Valorant Error Code 29 Fixing Methods

In the year 2020, many amazing video games had been launched. As the years are passing more and more progress and advancement is taking place but with errors like Valorant Error Code 29 in the virtual world of online video games. Many new features are introducing with wonderful gameplay, exciting modes, and with a thrilling twist and turns these new generation video games are winning millions of hearts.

With all this progress some users also complaint of the faults and errors they are facing which do not let them enjoy the game. But with easy tricks and solutions, these errors are correcting and players are enjoying the video games on various digital platforms. Valorant shooting game that is released in June 2020, currently is the leading virtual video game that can be installed and play on Microsoft Windows.

The Valorant online video game is the creation of the League of Legends creators Riot Games. A big team of various talented researchers, designers and game developers who have enormous experience in the world of video games have made possible the creation of this Valorant shooting game. 

About Valorant Error Code 29

Valorant Error Code 29 Fixing Methods

The Valorant shooting game was developed by the unreal engine that allows its creator to make a wonderful virtual background in the game. As the video game is fiction and is set in the war field in the future period. The players are given various shooting guns and rifles from classic ones to the most powerful ones.

There are various modes in the game like spike rush mode, competitive mode as well as the standard model. This is a multiplayer competitive shooting video game and is full of thrilling adventure. But the game also witnesses many errors and the Riot Games too officially listed out these errors.

One such error is Valorant Error code 29 which is a server issue and does not allow the player to connect to the game. Many solutions are provided to solve this issue many players have successfully free up their games by using simple solutions. Thus, the Valorant shooting video game will give the best gaming experience with all the latest features and function.

Why is it Necessary to fix Valorant Error Code 29?

Valorant Error Code 29 Fixing Methods

But as many present generation games are also coming with some errors, server connecting problems and faults so does the Valorant powerful shooting game to contain many errors that the users frequently complain. Much Valorant shooting game error code is being reported. These errors are occurring maybe because the game is played in the Windows and also as the game has highly advanced graphics content so in such games these errors are witnessing.

One such fault is Valorant error code 29, which is a server connecting issue. When the players are not able to connect to the game network due to the Valorant error code 29 is because temporarily the maintenance act has been imposed and thus it causes server problem.

It is recommended by the Riot Games that this problem might also come when the firewall is not allowing the Valorant game. Sometimes this problem can be simply corrected by saving the Valorant game as the administrator file or by just reinstalling the game or by just restarting the PC problem may be resolved.

Ways to Solve Valorant Error Code 29

Valorant Error Code 29 Fixing Methods

The Valorant Error Code 29 is one of the biggest problem coming in the path of playing this enthusiastic online game. This Valorant Error Code 29 is a networking error and is considered as connected to the error code 43 in which the system gets time out. This irritating error can be solved by some of the simple ways which are as follows:

  1. Change the game file to the Administrator: 
    If the Valorant Error Code 29 occurs then it is recommended to first convert the Valorant game to the administrator. This method helps to resolve this connecting server error and a similar method is used to solve other coding errors as well. This can be done by clicking on the executable option in the game. After this select the run as administrator option this thus change the game to the administrator and may help to resolve the Valorant error code 29.
  1. Allow the window to run as the firewall: 
    One of the easiest ways to correct the Valorant Error code 29 is to make the windows to run as the firewall. This can be done by selecting the change setting of the window and make the program to run under firewall exceptions and thus all the content and components will be passed in the firewall and may help detect this server issue error.
  1. Check the anti-virus Application: 
    The Valorant Error Code 29 can also be detected by checking in the antivirus app whether the Valorant video game contains any type of problem or not. If it has any problematic issue then delete that error and this can help to resolve any type of error problem in the game.
  1. Reinstalling the Valorant game: 
    At many times the error from the game can be easily removed by just uninstalling the game and then after some time again install it. This method can be found to be useful to detect the Valorant error code 29 from the game. 
  1. Reset the PC: 
    This is another simple step which can be used to correct the Valorant error code 29. The Game error can be corrected by just resetting the computer and this helps to detect this server issue and this method completely refresh the game. Thus giving the best thrilling option of playing this virtual video game.

These are some of the easiest and the basic ways of resolving the Valorant Error Code 29 and do not any disturbance while playing the game. The Valorant game is although witnesses these irritating errors but the Riot game has officially made some of the announcements of these errors as well as provide some of the ways and tricks to resolve this issue. Thus, by using these simple solutions many of the errors especially the Valorant Error Code 29 can be solved and do not come in between the path of the thrill and excitement of the game.

Valorant Error Code 29 Fixing Methods


The Valorant video game is one of the thrilling game of 2020. This shooting game of the present generation is one of the most famous and exciting game. But due to some of the errors many players face disturbing bugs and errors while playing the game. The Valorant Error code 29 is one such recently occurring error which does not allow the players to connect to the server. The Riot Games has provided many of the easy ways of solving this serving issue.

Ways such as converting the game file to the administrator, reinstalling the game app, as well as to allow the windows to run as the firewall. By resetting the PC the error can also be solved. By using all these solutions many players have successfully freed up their game from all these errors, bugs and faults. This help to ensure the easy working of the game and do not get the players to face any irritating errors while playing this thrilling game. This Valorant video game will give the best of the experience of playing the online video game of the present time.

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