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Global technology leader Xiaomi introduces its first look of Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner on 16th April in its official twitter handle Xiaomi India. Along with the 13 sec teaser video the tweet it reads “How many times do you clean your house every day? What if you could do it, without actually doing it yourself? #SmartCleaning solution for your smart home launching tomorrow. Any guesses, Mi fans?” The tweet isn’t revealing the product name as of yet for the Indian market but it’s surely increasing the curiosity among the gadget lovers of India, playing a big market during the lock down days.


First Version of Xiaomi Vacuum Robot:

robot vacuum

Launched back in China in the year 2016, the first model of Mi Robot Vacuum stand to be having highly intelligent planning path with 12 different sensors which uses Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) algorithm to map out the home layout for cleaning every corner of the house. It also comes along with the Laser Distance Sensor (LDS) which can scan its surroundings for 360 degrees at 1800 times per second speed. Hence the three processors can track the devise movements in real time, calculates the location and determines the best cleaning routes .The Mi Cleaner can clean up to 250 square meters of the environment powered by 5200 mAh battery life offering around 2.5 hours of seamless cleaning.  Mi Vacuum Cleaner comes along with a main brush with an adjustable height, a dock and a charger, which when the device runs out of battery, Mi cleaner goes back to the charging point automatically. The Anti-Collision Detection protects the robot and furniture, the anti-falling detection helps the devise to get hold over an 8cm height cliff and the turning back and front with the help of the tri-axis Gyroscope Accelerator to grasp its moving attitude. The Mi robot vacuum is run with the help of Mi Home app which can be used to perform the operations like the switching the devise On/ Off and remotely monitoring the Mi robot vacuum cleaner during the process. Apart of it the Mi Home app is also used for setting the cleaning schedules and changing the cleaning modes. Additionally, a powerful Nidec brushless DC motor is used for the devise to function which includes 1800pa super suction absorbing all the debris, steel beads, soybeans, dust, millet or any other wastes within seconds. Weighing just about 3.81 Kg Mi Vacuum Robot Cleaner gives sleek designs which can décor the users’ room with pride.

The Choice Between the Roborock Series:

The Roborock S5 was the second generation of the Xiaomi Vacuum Robot introduced in the year 2018 and got some positive feedback in the market after the short coming of the First generation of the Mi vacuum cleaner. Some added features which came along were the slim profile and mopping. This time the user could set up the Mi robot vacuum in English language, also the app has few updates to adapt the new versions. But there were still few aspects remaining which led Xiaomi to introduce its 3rd generation smart robot vacuum cleaner i.e Roborock T6 in the year 2019.

There were some noticeable differences which include advanced mapping technology, a new water tank, an upgraded cleaning brush, lower noise level, Xiaomi AI Speaker support, etc.


Product Name Original Xiaomi Mi Robot Vaccum Roborock S5 Roborock T6
Suction power 1800pa 2000pa 2000pa
Battery capacity 5200 mAh 5200 mAh 5200 mAh
Dust Box Capacity 420 ml 500ml 500 ml
Voice control via Xiaomi Mi AI Speaker No No Yes
Product weight 6.52kg 3.06 kg 3.06 kg
Infrared sensor Yes Yes Yes
Number of sensors 12 13 14
Intelligent carpet identification No Yes Yes
Digital zone customization No zone cleaning and digital boundaries zone cleaning, digital boundaries, room identification
Filter No Washable HEPA Washable HEPA
App control Yes, Mi Home App Yes, Mi Home App Yes, Mi Home App
Mopping No Yes Yes

Xiaomi Vacuum Robot Pros:

robot vacuum
  1. It has 4 Suctions: Max for 100 min, Turbo for 120 mins, Balance for 135 min and Quite for more than 160 min.
  2. It works great in the laminated flooring and hardwood flooring.
  3. Accessories like the magnetic strips provided by Xiaomi and Neto, can be used to cease the Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner to go in prohibited zones of the house.
  4. Mi cleaner automatically charges when 19% and resumes its cleaning when 80%.
  5. Along with the app the Mi robot vacuum runs pretty well without any disconnections.
  6. Latest versions of Xiaomi Vacuum Robot have the mopping options.

Xiaomi Vacuum Robot Cons:

  1. The battery gets drained when the Mi vacuum cleaner had to climb up a surface, like a rug carpet or a box surface.
  2. Like many other devises Mi cleaner would not work on the dark rugs or the black rugs because of the stair sensors.
  3. After charging itself the device would only resume the cleaning only once, so it someone has a giant house it would be difficult for Xiaomi vacuum robot to clean for more than one trial.
  4. The user has to dispense the dirt by hand.
  5. If long hairs are in the floor it would stuck in the wheels of Mi vacuum cleaner.

Within the 4 years of launch of Xiaomi Vacuum Robot the product has been able to upgrade its version in all its generations, hence it would not be surprising that the soon to be released product will be having some level of alterations or customisations. Nonetheless, the basic features of the Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner in India will be maintaining similarities to original models. Xiaomi is expected to launch its product through sites as regards to the government implemented new rules for resuming the sales of non-essential goods through the e-commerce sites until the lock down period.

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