Review of Auction Web Series in 2020

Auction, a Hindi Web Series streaming especially on MX Player I have gained a lot of Fame since its release; this web series has a very good theme and Plot that has actually attracted the viewers. Having to watch a lot of web series what the viewers are people at home are wishing to they are subscribing to a lot of applications like Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, and also trying to search out new content for free like MX Player. There are a lot of web series released in 2019 and earlier this year. Here in this article we will be discussing the web series auction and give you an overall recommendation with Legit points to watch it.

The story of auction web series swirls around society issue that is human trafficking. It is not a new term among us. We all know the brutality of this type of offensive criminal acts that people do by wearing a Mask of goodness. This web series auction portrays the inhuman act of selling girls of a younger age to other people for huge money. This web series deals with a lot of erotic and hot scenes that might be objectionable by some viewers but the fact in the web series is nothing to deny about. You can surely watch this web series as a perfect afternoon in this lockdown.

Auction Web Series Release Date

Review of Auction Web Series in 2020

This web series was launched on 15th November 2019. This is the first season of the auction with 5 episodes. Each of the episodes running for 20 to 25 minutes and options rated 4.3 out of 5 by the viewers. People learn now expecting a second season of option. The first season got a lot of popularity for its depth in the story. Do watch it.

Details about Auction Web Series MX Player

Review of Auction Web Series in 2020

The options web series MX Player was launched on 15th November 2019 and was rated 4.3 out of 5. This web series has got a lot of attention by many people for its two-way appeal towards the audiences first the story of the web series moves around the dark days of young girls that are sold to different people in exchange for money but later the illegal business is lashed out. In this web series, we find starring Vijhay Badlaani in the lead role, portraying a type of Casanova.

We also find Samiksha Bhatnagar, Preeti Goswami, Shivanya Mehra, and some more in the cast of auction. This web series is directed by Ravindra Goutam, one of the famous directors in the industry. This web series is also available as original content on platforms like Netflix, Amazon prime, AltBalaji, and more. You can watch this web series for free in MX player which is also free application and can be downloaded from Google Play. The character of Vijhay Badlaani is that of an NRI Casanova who attracts a lot of girls.

We see that a bad lady sports young girl at auction with the help of some powerful people she carries on her illegal business. In this web scenes Vijhay Badlaani is in the lead role. You will love to watch this web series for its highly alarming issue and its amazing cast hard work.

Cast in the Auction Web Series

Review of Auction Web Series in 2020

In this web series option, we find staring Vijay Badlaani in the character of Don as the leading role. We also find other characters like Rekha actually Preeti Goswami, Shivanya Mehra as Priyal, Samisha Bhatnagar as Shalini, Palash Dutta as Piyush and also Niharika Choukesey as Mohi. There were some other characters like Prashad also. This cast had worked hard throughout to put up with the actual motive. You can easily make out their effort from the first episode itself. Thus, this web series highly became famous. In other words, if you try to skip watching this you will miss it later. So, watch this soon to have no regrets later.


Review of Auction Web Series in 2020

Watching auction with the family may not be a good idea for its hot and erotic scenes but watching at for entertainment purposes something like a binge watch is worth it. This web series will not let you down in its plot. English story there is a man brother of energy who is a type of Casanova. He is related to human trafficking. Human trafficking is one of those offensive illegal acts that have severe punishments. The Story has a lot of twists and turns and that makes it a must-watch for everyone.

Go through this article and find your perfect reason to watch this web series and do share your views and comments on this amazing web series called auction. Watch and spend your time on web series that it gives your Insight about society, its issues, and its dark pictures. You will not regret watching this web series, thus not waste time and watch this web series.

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