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Each one of us wants to land into our dream job, or dream business after we are done with our colleges and universities. You might also want to buy a nice house for yourself after you start earning. Homemakers need home appliances and other electronics, or furniture to decorate their houses. Students attend schools, colleges and then universities in order to make it big in life. There are also people who might be looking for a part-time job while in schools and colleges. In any situation where you want a job, or any other item that you want to purchase, craigslist apps are there to help you.

Craigslist apps are applications that help you find suitable jobs, appliances, furniture, houses, and many other items for sale. These are usually advertisement applications and sites that advertise products from seller and make it easy for you to purchase whatever you want to. If you are looking for a job, you can check on a number of craigslist apps and you might find a suitable job for yourself. You can also use these apps if you want to advertise something of your own.

These apps are easy to access and don’t require face-to-face communication. Hence, they are becoming very popular nowadays. We have created a list of the 10 best craigslist apps that you can use to either advertise jobs and products, or to purchase and apply for products and jobs respectively.

10 Best Craigslist Apps You can Use

There might be a lot of apps in the digital space, but not all of them are usable and trustworthy. The craigslist apps that we have selected for you are the best that you can find out there. We have personally tried using them to ensure that you have a smooth experience. Let us begin!

CPlus for Craigslist

Top 10 Craiglist Apps for Buying

CPlus for Craigslist is an absolutely free app that you can use to look for jobs, houses, appliances, etc. It is compatible for both Android phones and iPhones. You will find a variety of garage sale ads, job ads, housing ads, property ads, and a lot more. The interface of this app is really good. If you like an item, you can save it or add it to your favourite list. This app has become very popular among young adults and adults as well.


The next app is the Postings app that is also a craigslist search app. You can only use this app in your iPhones, and not Android phones. The operation and use of this app is extremely simple. You can post your advertisements on it. You can also look at other people’s ads and see if you wish to purchase something, or apply for a certain position. This app facilitates the entire process of purchase as well. Therefore, it is a very popular app.

Quick for Craigslist

The third app in our top 10 list is the Quick for Craigslist app. It can be used on Android devices only. You cannot download it on your iPhones. This help helps you to buy, sell, and even rent products and services. It is a fast app, hence consumes less time to perform the functions. You can also post advertisements of something that you want to sell. If someone wants to purchase or sell something to you, you can chat on the app itself. You can adjust filters to narrow down your options.

App for Craigslist Pro

The App for Craigslist Pro is one of the most popular and chosen apps for buying and selling of objects. This app is only compatible on Android devices, and not ios devices. You can take the help of Google Maps via this app to locate the seller or buyer. You can put up ads or buy from ads. The sorting feature makes this app less time-consuming and very specific to use. There are pictures of products that are available, that allows you to see it and then go for the purchase.

Craigslist Plus

The next app in our list is the Craigslist Plus app. You can install and use this app if you have an Android phone. This app cannot run on iPhones. It is a free app that helps you find what you want to purchase or who wants to buy what you are selling. You can search for a particular item and engage with ads related to it. You can also create your own account and post advertisements from your end.

CL Browser

Top 10 Craiglist Apps for Buying

This is another version of the craigslist app. It is a browser in itself and you can use it in both Android and iPhones smoothly. You will find ads related to the buying and selling of jobs, other services, houses, cars, events, and many other things. You have to create an account in this app. You will also get detailed information of the item that you wish to purchase off the app. You can also post your own ads on this app.

Pro App for Craigslist

Top 10 Craiglist Apps for Buying

Pro App for Craigslist is the next app in our list of the top 10 craigslist apps. You can install and use this app on your Android phones. This app is not an iPhone friendly app. You simply have to select your location and you will get all the suitable trade options near you. This app is very popular as people don’t have much time to sit and enter details on their phone. If you are an Android user, this is a great option for you.

App for Craigslist

App for Craigslist is another useful app for everyone who wants to buy or sell their goods. This app can be used on Android phones, but not on iPhones. You can search the app for ads that are relevant to you. It works on an international platform; therefore, you can purchase or sell to people of other countries as well. You don’t need to create an account on this app.

Browser for Craigslist

Another useful app in our list is the Browser for Craigslist app. It has the same functions; it allows you to search for or sell and house, goods, services, etc. It has a range of categories from where you can choose from. You can sort the app as per your needs and wants. You can search for a product or service from all around the world, and not just India. You don’t have to make any in-app purchases here.

Craigsafe for Craigslist

Top 10 Craiglist Apps for Buying

The last application on our list of the top 10 craigslist apps is Craigsafe for Craigslist. This app is compatible enough to work on both Android phones and iPhones. Craigsafe protects you from unknown sources that can harm the security of your account. You will find ads from others, and you can post ads of your own. The entire process is very safe and trustworthy in this app.

These were the top 10 craigslist apps for the buying and selling of goods and services. We have tried to put together apps that are easy, as well as safe to use. You will find what you are looking for in these apps instantly. The interface is very interesting and user-friendly. We hope our list will be useful to you while choosing a suitable app for you.

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