Everything about Self-Driving Cars

Self-driving cars are the latest advancements making all car-lovers crazy; all the advantages of self driving cars make them a tempting proposition. Driverless cars in India have been a huge hit for a very long time, all the way from self driving cars in Bhubaneswar to self-driving cars in Mumbai. Read ahead to know all that you need to about Self-Driving Cars, and what are the advantages of self driving cars.

Self-Driving Cars

Everything about Self-Driving Cars

Self-Driving cars, also known as autonomous or connected and autonomous vehicles, are vehicles with the ability to sense their environment and moving safely. For this, they do not require any human input. Self-Driving cars are generally equipped with numerous sensors, including a radar, sonar, GPS etc. These cars can identify the right paths, figure out obstacles as well as relevant signage.

In 2015, it had been predicted that humans would be permanent backseat drivers. To back this prediction up, numerous automobile companies like General Motors, Toyota, Honda and Google’s Waymo. Elon Musk had declared that his Tesla would make the cut in 2018, but as of 2020, no progress has been recorded.

In spite of extraordinary efforts by leading tech giants, self-driving cars are yet to become completely autonomous; certain cars can automatically brake when a collision is anticipated, or helps keep you in your lane or even handle highway driving.

How Self-Driving Cars Work

Everything about Self-Driving Cars

The prototype of a self-driving car is being attempted by engineers all over the world for decades now; the basic idea behind a self-driving car is to equip it with the perfect number of cameras which can help steer the car. Many of the cars have tried to achieve it; Google’s sister company ‘Waymo’ has been an industry leader for self-driving cars. It uses high resolution cameras, which help in estimating the distance between a car and an object based on the light which bounces off the latter.

Self-driving cars rely on artificial intelligence to function properly. Almost every leading car designer and manufacturer has attempted building the perfect self-driving car, but every subsequent model has lacked in something or the other.

Driverless cars have been a fascinating concept for most countries like the United States. Driverless cars in India, however, haven’t been warmly welcomed. Ministers of the Indian Government like Shri Nitin Gadkari have been quoted as saying that they would not allow self-driving cars on Indian roads. Commenting on Self Driving Cars in Bhubaneswar, Self Driving Cars in Mumbai and in Bengaluru, Mr. Gadkari stated that employing driverless cars in India will only lead to loss of jobs for people, considering that the highly-populated country is witnessing a shortage of nearly 25 lakh drivers. His statements, however, have been contradicted by many scientists and engineers, who state that the emergence of Artificial Intelligence can never be pushed back. Along with this, it has also been debated that these driverless cars in India will not be completely automated; as of 2020, self driving cars are partially automatic. Additionally, they also bring with themselves several advantages of self driving cars. If Mr. Gadkari’s concerns are to be kept in mind not just for cars but for all technology, we would have to stop inventing or sending satellites to space in order to preserve money for improving the job sector. To expand the job market, such measures will only constrict the development of Indian technology as a whole, and its brilliant engineers and scientists’ talents will be wasted.

Advantages of Self-Driving Cars

Everything about Self-Driving Cars

Here are a few pointers to be kept in mind while understanding what are the advantages of self driving cars-

  1. Since these cars do not need a driver, they can turn into small leisure-spots, wherein every passenger can have their fair share of fun. No one will have to worry about driving through the night or switching places after driving at a stretch for long.
  2. Video screens and mini-players can be used and enjoyed, without any issue of distracting the driver
  3. Road-rage issues will come down to a minimum, and cases of breaking traffic rules will significantly reduce
  4. Over 80% of the accidents on the road are caused due to drunk drivers; in the case of self-driving cars, this will no longer be an issue
  5. Traffic will be better coordinated, and there will be a fall in the number of bottleneck situations and traffic jams.
  6. The self-drive car will be more active and vigilant than any human driver, since it will be equipped with state-of-the-art technology and numerous cameras which leave no scope for blind spots
  7. Driving will no longer be an issue for those who are disabled, elderly or even young ones
  8. The process of taking a driving test and driving license will be eliminated
  9. There will also be significant reduction in the road capacity, since safety lanes and speed-breakers will no longer be needed
  10. Since the car will be self-aware, the possibilities for theft will go down by a great deal

Disadvantages of Self-Driving Cars

Everything about Self-Driving Cars

Here are all the expected disadvantages of self-driving cars:

  1. Due to the sheer amount of technology involved, the car will probably be unaffordable for many people. Especially in a country like India with high poverty levels, driverless cars in India will probably not be feasible.
  2. Many taxi services like Ola and Lyft might go out of services, bringing down huge businesses
  3. A huge number of drivers might go out of jobs, leading to mass unemployment
  4. These cars might prove to be annoying for the human drivers on the road, since they’ll be expected to follow a specific algorithm and will not customize their movements on the basis of the situation
  5. These cars will only function based on the user data and information that’s been input by humans; this will leave a lot of space for errors.
  6. Automatic vehicles might’ve a problem functioning in certain weather conditions, like rain, which can interfere with the technology on and inside the car.
  7. The technology would need to be kept updated from time to time whenever there are any new constructions.

Self-driving cars shape the world’s future to be what it is expected to be- run on technology and more comfortable for humans. Be it a tough day at school or a long meeting at work, stepping into the comfort of your automatic car is one reason which constitutes the advantages of self driving cars. Once driverless cars in India make an appearance, and we find self driving cars in Bhubaneswar and Self Driving Cars in Mumbai, we’ll get to know what are the advantages of self driving cars for ourselves!

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