There is newfound reason for K-pop fans to rejoice across the world as former Monsta-X member Wonho makes his way back into the K-pop industry. The popular music producer recently signed a deal with Highline Entertainment and we can expect some amazing tracks from him in the near future.

Police Inquiry against Wonho

The K-pop industry and its fans around the world first received the shocking news of Wonho’s suspicion regarding drugs back in October last year. There were online allegations that claimed that the K-pop star was involved in the use of marijuana which is illegal in South Korea. These accusations led the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency to investigate into the matter and file charges against Wonho.

Wonho was retained for months at a stretch with no news about him being available to the public. Starship Entertainment said he had the right to an attorney at all times and chose to stay away from the public. Wonho cooperated with the police during the suspicion and made no comments on the accusations over him.

Support for the ex-member of Monsta-X

Wonho from K-pop

The charges led to Wonho’s termination from the boy band Monsta-X and the fans were around the world were afraid that it was the end of his career in the K-pop industry. The support for the K-pop star from fans around the world, was overwhelming. The hashtag #FightForWonho became trending as more and more people came together for the former Monsta-X member. The detention of Wonho became such a burning issue among K-pop fans, that they decided to help him out the way they could. This led to Wonho’s solo song “From Zero” to No. 1 on Billboard’s World Digital Song Sales chart proving his capability and impact as a songwriter and producer. The support of the fans was not restricted to just the online community. People came together to organise protests for Wonho and even put together petitions for the release of the K-pop phenomenon.

Things turned around for Wonho on March-14th when Korean Entertainment Label, Starship shared a statement that Wonho had been cleared of all charges on him by the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency. The fans around the world rejoiced as they saw one of their favourite K-pop stars being back in the industry.

According to Starship Entertainment, “Wonho actively cooperated with the police and all investigation procedures, including scientific examinations by the investigative agencies” All the tests were in favour of the pop-star but it still put a huge dent on his career.

Signing with Highline Entertainment

Wonho from K-pop

The excitement of the fans knew no bounds when Highline Entertainment, a subsidiary label of Starship Entertainment signed up with Wonho allowing his career to move forwards. Such a situation is extremely rare in the highly competitive K-pop industry, where companies often try to cut all ties with stars who have been accused of anything illegal.

The only explanation for the occurrence of this miraculous event is the support of the fans. Their continuous care and interest in Wonho’s case gave the entertainment label no choice but to sign up a deal with the ex Monsta-X member. Furthermore, Wonho’s return to his former label company allows him to have the same staff aiding him to get back on his career as soon as possible.

The support for Wonho shows the influence the public can have over the authorities. While the accusations against the star were false, it is highly unlikely for pop stars to regain their career immediately after being cleared of all charges.

Wonho did not forget to show his gratitude towards his fan. He thanked his fans for giving him this opportunity, acknowledging the fact that his career was back on track only because of their struggles.

The boy-band Monsta-X showed their support towards their former member and wished him the best for his future. “We will continue to fully support Wonho for developing his own career in the future.” Was the statement made by the pop star’s former band.

Wonho’s return to the K-pop industry has certainly put smiles on the faces of many of his fans. The false accusations against him on the internet only add to the fact that there are people jealous of his success. The revival of Wonho’s career with the help of his fans is an excellent instance of comradeship, with people all around the world uniting to fight for a single cause. With Wonho signing up for Highline Entertainment, we can expect some mind-blowing music from him in the near future.

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