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Flipkart updates 6.17. What’s new: Now you can watch over 5000 movies and TV shows for free on Flipkart.

Right since the Indian online e-commerce platform, Flipkart made its debut, how many of us expected something like this? Not many, I believe. Not at all many. COVID-19 may not have an antidote yet, but this quarantine-boredom seemed to have ample antidotes in the form of Netflix, Hotstar, ZEE5, etc. The catch? The premium versions of all these platforms are paid. That’s where the Flipkart app comes in, having transformed itself – in keeping with the times – into the Flipkart entertainment app. To those calling it Flipkart video app, I’d like to remind you that now the same app offers shopping, videos, games and insurance features all without having to switch apps. You may call it the Flipkart video app, as videos are its primary source of attraction, but you cannot rule out the other things.No wonder they have already started calling Flipkart entertainer no 1.

How to Access the Flipkart Video App?

Flipkart entertainment app posters

Go to the google play store and search for the Flipkart video app…then come back when you don’t find anything because there is no separate app to play the videos! If you already have Flipkart, just find the ‘video’ tab on the bottom center-right part of your screen. Now you can access the entire catalog of free videos that includes news, movies, tv shows in English, Hindi and other regional languages. However, if you do not get the option of ‘video’ on your screen, you will have to update your app to the latest version. The Flipkart video app features have been rolled out from version 6.17, so you must have at least Flipkart App version 6.17 downloaded to access the content. The app also has one original – ‘The backbenchers’, released in October 2019. It was a talk show hosted by Farah Khan.

Flipkart’s vision is to hook people to its platform by providing free quality content for which they have roped in Oscar-winning producer – Guneet Monga as an official creator and curator. Furthermore, Flipkart has signed on with Studio Next and Frames and Sikhya Productions to bring to us a foray of quality shows. Prakash Sikaria, Head of Growth & Monetisation at Flipkart had this to say about the platform – “Our video content offering is focused on three primary aspects, keeping in mind our understanding of the market: free, curated and personalized. We believe that our customers shouldn’t pay extra for premium content and hence, our offering is different from anything else that is currently available.”

This gives us an indication that Flipkart is here to compete and what better way than providing quality for free? Indeed, you can call Flipkart entertainer no 1. Still don’t you agree? Wait, there’s more.

How to Begin Viewing Videos?

Flipkart entertainment app posters

Once you click on ‘videos’ on the bottom center-right of your mobile screen, you may be asked for language preferences. Select all languages that you wish to see videos on. On the top of the screen, you will see genre buttons – click on genres you like or simply press the x on the top-right if you wish to explore everything and the genre choice will go away. You are on the homepage of the Flipkart Video App which is within the Flipkart Shopping App. Here, you can access live news, genre-wise movies, and tv shows that you like. At the top, you will see an option for TV shows and movies, so in case you wish to see either of those two, click on it. You can choose your genres here as well. On the homepage of the video tab, you will see a mix of tv shows and movies. You’re now good to go – binge-watch till your heart’s content, legs are numb and eyes are tired, it’s all free!

P.S – Don’t forget the popcorn!

Flipkart Video App or Flipkart Entertainment App?

What do you call it? While the app has a lot to offer in terms of videos, that is not the only thing it offers. What’s more? Flipkart Games and Flipkart Ideas. Flipkart Games are short multiplayer games that you play for free. These include games like cricket, snake smash, crazy canon, etc. Flipkart ideas is an Instagram like a platform for viewing stories and posts of celebrities or posts that are put on display by Flipkart. Unlike Instagram, you cannot post your own stories or posts there, but you can see posts pertaining to a wide array of genres such as furniture, food, fashion, Bollywood, etc. And all of this in a shopping app! Here, take a moment to let it all sink in – an Indian e-commerce platform meant for shopping online is offering its customers free videos, free games, free quizzes (with great giveaways to winners), Flipkart Ideas feature to see posts and stories…what more can you possibly ask for? After all, if you don’t call Flipkart entertainer no 1 or refuse to acknowledge it as Flipkart entertainment app, you must delve into it and look for yourself.

To use all these features, all you need is the Flipkart app version 6.17, and you’re good to go. The best part is that the Flipkart Games and Flipkart Ideas seem to be working even on a slow net speed, so for once, you may not have to curse your network provider while surfing the net!

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