Watermelon Burger Recipe to try in 2020

When we hear the name burgers our mouth gets watery thinking about the best burgers we have had till date. In fact, U.S.A is known for its delicious  and also watermelon burger.

The term burger was originally known as hamburgers, which was a sandwich that consisted of more than one patties and other fillings within it. The burgers were originated from Germany and U.S.A and soon it was expanded to the rest of the world by various brands like Mc Donald’s, KFC and so on there were many other brands which started developing and producing burgers. As the demand of burgers started increasing, people started trying out different variations and styles of burgers you could find chicken burgers, beef burgers, veg patty burgers, pork burgers and so on.

As time passed people started coming up with different burger trends and they surprisingly became popular as well. There were charcoal burgers, pizza burgers, fruit burgers, egg burgers, watermelon burger and the list continues to go on and on.

Today let us talk about this new healthy and unhealthy burger, Watermelon Burger.

What is a Watermelon Burger?

Watermelon Burger Recipe to try in 2020

When you hear the word Watermelon Burger for the first time, what is your reaction? Mine definitely was “what the hell! How can a burger something which is so yummy and unhealthy go with a fruit which is delicious but on a healthy side go together?” I am assuming so was your reaction after reading the two terms together. But trust me this is a thing!

Now most of you might be wondering what exactly goes into this new form of burger, whether is it just a slice of watermelon between the burger or does the burger consist of some sauces and meat/ patty along with a piece of watermelon or what? Let us give you a clarity on this confusion and also give you a review on this new Watermelon Burger

The concept of Watermelon Burger came from America during one of the weekends of 4th of July when all the citizens of U.S.A come together and celebrate along with their family and friends the Independence of their nation.  It was during then when people started trying out this Watermelon Burger, many people like you and me were confused of this new invention and were also kind of disappointed when they did not find a patty or a piece of meat in their burger. Obviously who wouldn’t be? Initially the reactions were confusing but when they tasted the Grilled Watermelon Burger, they were shocked that it actually tasted so good and went over their expectations.

Did the concept of Watermelon Burger just end there?

Watermelon Burger Recipe to try in 2020

No, the concept of Watermelon Burger most certainly did not end there. Even though only a few people might have tasted this new form of Burger, its popularity started to increase as now people started spreading the word about this healthy Watermelon Burger and also started using their own new inventions like, Barbeque Watermelon Burger, Cheese Watermelon Burger, Patty Watermelon Burger and so on.

Now as the trend and demand of this new burger started increasing, restaurants and cafes also started adding this new concept into a part of their menu and in order to establish how their watermelon burger is different from any other, they had to make sure they prepare it differently and add on some different secret ingredients. Soon this concept of Watermelon Burger started spreading across many countries, today even in India you will find your famous Burger joints making the Watermelon Burger, you should give it a try to this new burger and see it for yourself.

The famous chef Michael Symon, who is known for his delicious food recipes and burgers still has not yet launched the Michael Symon Watermelon Burger, and I am sure his fans are eagerly waiting for his review behind this new trend and hoping for an interesting recipe from his end as well.

Different Variations of a Watermelon Burger

Watermelon Burger Recipe to try in 2020

When you go to your local burger joint or some restaurant or café and you are someone who loves trying out some new dishes every time you step out of the house, won’t you want to try a Grilled Watermelon Burger, which is a part of the restaurants “New Burgers”? Maybe you would try it if you genuinely have the urge to try something new and risking your taste buds. I am personally a foodie, who likes to go out and try some or the other new dish, be it a pizza or a salad or something Chinese, basically anything. I feel if I like a certain dish I would want to try a new variation of the same dish.

Similarly, when it comes to burgers I would like to try new and different variations as I want to see whether it tastes better or worse than the original one. Because of customers like me, the restaurants or café or the burger joints need to have a variety of burgers around the same concept. For instance, when you go to a restaurant or burger joint and order a Watermelon Burger you will find a variety of it, there will be watermelon Cheese Burger, Salmon Watermelon Burger, Bacon Watermelon Burger, the regular Watermelon Burger and so many more. As weird as these concepts sound they are surprisingly tasty as well.

Delicious Recipes of a Watermelon Burger

Watermelon Burger Recipe to try in 2020

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic it is quite unsafe to go out and eat in restaurants as you never know who could be the carrier of the virus and plus this virus spreads rapidly as well.

Almost 5 months into the global pandemic, we all have had the urge and cravings of eating from our favourite food joint our favourite dishes but obviously we cannot.  During the lockdown, we all learnt different ways of engaging ourselves with some or the other new activity. Some of us began to read the books we always never had time for, some started gardening, some explored their culinary skills and there were many other such activities for which we never had time for due to our busy schedule.

Now that the lockdown has been lifted and many businesses have opened including the food industry, do you think it is still safe to order or go out and dine? I think no as even though the lockdown has been lifted it does not mean the virus has ended, in fact the cases have rather increased, so I would advise you to stay at home and fulfil your food cravings. In fact, for those of you who haven’t had the opportunity to try this new Burger, you could give it a shot and try it at your homes itself.

We have some recipes which could help you in making the Watermelon Burger, and try some new experience during such times.

Recipe #1. Watermelon Cheese Burger:

You will require a small watermelon, ounces of mozzarella cheese, around ¼ cup olive oil along with some finely minced onions almost around 1 table spoon followed by salt and pepper.

This is one of the easiest Watermelon Burger Recipe, the steps to be followed here are:

Step 1: Before we begin with the preparation, keep a pan on the gas and turn it on and let the pan get the heat.

Step 2: Start slicing the Watermelon either into a half and now cut each piece of about 11 or 12 inches, to place it between your burger. Make sure you remove the seeds of the fruit before proceeding further.

Step 3: Take a bowl and add the olive oil, the onions and salt and pepper. Mix them nicely and now take a brush and apply the mixture over the sliced water melon.

Step 4: Grill them over the gas and make sure the watermelon looks caramelized and dried out.

Step 5: Add on some cheese over the slice and let it melt.

Step 6: Cut your burger bun into two halves and add on the filling that you usually prefer maybe some onions or cucumber o lettuce, it I your choice and then add on your watermelon patty. And enjoy it.

This variety of the Watermelon Burger is the favourite of most people as it is easy to prepare and also tastes really good too. If you have already tried out this recipe and looking forward to try something new or maybe did not quite enjoy this recipe, then we have a few more which you could prepare and relish.

Recipe #2: Grilled Watermelon Burger:

Watermelon Burger Recipe to try in 2020

This is another easy and favourite Watermelon Burger Recipe. You will require a watermelon, some salt, pepper, olive oil and the rest is up to you as to what kind of filling would you enjoy your burger with, whether some lettuce, or onions and tomatoes or some cheese.

Step 1: Cut the watermelon into two halves and then start slicing it, make sure the slice of the watermelon is big enough to fit in your burger perfectly. (do not forget to remove its seeds)

Step 2: before we start grilling our patty, you should grill your burger bun and heat it up a bit (do not roast it or make the bun crispy)

Step 3: Grill your watermelon slice and make this crispy on a low flame or it might get burnt. In order to grill the slice, add on some olive oil sprinkled with salt and pepper.

Step 4: On your bun, add on the filling of your choice maybe with some cheese over it and then place your Watermelon over it

Step 6: heat the burger once again.

Isn’t this Watermelon Burger Recipe easy? If you want to make your dish a little more interesting or maybe want the feel of eating it in a restaurant, you could fry some potato wedges or French fries or anything else which you prefer to go with your burger along with your preferred sauces.

Recipe # 3: Veal Watermelon Burger

Another interesting and yummy Watermelon Burger Recipe, is the Veal Watermelon Burger, this is the favourite Watermelon Burger Recipe among meat eaters. If you are someone who loves and enjoys eating meat, then this recipe is meant for you.

Here, you will mainly need to work hard on your meat patty for which you will require around 400 grams of ground veal (beef), an egg, half teaspoon of salt, half cup of grated cheese of your choice. One teaspoon of jalapeno Tabasco sauce and two table spoon filled breadcrumbs. Do not forget to add some pesto to it (1 table spoon) Now let us learn how to prepare this burger.

Step 1: Pour some oil into a pan in which you can fry your patties and put it on for pre- heat

Step 2: To prepare the patty mix all the above mentioned ingredients and add a pinch of salt or maybe two with some pepper and mix all of them well.

Step 3: Shape the patties well and fry them over the pan. Simultaneously, slice your watermelon pieces.

Step 4: On the other stove keep a pan to grill your watermelon and heat the bun a bit. Grill the watermelon slice nicely on both the sides.

Step 5: After you have heated the bun, grilled the watermelon and fried your patty. Add them inside the bun with filling of your preference like some lettuce and onions.

Step 6: you could add some cheese to your burger and then heat the burger for a few seconds.

Your dish is ready! If you aren’t a person who enjoys beef you could check out a recipe on how to make chicken watermelon burger as well

Hope our recipe and information were helpful for you and soon you also try this new Watermelon Burger.

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