Corona Virus disease (COVID-19) is an infectious disease caused by a new virus that had not been previously found in humans. The virus causes respiratory illness (like the flu) with symptoms such as cough, fever and in severe cases, pneumonia. As it is spreading exponentially across the world and the number of people testing positive for it is increasing day by day which has created wrecking havoc, it might hence be wise of us to think about what next.

Moving away from political and economic despair caused due to social distancing, quarantine and extended lockdown are other areas of concern that’s been running through everyone’s mind. Psychologists are even talking about the “epidemic of despair” arising from fear of unknown causes resulting in anxiety and mental problems. Extended isolation can increase a different kind of pandemic situation leading to an increase in the tendency of the pattern.

Symptoms of depression can include excessive sadness, crying without any reason, feeling low, having mood swings, etc.

Everyone reacts differently to stressful situations. How people react during a stressful situation in this quarantine also depends on their background, their job, and their relation with folks and the community they live in. People who respond strongly to a stressful situation include-

Old people having heart disease are at a higher risk for Covid-19. Children are also vulnerable as they communicate the most. Similarly, people who are helping others and providing all the aid in this difficult time like doctors, nurses, policemen and various other care providers, etc. People who are dealing with mental health conditions are also somehow prone to this virus.

For what People fear the Corona Virus?

People are getting a lot of stress these days because of this situation. Stress during an infectious outbreak can include:

  • Fear about the health of family members and how to survive during this stressful time.
  • Fear of unemployment; after this quarantine gets over there will be a problem in hiring people for a particular post and that will make unemployment more prominent and that fear is creating stress among youngsters.
  • Changes in sleep pattern-If someone’s sleep cycle gets disturbed, it starts affecting their health and could be a specific reason for stress.
  • Increase use of alcohol- Most of the people is relying on alcohol these days which can be one of the biggest reasons leading to stress. Instead of turning to a person, we are turning to a bottle.

To do List during the Lockdown

Taking care of yourself and your loved ones during this period can save you from depression whereas taking it lightly can have repercussions. There are many things you can do to keep yourself busy and avoid thoughts of anxiety or stress.

  • Being with family is the best and the most important thing as this is the time we can be there with them so we should make the most of it. We can play games, watch series together and can talk about things which earlier led to some kind of misunderstanding. We can do a lot these days.
  • Reading – It is said that books are people’s best friend so now is the time that we can read a lot of books and reading books has its benefits like we can gain a lot of knowledge, our perspective changes, one can become a better writer as it is said that good writing comes from good reading.
  • Exercise – We can do a lot of exercises which we may have not been doing due to lack of time and busy schedule. This is the time when we can take care of our body rather than thinking about stuff which makes us sad which just adds up to the stress and anxiety.
  • Try cooking – We see film stars and the social media influencers uploading videos of how they are dealing with quarantine and the most common thing they have been doing lately is cooking. So we can also try that and as we all know good food keeps the body healthy and mind calm.
  • Connect with others. We can talk to as many people as we want and this can be the starting of a beautiful relationship because everyone is free and can spare time for us.

Even after indulging in all kinds of activities if someone’s not feeling happy or getting stressed or having anxiety, they can call the nearest helpline centres for these issues and the number is provided on various sites. One should never think they are alone in this, have someone to talk to because that helps the most.

Everyone has a different definition of stress. It has a very bad record when it comes to children of small age. Many times their situations get neglected which leads to serious problems in the future and this through no fault of their own.

Children react differently to stress, they cry excessively or feel irritated by everything around them. Children notice every small thing taking place in their vicinity and get very much influenced by the behavior of their parents, so it should be the duty of their parents to provide them with the best environment especially during this quarantine because this is the time they need it the most. They should take care of their eating and sleeping pattern. Many children can suffer from obesity which further can be the cause of stress or depression.

How can Parents help their Children?

Parents can provide help to their children as they can be their best friends during this difficult time:-

  • They should keep talking to them regularly and keep a check on them and ask them about their life.
  • Parents should pay special attention to their child’s eating habits and should maintain a healthy diet for them.
  • Limit their access to news channels as many times they are hearing news which are untrue and children can misinterpret them which can create a panic situation for themselves.

Measures to Deal with Anxiety and Depression

  • Try to have a perspective- During this havoc, it is natural that people will get different thoughts and worry and at this time anxiety can reach maximum. It is very important at this time to have a clear perspective and optimistic thinking because this will help you remain calm and keep you away from unnecessary stress.
  • Do not Make Assumptions – People in the time of quarantine make assumptions and over ta think about the situation which leads to severe depression so one should try to understand the situation and not make something else out of it.

Steps Taken for Avoiding Spreading fo Corona Virus

People are thinking that this disease is going to affect all and it is causing stress in their mind but rather than worrying we should practice some habits:

  • Practice good hygiene
  • Stop handshaking.
  • Clean hands at the door and regularly washing of hands.
  • Create reminders of not touching face and cover while sneezing.
  • Consider adjusting or postponing meetings or gatherings.
  • Stay away from a person who is sick.
  • Consult a Doctor

One should not be afraid of asking for help rather they should be proud because very few people dare to accept it and get a cure for it. The government has also provided helpline numbers online where people can call and help will be provided immediately. There are many social depression support groups in which all the affected people can talk and share their very beneficial stories.

Depression, anxiety, stress can affect anyone in any part of the world irrespective of color, caste and creed and especially during the time of spread COVID-19 which has already been said as a pandemic by WHO it becomes very important to be very attentive and help each other in this crisis.

At last always think how strong you are, how beautiful you are, how capable you are and this is just a phase and it will pass away.

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