The IT industry has seen a massive increase in employees and companies over the past few decades. This technological boom has made it necessary for all companies, irrespective of the services they provide, to venture into the world of Information technology. It goes without saying that when an alien technology is presented to such a large number of people, a lot of problems will certainly rise. System Plus Technologies is the ideal solution for all tech related problems

Located in the metropolitan city of Pune, System Plus has turned out to be the pioneer of tech consultancy in India. The company has expanded its business to cater several other technological requirements such as ADM and managed GIC services.

The emergence of System Plus technologies

system plus technologies

The company was founded in 1987 by Nikunj Jhaveri as a provider of business solutions. System Plus technologies Magarpatta Pune has moved on to provide a wide range of services for its clients. The company has massively expanded in the last two years, resulting in the creation of branches not only within India, but also abroad.

Services provided by System Plus Technologies

System Plus technologies has turned out to be the all-in tech consultancy firm, providing its clients with crucial services and offer. These are a few services provided by the company.

Application Development and Maintenance

System Plus Technologies provides full ADM services to all its clients. ADM consists of the complete development of an application from start to bottom. This involves the designing of the application, its coding, its testing and launch. Furthermore, System Plus technologies takes care of issues in the application and goes on to improve them by debugging.

Managed Global In-House Center

System Plus technologies Pune offers managed Global In-House Center services to companies who wish to avail the benefits of GIC, but do not possess a base platform to operate on. This service is a great way for international companies to benefit from the talent of the tech industry in India, without worrying about legal or technical issues.

Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation or RPA is the future of the management in the information technology sector. RPA allows its user to repeatedly process information that requires high memory with the help of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. These robots are equipped to perform difficult mathematical calculations, transactions and analysis of various topics. System Plus Technologies is a major provider in the field of RPA.


System Plus Technologies Mumbai and Pune allow their clients to implement DevOps in their daily work. DevOps is the combination of Development and Operation. This unique collaboration allows users to assimilate the development between software and the IT sector allowing them to construct, test and deliver applications more quickly and reliably. The massive infrastructure of System Plus technologies Magarpatta Pune, allows the company to effectively help companies integrate their development and operation.

Distributed Agile

A Distributed Agile system helps the collaboration of professionals from different communities and organizations working on a single project. System Plus Technologies acts as the perfect platform for the partnership of various individuals specializing in distinct fields of study. The effective model employed by System Plus Technologies Pune is relevant even to international companies and provides optimal results.

IT Strategy and Consulting

System Plus technologies helps companies compete in this highly tech centric generation by providing them insights and strategies regarding the industry. Incorporation of technology into business a key element in success today and it is a topic addressed System Plus technologies. The firm also helps company develop their overall technical infrastructure and technological strategies to survive in the 21st Century.

SOC/NOC service

System Plus Technologies also possesses the capabilities to be a client’s complete Network Operations Centre. This allows the company to take care of all the networks of a client while at the same time ensuring that all the data in their database is stored securely. The SOC service enables System Plus Technologies Pune to take control of the website and application of the clients, allowing them to make modifications and correct technical issues.

Branches of System Plus Technologies Pune

Robotic process automation

Magarpatta, Pune

The first Branch of the company was opened in Pune, Maharashtra in 1987. The branch still exists as an essential office of the company. Located in the Magarpatta region of Pune, System Plus technologies was founded in that very building.


The next branch of the company was erected in one of the biggest cities in India, Mumbai. Its close location to Pune made it the ideal choice for the expansion of the company. Unlike the branch in Pune, System Plus Technologies Mumbai is a retail provider more than a service provider.

Dallas, Texas

The success of System Plus Technologies has allowed it to go global by establishing a branch in the Unites States. The influence of the IT industry in Dallas has led to the branch becoming the headquarters of the company.

System Plus Technologies has emerged as the pioneer in tech related services around the globe. The company offers a wide variety of services to all its clients allowing them an equal platform in this highly technological industry. System Plus Technologies Pune has seen to it that all companies receive the latest strategies and developments in the field of technology that would be beneficial for their company.

The wide variety of services offered by the company sees to it that all the clients are up to date with the advancements in the industry and are able to use the latest software and services. The Managed Global-In House Center is by far the most unique and cutting edge service provided by the company, allowing its clients from various parts of the world, to collaborate and avail their services effectively.

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