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People’s taste in music has evolved over time with new genres popping up on the internet every now and then. The interest of the audience slowly dwindled away from rock as the internet started to emerge, allowing people to listen to all sorts of new and trendy music. One such genre of music that has become more popular than ever in the last decade is Korean pop or K-pop as it is commonly abbreviated.

The increasing popularity of K-pop could not have been possible without the operation of one crucial entertainment firm that helped spread this unique genre of music. Starship Entertainment, founded in 2008 has since changed the face of K-pop, assisting new and talented artists in making their mark on the world.

What is Starship Entertainment

Starship Entertainment Kpop is here

Starship Entertainment is South Korean label company that promotes and manages artists and their music in Korea. The company was founded in 2008 by a former road manager, Kim Shi Dae, who still holds the position of Chief Executive Officer of the company. The Starship Entertainment K-pop artists have altered the music industry in the past few years. The label has launched many successful K-pop artists such as Monsta-X, OG school project, Wonho, Cravity and Mad Clown. The label has a massive online following on YouTube with more than 4 million followers worldwide.

As of 2013, Starship Entertainment was bought by Kakao M, one of the largest record companies in Korea. 70% of Starship Entertainment is now owned by Kakao M, allowing Starship Entertainment to operate independently but being answerable to the record label. Starship Entertainment has expanded its reach and acquired various production companies withing Korea such as King Kong Entertainment

Starship Entertainment Bands

Starship Entertainment Kpop is here

Many major K-pop groups performing in the industry are owned by Starship Entertainment. The following list mentions a few of them :

  1. Cravity
  2. Cosmic Girls
  3. OG School Project
  4. Mind U
  5. Jooyoung
  6. Monsta X

The entertainment label has even allowed solo artists to make their name in the industry.

Starship Entertainment Cravity

Cravity is the latest boy band released by Starship Entertainment in the last 5 years. The K-pop industry is always thirsty for more, and the Starship Entertainment band is here to light the world up.

There have been various speculations behind the unique name of the band, with majority of the people confident that it arises from the term ‘Centre of Gravity’.

The boy band that released its first song a mere 20 hours ago, has already received exceptional feedback. The video was released by Starship Entertainment on 14th April and has already collected more than 3 million views! The band’s Instagram page was also showered with love, with the number of followers on Instagram reaching a staggering 200 thousand withing days of its formation.

Starship Entertainment Cravity is undoubtedly the next latest phenomenon in the K-pop market. Its ownership by Starship entertainment has given it an excellent opportunity to interact with the older and more experienced bands such as Monsta-X. To make things even better, the rapper of Monsta-X, Joohoney produced a song for their upcoming album.

Cravity by Starship entertainment has already gotten the world tapping to its catchy lyrics and energetic vibes. This new band in the industry with 9 talented artists has the potential to become the next K- pop sensation around the globe.

Subsidiaries of Starship Entertainment

Starship Entertainment Kpop is here

While Starship Entertainment itself is a subsidiary of Kakao M, the label company has many sub divisions of its own.

Highline Entertainment

Highline entertainment is one of the major contributary labels of Starship Entertainment. It is home to some of the most popular Starship Entertainment K pop artists including DJ Soda and Wonho. The latter is the latest addition to the list of solo artists in Highline Entertainment.

King Kong by Starship Entertainment

King Kong by starship previously King Kong entertainment is one of the biggest acting agencies for actors in South Korea. It was formed in 2009 by Lee Jin-sung. Both the companies merged after Starship Entertainment bought 100% shares of King Kong entertainment. The company has turned out to sign up few of the biggest names in the Korean Film Industry including Chae Soo-bin and Kim Min-ji.

The Wonho Scandal

Wonho and ex-member of the popular Starship Entertainment band Monsta-X was accused of the illegal possession of Marijuana. Starship Entertainment was with the artist throughout his enquiry until he was ultimately cleared of all charges.

The online support generated for Wonho was overwhelming, and after all the charges were dropped, the record label decided to give the artist another shot at the industry. This move by Starship Industries has gained admiration from the K-pop fans all around the world. Very rarely do you get to witness a label company trying so hard to prove the innocence of their artists. Furthermore, in the cutthroat competition if the K-pop industry artists don’t often survive after being charged for criminal acts. Starship Entertainment’s move to reinstate Wonho is a brave and bold decision.

Currently, Wonho has signed a deal with Highline Entertainment, a major division of Starship Entertainment.

Competitors of Starship Entertainment Labels

The K-pop industry has a lot of big names, some of which were responsible for the spread of K-pop across the world. One of the biggest competitors of Starship Entertainment bands is the extremely popular K-pop band BTS. The owner of BTS is Big Hit Entertainment, a major label company in South Korea.

In fact, the CEO of Starship Entertainment was once an employee of Big Hit Entertainment and was the road manager of the popular K-pop band, Cool. Starship’s first artist K.Will had previously signed up with Big Hit entertainment, before moving on the newer record label.

Overall, Starship Entertainment bands have made a massive impact on the world and brought out a new generation of K-pop artists that have become sensations. Starship Entertainment Cravity, the latest and youngest boy band of the record label, has brought along with itself a new wave of fans. We can expect great music out of Starship Entertainment K-pop groups in the near future.

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