Like many other web series, we have brought you a brand-new web series review named Your Honor. A web series that has caught a lot of popularity soon after it’s release. Many people love crime and mystery, thus this one is for you. 

Presently we are going through a critical situation and many people all over the world are locked up in their houses.  In this time watching web series movies and other content or even playing online games is one of the ways of keeping ourselves at home. In platforms like Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Zee5, SonyLIV, and many other online streaming contents are available to binge on. Read more for the latest information on your honor web series.

Details about Your Honor SonyLiv Web Series

Review of Your Honor Web Series on SonyLIV in 2020

The Your honor web series Sony LIV is an adaptation from the Israeli web series called Kvodo. The Israeli web series was developed by Ron Ninio and Shlomo Mashiach series is written by Ishan Trivedi. The writer of this web series has said that this web series is constructed in a baffling way. The story as detailed by the writer Ishan Trivedi indicates how dark the criminal world is in some parts of the country. Through his writing, Ishaan has tried to photo frame how deep that dark world is by this web series.

This web series also put light on the relation of a father and son and the connection dishes. From the very beginning of this web series the viewers can easily find out the protagonist or the hero and antagonist or the enemy. This web series, as said earlier, is based upon an Israeli adaptation twist weather story of the highly respected Judge, the one who dwells online study and practice of law try to save his son after he gets tangled with a Gang of criminals.

The father, that is Bishan Khosla tries to save his young son goes beyond all morals and virtues to bring out his son from that group. Read more for the details about this web series your honor and give it a watch for steering Jimmy Sheirgill’s amazing acting. Fans of Jimmy Sheirgill took to different social media platforms to appreciate him for his amazing performance in this web series.

Your Honor SonyLIV Release Date

Review of Your Honor Web Series on SonyLIV in 2020

The web series Your Honor SonyLIV release date was 18th June 2020. Yes, this web series has just launched. This is the first SonyLIV original only streaming on Sony liv. People can watch it with the application itself or can watch it online through the Sony liv website. There is still no Your Honor SonyLIV IMDb rating but we know that there will be soon ratings above 7 out of 10 or may be more.

Your Honor Web Series Review

Review of Your Honor Web Series on SonyLIV in 2020

Your honor web series has re hugely a huge positive review from fans to send it to release. Netizens praised this web series and the admirers took to social media platforms like Twitter to share their reflection on this newly launched SonyLiv web series your honor. The viewer’s admirers posted a lot on this web series hugely combination of mystery crime and thrill that amuses the viewer without any doubt. This has been, a long-awaited web series for the thriller addicts’ viewers.

This web series put trees about the strong bonding of a father and son. Bishan’s wife dies for some reason and then starts the journey of a reputed judge who is known for his fair decisions and brave judgments, with his show’s son Abeer. As the story begins, we learn that visions son who got Tangled with the group of criminals or Mafia indirectly where connected to them. The Mafia had been in jail for Bishan’s judgment once. This web series shows how a father can cross all limits virtues and ethics to protect his son from the darkness of the unwanted.

Your Honor Web Series Cast

This web series has steering Jimmy Sheirgill in the character of Bishan Khosla, and his teenage son Abeer Khosla. Web series has other casts like Mita Nashisht, Parul Gulati, Pulkit Makol, Richa Pallod, Varun Bandola, and some more. Treason anadem of your owner Hindi Web series has worked there best to put up the story and has gained a lot of Fame. 


Review of Your Honor Web Series on SonyLIV in 2020

This web series is a Sony live original and is launched for the first time. Within just, a very short span of his release this web series has got a lot of popularity Fame and positive reviews among rivers. A lot of people have praised Jimmy Sheirgill acting as one of the best in this web series. The plot is also an attractive one which keeps you busy thinking about a lot of things during its development gradually. This web series of SonyLIV will not let you blink your eyes once for its amazing twist and interesting situations. Many people are waiting to watch this with a good review. 

Your Honor series SonyLIV is directed by E Niwas. Suggested by many viewers this web series has become s one of the trending few hours of its release. You can watch this web series and we are sure you won’t regret it. Your honor web series is a very thrilling web series with emotions and desperateness within relationships.

So, let’s not waste time and watch the newly launched Hindi Web series your honor with starring Jimmy Sheirgill on the plot of a father-son relationship and fathers, your honor, towards virtues, and ethics to protect and save his son from the ill eyes of the foe. So, go and watch it and do not forget to share your views on this web series an article. Keep watching and keep sharing.

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