare some boiled egg sandwiches or some grilled chicken sandwiches as well with sauces of your preference. According to me the perfect Camping Breakfast Ideas for a Large Group could be hot dogs, if everyone eats chicken.

This would be the easiest breakfast to prepare as all you would have to do is, grill the sausages and some bread and add mustard sauce with some ketchup and it is ready to eat. If you are a fan of Maggi you could just pour some hot boiling water in a cup filled with Maggi and its masala, this would be one of my best Camping Breakfast Ideas for a Large Group, especially when the weather is pleasant, in fact I would not mind some eggs either with it.

Concluding on Camping Breakfast

Camping Breakfast

These are some of the ideas you could use either when you are camping alone, or with your family or friends. I feel certain kind of food is just meant to be eaten with a perfect environment and to be honest I would personally opt to eat under the sky and in nature with all the peace as the feeling of being there is incomparable by anything else.

But, while we plan on doing such fun and relaxing activities in the nature, many people forget to even keep it clean. When you are planning to go out and camp make sure you carry disposable covers or bags so that you dump all garbage in those bags or covers rather than littering the space and making your own happy and fun place a dirty and filled with garbage space.

As much as you enjoy out there make sure to clean up as well.

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