Exciting and New Ideas for White Elephant Gifts in 2020

The white elephant gift exchange party is a game where everyone tries to give the best white elephant gifts 2020. But the gifts that are purchased are usually inexpensive as compared to normal gifts and are presented in an anonymous way which makes the game even more exciting. This game is not as much about the gifts as it is about entertaining the guests. All the Dirty Santa gift exchange parties (as it is also called) can not be similar but one of the most interesting element of these gifts for a white elephant party is that they are impractical.

This game is also famous as the Yankee Swap. This is a versatile game party and can be thrown for colleagues as well as friends and family. But to choose what gift you are going to take to the party so that it is the most sought after can be a hard decision to make and there’s no harm in using some ideas as a guiding light to make your decision easier. So let’s give this list a look, so that you can buy for the party those white elephant gifts everyone wants to steal.

Diffuser cum Humidifier

Exciting and New Ideas for White Elephant Gifts in 2020

I bet this can be one of the most popular white elephant gifts everyone wants to steal. A humidifier with a diffuser can help in a better sleep in these times as well as can give you a session of aromatherapy as well. You can easily get these online or superstore.

Burrito Blanket

What? What did I just say? Yes, a Burrito Blanket can be one of the hilarious white elephant gifts that you can take to the party. It’s to make everyone crack and everyone will want to swap. Eligible to make for a cosy and stupid item, who doesn’t want to sleep like a stuffed burrito?

Planter or Resin Pot

Exciting and New Ideas for White Elephant Gifts in 2020

A planter pot works as a white elephant gifts for nurses. You can fill it up with natural or artificial plant and it will make up for an amazing desk buddy. In case you want to make it amusing, there are a lot of cute and funny animal-shaped planter pot available.

Retro Sunglasses

Exciting and New Ideas for White Elephant Gifts in 2020

Retro is the new black! All the fashion and styles from the 80s and 90s have been coming back in the past few years and people are loving it! And therefore, a pair of retro sunglasses make for a popular Dirty Santa white elephant gifts Christmas parties or even coworker parties can ask for. These can be paired up with a modern outfit or even beachwear and will look cool either way.

Funky Wine Corkscrew and Flask

Since wine is a good friend for every adult these days and in case you’ve been searching for a white elephant gifts adult will love, then a funky corkscrew can pass as an exciting gift when clubbed with a not so ideally shaped wine flask.

Custom Face Socks

No matter whose face who get printed on these socks, can be a favourite movie star or not-so-favourite one, or even the person you got these for or it can be multiple faces. They are going to make a hilarious white elephant gifts. Just imagine someone wearing socks with faces on it.

Hot Water Changing Mug

These mugs change the print on them when poured with hot water. You can buy an already printed one or you can get it customized according to the print you want. You can go for something funny as well! This is an eligible white elephant gifts adult or kid parties will want.

Knot Closure Journal

Exciting and New Ideas for White Elephant Gifts in 2020

A journal is a very handy as well as a useful item that is used by almost everyone. But this journal comes with a fancy knot-tying closure and has a secretive attractiveness to it. If you go to a stationery store or look online, you will even be able to find journals with funny front covers. This is definitely a white elephant gifts best 2020 parties can use.

Dad Jokes Book

I’m already laughing! Aren’t you? A book of Dad’s joke can be a company white elephant gifts that you can buy. These books are full of such bad jokes that they actually make you laugh because of how bad they are. And we know the general feeling of how our dad’s think they are hilarious right? This can also be a white elephant gifts Christmas.

Painting Set

Exciting and New Ideas for White Elephant Gifts in 2020

Thinking about what to give the creative ones in your group? We all have some artists around us and therefore a good painting set can make for awesome gifts for a white elephant party. But this is a present which will be most sought after not only by artists but also if you have any parents in your group. Thoughtful, ain’t it?

Handmade Coasters

Exciting and New Ideas for White Elephant Gifts in 2020

Coasters are very useful for day to day life. Coasters can also be a good gift for any company white elephant gifts party. They are used them all the time, sometimes as coasters or sometimes as a paperweight too. But they don’t have to be boring. You can make them amusing but painting them yourself in case you’re feeling artistic or you can just write funny or hilarious quotes. You can also get them printed or modify some already printed ones yourself. Also among white elephant gifts nurses can use.

What more do you need? All these above mentioned best white elephant gifts 2020 are definitely going to make everyone smile and can also make them fight for your gift by the end of the game. There is no limit to how creative you can get with these white elephant gifts best 2020 and white elephant gifts are not allowed to be dull and boring. And if these ideas make you think for some other ideas for presents, then go ahead and experiment for sure. But in case you’re stuck you can rely on the best presents for the Yankee swap parties from this list!. These can sure to liven up any white elephant party, so pick any!

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